World Market Promo Codes July 2019

Cost Plus World Market is a chain of retail stores founded in 1958 by William Arnthor. They specialize in home furniture and also sell their own brands of rugs, curtains, coffee, and even wine and beer. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California, and as of 2015, they have 276 retail stores across the United States. Like any other highly successful company, they rely on various deals and promotions in the form of a World Market promo code to enhance their sales.

This post will cover all the information that you need to know if you want to get a good deal on any World Market products. If you’re looking for good World Market promo codes, now is the perfect time to get started, so let’s see how you can get your hands on a bargain.

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World Market Promo Code 2018

You can access a coupon in a variety of ways. Subscribing to World Market’s newsletter will deliver an ad right to your inbox, and this will often contain deals, offers, and various World Market coupon codes that are currently available.

Keep an eye out for their emails as you’re bound to stumble upon a few printable coupons, but there are also new deals that you can catch. A few years ago this retailer would offer a $10 off $30 around this time, and there’s a chance that this discount will return. Another example is the World Market 25% coupon that was available at the end of 2017, which could be used on any purchase on the website. They’re definitely out there; it’s just a matter of finding them at the right time.

Redeeming a coupon is pretty straightforward; just go to World Market and login to your account, and add an item to your cart. When you’re checking out your item, all you have to do is click on the text that says “Enter Promo Code Here”, and type it in. Once you enter the World Market coupon code, the discount will be automatically calculated into the final price, and you will be presented with the exact amount you need to pay.

Ongoing World Market Coupons

This retailer is quite generous with its various deals and offers, and at this very moment, there are over twenty different World Market discounts that you can take advantage of. This section will cover all currently available promo codes in detail, so you can get a good idea of what kind of bargains you can expect from this retailer. Starting off, here are five deals that are part of a current special World Market sale.

Hello, free shipping! There is a free shipping coupon that can be used on all purchases over $49. Some additional surcharges may still apply, but apart from that, the delivery of your item costs absolutely nothing. All you have to do is enter ‘HELLOSHIP’ the way you’d do with any other coupon code when you’re checking out an item. Such promo codes are often available on World Market’s website, and you can easily spot them at the top of the homepage.

10% off your next purchase! There’s an ongoing promo code offer that will give you 10% off of your next purchase. All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list and wait for the World Market promo code to come to you.

Top Trending Picks! Sometimes it’s a good idea to see which items are receiving the most attention. World Market is aware of this and gives you some really cool prices on items that are popular among buyers. There are all kinds of items here, from furniture to chandeliers, and even some really nice-looking table lamps. Whatever you’re looking for, quickly glance over this section, and you might end up finding World Market discount codes for something really interesting.

Saving Without a World Market Promo Code

The discount story doesn’t end with coupon codes. There are several other ways to receive good deals without relying on a coupon, so we’re going to go over them all.

Be an Explorer!

First off, there are Explorer rewards. This is a members-only offer by World Market that makes you eligible for a plethora of benefits. When you sign up, you get 15% off your next purchase and are eligible to receive member-exclusive deals and coupons throughout the year. You’re also selected for their Member Pricing program, which gives you special deals on beverage purchases such as beer and wine. To top it all off, when your birthday comes along you can expect a surprise gift from World Market themselves – you might even get some of those Cost Plus World Market coupon offers $10 off $40 or something even better!

New Arrivals

World Market has a policy to put all newly arrived items on a temporary sale. The discounts are rather generous, so it’s not unusual to find a World Market 40 off furniture discount, or even more extravagant deals than that. More than 20 items are available this very moment, and most of them are furniture, so if you’re thinking of refurbishing your home it might be time to check this out!


Moving on, there are the various sales that World Market always seems to employ, no matter what time of the year it is. If “when does World Market have furniture sales” was the question on your mind, you need no longer think because it’s here. This sale includes numerous items in more than 15 categories from World Market’s stylish and classic furniture collection, and discounts come as high as 50% off for some of them.


This is just the tip of the iceberg – there’s much more to choose from if you don’t mind browsing around a bit. Currently, there’s even a World Market rug sale (dates until sale expiration can be found on the website under “Rugs & Curtains”) if you’re looking for new carpeting. It’s worth mentioning that World Market clearance sales occasionally come up as well, although there doesn’t seem to be one going on at the moment. You can get even better prices on these items when World Market is trying to get rid of them to make room for new merchandise, so that‘s definitely an opportunity you should take advantage of.

World Market’s Credit Card

Buying with credit is really convenient, and it would be even more so if you didn’t have to pay interest. World Market has got you covered with their no-interest Mastercard Credit Card. All purchases conducted with this card will be completely interest-free if paid in full after a certain amount of time. For purchases between $250 and $499, you have six months to pay, and for those over $500, you can wait an entire year before paying it off. Additionally, if you opt for this card, you can receive certain cashback benefits to save even more money! Those include 5% back in rewards for every $1 you spend at World Market or Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as 2% back for every $1 that you spend on gas and groceries at this retailer.

Designer’s discount

As World Market is primarily a furniture store, they naturally hold designers in very high regard and even offer a special discount for anyone in this profession. All you have to do is present your designer business card (or any other form of proof of your profession), and you’ll receive a Cost Plus World Market promo code for 10% off on all your purchases at World Market. Note that this cannot be combined with any other coupons or offers, and the discount itself is applied to the current selling price.

Returns & Refunds

If you aren’t satisfied with an item you purchased from World Market, you can receive a full refund, an item exchange or get store credit in the amount that the item is worth. For a full refund you have to fulfill the following terms:

  • Return the item with the packing slip included.
  • Return the item no later than 60 days after the purchase.
  • Present the original receipt when returning.

You may choose to return the item either directly to the store or have it shipped back by mail, but both must be done within 60 days of the purchase. Note that items that are labeled “Online Only” cannot be returned to a store location, and must be shipped back to the retailer, specifically its returns department. Unfortunately, your used World Market coupon won’t be reimbursed.

Free in-store Pickup

If you live nearby to a World Market department store, you can find a World Market ad opt for a free in-store pickup instead of having your item shipped to you – this way you save on any shipping fees. Simply select this option during checkout after you add the item to your shopping cart, and wait for an email from World Market that says “Ready for Pickup”. Once you receive this email, your item will already be waiting for you at the store. If you want someone else to pick up the item for you, you must specify that during checkout, and they’ll be asked to display the email as well as some ID before they can receive the item.

Extra Savings with Cost Plus World Market Promo Code Offers

Whether you’re on the lookout for furniture or just about anything else, World Market has got you covered. Whether it’s a World Market promo code, one of their clearance sales or any other offer listed here, you can be positive about getting a good deal on a product from this retailer. If you prefer to buy with credit rather than cash, then definitely opt for the no-interest credit card program, and before you know it, you’ll be saving money on every turn. Hopefully, this article has given you all the information you need to hunt down the infamous $10 off $30 coupons as well as all the other deals that this retailer offers.

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