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Wix eCommerce Review [2021]: Features, Pros and Cons, Alternatives, and more


  • Quick and easy intuitive interface.
  • Deep customization options for pro-level sellers with coding knowledge.
  • Easy and free management.


  • Some loading speed issues can be improved.
  • Missing Options and Tools.

Average Rating: 4

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We are aware of the significant impact online shopping has on our economy; and, there are social eCommerce stats to back this up with numerous facts and statistics.

This is precisely why we decided to publish an unbiased and honest review on one of the best website builders on today’s market; we are referring to none other but Wix eCommerce.

Stay with us and learn the ins and outs of this eCommerce platform, its key features, how it works, etc. Before we go into details, let us give you an overview of everything this Wix eCommerce review will elaborate on.

Table of Contents:

Overview and Highlights

Wix eCommerce is an easy-to-use cloud-based website builder that allows beginners to use a simple interface with plenty of templates to build their websites. Additionally, it is an ideal e-platform for selling physical and digital goods online in the easiest way possible.

In a world of expensive website and online store design companies, Wix eCommerce allows small business owners to create free online stores by themselves that are conversion-centric and market-ready.

Who is Wix eCommerce Best for?

Wix is a platform for small business owners who want to avoid spending money on expensive web design companies. At the same time, this platform is an excellent fit for freelancers too.

Ease of Use

This particular platform is terrific for beginners or less tech-savvy people. You can easily spend some time using the user-friendly drag and drop interface to create a stunning online store for your business. It also helps that there are more than 700 free templates to choose from. Consequently, the ultimate result is a mobile-friendly e-store built for conversions.

How Secure is Wix eCommerce?

Wix eCommerce provides a secure platform with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, and it allows the same for all the e-stores and websites created on it.

Moreover, it only allows the best security for payment transactions, known as PCI DSS Level 1 protection. The PCI DSS Level 1 layer provides the best possible protection for payment transactions of all your customers.

What is the Loading Time of its Website?

While Wix markets fast loading times for their stores and websites, our research showed that their platform does not offer the fastest load times. On the contrary, it is often slow to load websites.

Nevertheless, there is a way to increase the loading time of your Wix website—you can do this via Wix Turbo-a performance booster.

Does it Have an App?

Wix eCommerce also offers a mobile app, the Wix Owner App. You can download their app on your android or iOS phone/ device. Furthermore, it has a mobile-friendly dashboard that allows you to keep an eye on your business and stay in touch with your customers while on the go.

Customer Support

They are well-known for their excellent 24/7 customer support that comes in different forms, like

  • tutorials,
  • a well-elaborated and rich FAQs section,
  • the ability to ask questions,
  • you can contact a customer support agent,
  • you can follow them on social media (Instagram, Youtube, the Wix Blog, Facebook, and Twitter).
  • Wix also offers VIP phone support for their highest-priced Business VIP plan.

Main Features

Besides offering an intuitive drag-and-drop builder and excellent Wix templates, Wix website design offers many built-in features for eCommerce.

These features include the standard options offered by most eCommerce platforms. However, when compared to bigger competitors like Shopify, some features are missing. Despite these omissions, Wix has nailed the main features that one would expect from an eCommerce platform.

We thoroughly enjoyed its user-friendly dashboard and dedicated app market that allows you to integrate social media (blogging, forums), eCommerce add-ons, insert product pages, and run your business with more ease.

It is a stand-out feature that includes non-eCommerce apps that can help you develop every facet of your website/ e-store. It makes selling on Wix an easy, yet comprehensive option for anyone.

The other stand-out features include

  • Wix drop shipping,
  • print-on-demand,
  • and the ability to showcase sales,
  • quickly insert buy buttons,
  • and add product galleries.

Wix also provides a seamless and secure, message-based checkout process that emails you every prompted checkout. Whatsmore, it even pops an instant ‘thank you’ message to the customer every time they make a purchase.

That being said, let’s look at some built-in eCommerce features on offer.

Built-In Features for eCommerce

Here are a few of the key built-in features for eCommerce on Wix eCommerce.

SEO and Marketing

Wix offers some excellent built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) features. These SEO tools allow your website to improve its presence on search engines like Google. Consequently, your Wix website or e-store is optimized for mobile use automatically from the very start.

Additionally, there is easy management of meta descriptions, strategies for improved internal linking, and multiple ways to include quality keywords through page customization. However, the best SEO feature for Wix websites is the “Wix SEO Wiz”— it helps build an SEO plan (step-by-step) by asking questions about your business, it also gives you valuable tips on enhancing your online presence and the overall performance of the business.

As far as marketing goes, there are plenty of marketing integration options through the app market that makes tasks like email marketing seamless and easy. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor even allows you to create and manage coupons as well as your Wix email marketing. Alongside Wix email marketing, there are also options for

  • blog content,
  • ad campaigns,
  • and anything you may need for basic marketing campaigns.

In the end, you are in good hands since Wix eCommerce is as powerful as any dedicated marketing platform you can get for your eCommerce website. Furthermore, Wix offers

  • direct Google AdSense integration,
  • a complete Etsy shop,
  • social plugins, and much more.

Store Management

There are almost no limits to what you can sell on and do with your Wix eCommerce store. And the Wix website design makes it easy to manage your e-store and take orders from customers. Additionally, customers love Wix themes, and the way products are presented on them. They can zoom in on any of the fifteen images per product for better visuals.

Wix even allows you to add videos through an easy drag-and-drop option for a more detailed presentation of your items. What’s even better, you can integrate your Wix eCommerce store with excellent shipping apps that help manage to ship and enable easy tracking.

Indeed, you can track orders from the dashboard, set tax systems for individual products, and brand your business through options for personalized shipping labels. And if you don’t see yourself managing inventory and stock, that’s alright because Wix provides a straightforward and economical approach to eCommerce through Wix dropshipping.

Store Analytics

Wix Visitor Analytics—a dedicated app that provides essential statistics about your e-store and behavior analytics of website visitors. In other words, it helps you better understand your e-store, its visitors/ your potential customers, and their behavior.

Moreover, it has visitor interaction features (surveys and polls) that can help you engage visitors, learn from them, and improve customer experience accordingly. And that’s not all, since there are also clever features like creating heatmaps; they show which parts of your Wix webshop got the most or least interactions out of your total number of visitors.

And if that’s not enough, go ahead and use Google Analytics for your Wix websites/ e-stores to learn more about your customers and their behaviors.

Payment Options and Fees

Wix eCommerce offers several simple yet secure payment options for customers and is constantly adding new ones. Payment options include

– PayPal,
– Square,
– Stripe,
– 2Checkout,
– credit cards, and around a dozen more.

However, options like Amazon and Apple Pay are still not available for Wix eCommerce.

And the best part is that there are no commissions or sales fees applied to your products when you are selling on Wix or any other compatible platform. Anyway, you will learn more about it further on in the multichannel section ahead.

Nevertheless, an added convenience for customers and conversion benefit for you is that customers can add their credit card details.

Cart and Checkout

Wix templates enable you to create and customize shopping carts along with your Wix website design. There are even options to calculate sales tax automatically and present them to your customers. The checkout features a “wallet” where customers can save their credit card information for more convenient shopping.

The checkout process is seamless; Wix sends you emails when customers checkout automatically. Additionally, the SSL encryption and PCI DSS Level 1 protected payment gateways ensure secure transactions.

Other Wix eCommerce Features

Hold on because we are not just done yet. There are plenty of other features that come with Wix websites/ e-stores.
Let’s check them out!

Inventory Management

Like most other features of Wix-eCommerce, inventory management is straightforward, effortless, and, best of all, user-friendly. Therefore, since your inventory management is in order, your Wix webshop can showcase how many products/ pieces of something are left to customers. Moreover, you can add products, track your inventory, and check orders with much ease.

On the plus side, there is also support for things like promotions, tags, and collections. At the same time, Wix templates make it easy for you to sell digital products that do not require any inventory management.

Shipping Options

There are plenty of shipping options for your Wix webshop, including a “Standard Shipping” that you can change later on to “Free,” “Express Shipping,” and additional shipping options via third-party apps.

Wix’s shipping options include seamless integration with third-party shipping apps like Ship Station that allow you to manage your Wix eCommerce shipping.

There are also more recent features for physical products like real-time shipping calculators that improve your planning. Whatsmore, you can even track shipping with features like scannable barcodes and let customers know about their product delivery status.

On the plus side, Wix’s shipping options are so advanced and well-elaborated that the platform lets you manage tax rules on each product via the personalized shipping label options.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Wix offers an abandoned cart recovery feature that gives you the option to email customers who have abandoned their carts. This might come in handy, especially with potential customers that have left your Wix webshop without checking out automatically. Though eCommerce email marketing platforms typically offer this feature, it’s nice to see it as an existing option with Wix email marketing.

Multichannel Selling

In brief, Wix’s multichannel selling feature lets you sell your products on other channels (Amazon and social media platforms like Instagram). Nonetheless, this is helpful for any eCommerce business because it does not put any restriction that enforces selling on Wix exclusively.

Even so, there are several other channels for you to sell on and expand your business. For instance, you may don’t know this, but Wix is one of the few eCommerce platforms that enables you to place your goods on Instagram. However, specific platforms may oblige you to download Ecwid in combination with your e-store to sell our products.

Wix eCommerce Template Designs

With more than 700 Wix templates, the Wix eCommerce template designs and features are perhaps their most significant selling points that attract many small business owners. Wix templates give you the flexibility of creating your e-store and incorporating complex customizations effortlessly. Additionally, their template designs are incredibly stylish, modern, aesthetically pleasing, and allow easy development of e-stores without coding.

The simple drag-and-drop features make it incredibly practical and easy for beginners to design, create, and customize a Wix webshop on their own. However, Wix is not limited to beginners only. They offer an API in the form of “Wix Code” that allows advanced integrations and customizations.

How Does Wix eCommerce Work?

We keep mentioning that creating an eCommerce store and selling on Wix is a simple and easy process, but how do you execute it? This section of our Wix eCommerce Review explains the working process in a simple step-by-step manner.

1. Create/ Open an Online Frontstore

For starters, we suggest you create an online Wix e-store by taking advantage of their free plan. It won’t cost you a thing, and it doesn’t need any software installation, thus, no tech skills are needed. Don’t be nervous if you are new to this, because Wix is equally fantastic for new and experienced small to medium-size stores.

  • To start with, visit their official website first. Go straight for the ‘Create Your Store’ button in the right upper corner. A single press will take you to a new window, where the sign-up takes place.
  • The account creation is pretty simple. All that’s needed from you are the following info:
    – a valid email address,
    – re-enter your email address
    – think of an unusual password and re-enter the same again

Now you are ready to click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.

  • Once you receive an email verification by Wix, you can use the details you just recorded and enter your account with them.
  • As we already mentioned, the best thing to do is opt for their free plan and continue from thereon.

2. Choose a Wix Template

You can browse through the hundreds of templates they offer to find one that suits your business well. Remember to consider your product list’s size when you choose a template to create your Wix e-store.

  • For a long list of products, select a template that offers multiple product categories. Also, one that delivers easy navigation and deep search options. It will allow easy organization and management and a superior customer experience.
  • If you have just a few products, select a template that exhibits all your products on the homepage of your storefront.
  • And if you are offering a single product, you can select a template that puts up and front; to create a flow that focuses on the product highlights and buyer’s purchase experience.

Note: The templates are already optimized for several types of businesses, and you can easily find one that suits yours.

3. Customize and Optimize

Next, you want to customize your template design to reflect your brand. This includes

– the layout of your e-store,
– its colors,
– photos,
– fonts, and more.

Wix’s free eCommerce builder offers a plethora of customization options, and you can customize however you feel is best for your business.

The only thing worth noting is that your e-store needs to remain optimized for mobile users and search engines. Though Wix templates are pre-optimized for mobile devices, the changes you make may still affect the optimization.

4. Choose a Design That Sells

Yes, it is true. Attractive designs assist in selling your products. This is why you need to put in the effort and give your store a design that makes selling a breeze.

What is it precisely that you need to do? The following features will help you make more profit:

  • Straightforward navigation: Do not complicate things. Ensure your front page includes everything from menus, categories/ subcategories, etc. Most importantly, make sure you install a search box—some visitors know exactly what they are searching for.
  • Apply the right font to the CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons: The buttons that take potential customers from one window to another need to be short but direct and in bold. Additionally, you can experiment with colors and font sizes that are nice to the eye.
  • Visible Shopping Cart: The shopping cart symbol needs to be visible. Therefore, whenever someone adds something to show the product was processed inside the cart.
  • Turbo Site Speed: Though Wix’s loading website time is pretty great, you can still add to it by positioning larger files, like videos, somewhere lower on your site.
  • Mobile-Optimized: Since we live in the era of smartphones and e-shopping, you need to make sure your e-store/ website is mobile ideal. Or, the best thing to do is to overview both processes, the desktop, and mobile layouts, while designing.

5. Add Products

Product pages are created automatically as you add inventory. You can use your dashboard to add products individually for selling on Wix or create a CSV file of all your products and upload them together.

Add product titles, descriptions, pictures because they are vital for selling on Wix or any eCommerce channel for that matter; you can add videos too.

6. Create Product Pages that Convert

  • Product Images: Anyone would want to know a detailed look at what you’re selling, i.e., a picture of the item. And, we are not talking about amateur pictures taken with cheap cameras, but rather professional-looking photos with excellent resolution.
  • Product Titles and Descriptions: This is where you need to include a description of the product. The description should be exact, and it needs to embrace the most important characteristics/ strengths the product offers.

Here’s a list of things you can follow to ensure your product is efficiently described:
– clear product names,
– insert keywords,
– include relevant information,
– the customer comes first,
– a clear outline of your policies.

7. Add Payment Gateways, Shipping Options, and Taxes

Selling on Wix requires you to have at least one payment gateway/ option. However, the more gateways you have, the better because they improve the customer shopping experience and result in more conversions for you.

  • Add Payment Gateways: You can connect your preferred payment gateways; there are around fifteen options: PayPal, Stripe, and Wix POS (Point of Sale).
  • Shipping Options: It’s you who needs to calculate and set the shipping rates in your target region. Furthermore, you decide whether all orders over $150 are entitled to free shipping, etc. But, bear in mind that stores that offer free shipping see an increase of as much as eighteen percent on order value.
  • Taxes: Lastly, you will need to calculate and add tax rates. The simplest thing to do is to make use of the Avalara software. This is third-party software that automates tax rates across the USA, Europe, and worldwide.

So, once these basics are covered, your e-store is ready for selling on Wix.

However, you will have to market, manage, and expand your new e-store and its products for a successful eCommerce venture. This leads us to another important aspect of selling on Wix—the Wix eCommerce plan you choose for your business and its pricing.

Pricing and Plans

Is Wix free?

You can create your Wix e-store for free. However, if you want to accept online payments and remove Wix ads from your e-store, you will have to upgrade to a paid Wix eCommerce plan.

That said, Wix does not offer a free plan anymore. However, they do offer a free trial period of 14-days for any paid Wix eCommerce plan you choose. And, if you are not satisfied with their features, you can have your money back.

There are three different options when it comes to the Wix store’s pricing.

  • Business Basic

The Business Basic plan costs $17 a month. The plan offers the following features:

– a custom domain,
– a free domain voucher for one year,
– no Wix ads,
– 20Gb storage space,
– five hours of video uploads,
– unlimited bandwidth,
– and 24/7 customer support.

Additionally, the features include unlimited products, abandoned cart recovery, and the option to sell on social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

  • Business Unlimited

The Business Unlimited plan is the most popular Wix eCommerce plan, and you can have it for only $25 a month. This plan includes all the offerings of the Business Basic plan + upgrades like 35GB storage and ten hours of video uploads.

Additional features include

– subscription options and multiple currencies displayed for your customers,
– the automated sales tax calculation for 100 transactions a month,
– and multichannel selling on other eCommerce platforms.

The Business Unlimited plan also opens Wix dropshipping (by Modalyst) for up to 250 products and 1.000 product reviews (by KudoBuzz).

  • Business VIP

The Business VIP plan is the highest-paid Wix eCommerce plan, and it will cost you $35 a month. The plan includes everything the Business Unlimited plan offers + upgrades like 50GB storage, unlimited video uploads, customized analytic reports, and phone support.

Additionally, the other features that are included are the following:
– the automated sales tax calculation for 500 transactions a month,
– unlimited products for Wix drop shipping,
– 3.000 reviews,
– and loyalty programs for your customers.

Ultimately, the plan you choose will mainly depend on your business needs. The good news is that there are no Wix eCommerce fees for upgrading to a paid plan.

Pros and Cons

Like most things, there are positives and negatives about Wix eCommerce too. Therefore, below, we take note of the main pros and cons of the platform.


  • Quick and Easy
    Wix eCommerce is one of the most accessible eCommerce platforms for beginners with its intuitive interface. Consequently, it takes very little time to set up and start selling your products.
  • It Offers Plenty of Options
    Many customization options make it easy for you to stand out from the crowd. There are also deep customization options for pro-level sellers with coding knowledge, and the Wix app market offers access to multiple useful and productive apps and add-ons.
  • Excellent Value for Money
    Wix eCommerce plans offer incredible value because these are some of the most affordable platforms; yet, provide vast options, customization, and support for digital and physical goods.
  • Easy and Free Management
    The platform takes no sales fees or commissions; while offering easy inventory management and shipping convenience with real-time shipping calculators and other advanced features.


  • Loading Speeds
    Loading times for Wix eCommerce websites or stores are fairly decent; Though, some loading speed issues can be improved.
  • Missing Options and Tools
    Although there are plenty of customization options and tools, few are missing from the platform, and you can find the same with eCommerce solutions.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

To give you an unbiased and objective perspective on Wix eCommerce, we collected some reviews and ratings.
Let’s start with the ratings first, the ones we collected from several prominent websites.

The Website Name Rating and No. of Reviews
Sitejabber 2-stars/ 5; based on 454 customer reviews
G2 4-stars/ 5; based on 1.320+ customer reviews
TrustRadius 8.2-stars/ 10; based on 270 customer reviews
Trustpilot 1.6-stars/ 5; based on more than 3.000 customer reviews

Customer Reviews

We are approaching the end of this review, and it wouldn’t be fair to continue without the reviews of the ones who tried or are still using Wix’s features. Therefore, we decided to give you an insight into more positive and less positive verified customer reviews.
Let’s have a look at them.

Positive Customer Reviews






The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on Sitejabber, G2, TrustRadius, and Trustpilot.

Negative Customer Reviews



The screenshots are taken from verified customer reviews left on Sitejabber and G2.

Wix eCommerce Alternatives

Naturally, Wix eCommerce is not alone in the market, and there is plenty of competition. Therefore, we decided to choose two of their alternatives and compare them against Wix eCommerce: Shopify and Volusion.

Wix eCommerce vs. Shopify

Wix is still far behind a giant like Shopify in the eCommerce field. While it offers plenty of low-cost features, options, and benefits, especially for beginners, Wix eCommerce is nowhere near a powerful platform like Shopify. Though, we have to give them credit, since both offer incredible features and well-proven performance success.

For instance, with Wix, the highest-paid plan will cost no more than $35 a month. In comparison, Shopify’s most expensive plan is $299 a month. There’s a huge gap between prices, so if you are working with a tight budget or you’re just starting your business, Shopify may not be an ideal choice for you at the moment. However, to make the best decision, go ahead and try them both free of charge for fourteen days.

Still, bear in mind that Wix is much easier to learn on the go, and you won’t need any additional skills to operate it, while Shopify comes in strong and requires more skills. Nevertheless, we recommend Wix for small businesses and beginners. Starting with Wix will most certainly let you enjoy more creativity, and you will get to set up your store the way you want it exactly—Wix’s main function is building sites, after all.

Wix eCommerce vs. Volusion

Volusion is one of the website builders with the longest eCommerce functionality experience. Therefore, it has plenty of experience in the field and offers excellent options for eCommerce businesses. However, Wix is one of the best website builders for beginners, has vast template options and a quick and effortless eCommerce setup.

Wix offers three plans, ranging from $17 – $35 a month when it comes to pricing and plans. On the other hand, Volusion has four plans to offer with a price list that starts at $29 a month and goes as far as $299 a month, and more for their Prime plan.

And if you still have doubts about which to give a try, you can opt for both—both platforms offer 14-day free trials.

Furthermore, Volusion is also quite user-friendly; More importantly, it is a better option for various eCommerce needs ranging from beginners to experts.
Therefore, Volusion is the better option for bigger or more advanced eCommerce businesses, whereas Wix eCommerce is better for beginners.


In conclusion of our Wix eCommerce Review, we can confidently say that Wix eCommerce is indeed one of the best eCommerce platforms for beginners, freelancers, and small business owners who want to expand their business online. On the plus side, this is one very pocket-friendly and easy to set up a platform for even the least tech-savvy users.

It offers beautiful and creative website design options, due to its intuitive builder and modern templates. However, we hope Wix will address some minor issues like the loading speed and some missing tools and features in future upgrades.

Still, if you are a small business owner who wants to set up an online store quickly, easily, and inexpensively, Wix eCommerce is the best option for you.


1. Is Wix Good for SEO?

Yes, Wix eCommerce is good for SEO. It has done an incredible job in approaching its competitors, WordPress and Weebly. The vast range of features and easy options for page optimization and the fact that all their templates are optimized for mobile use is one of the main reasons this platform is SEO-ideal.

We’re not surprised why Wix is the choice of so many small-business owners, bloggers, etc.

2. Do Wix Stores Load Fast?

Not really. Loading speeds are decent; however, some pages may take a while to load, and this can be a problem for many.

3. Is Wix Really Good for eCommerce?

Wix eCommerce is excellent for eCommerce. Don’t forget that it is excellent for small business owners who want to set up a good-looking and functional online store quickly and easily without spending too much money. And for those lacking creative and tech skills, no worries, this is the perfect place for you to start building a business image.

4. How can You Make Money on Wix?

You can and you will if you use all of the available third-party options and incredible built-in features Wix offers you. Therefore, Wix isn’t a scam or anything like that. There are thousands and thousands of people making money while using Wix’s platform.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can make money on Wix:

  • by writing a blog (on anything that you are passionate about),
  • selling artwork and photographs,
  • some people are selling second-hand items (jewelry, used tech things, branded clothes),
  • handmade stuff (jewelry, small things, keychains, etc.).