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Who Are the Onlyfans Top Earners?

Written by, 16best Team

Updated August, 8, 2023

Ever wondered what mysterious methods the top OnlyFans earners have mastered to earn million through the platform? The secret lies in the subscription model of OnlyFans, where creators share content in exchange for the monthly subscription fee they get from the subscribers.

This platform has become a growing choice for creators around the world. It is considered an incredible business regardless of the controversies surrounding it.

Find out the key factors contributing to OnlyFans’ success and know about the stars who have conquered OnlyFans and have taken social media by storm.

The Rise of OnlyFans

Founded in 2016 by a British-based entrepreneur, OnlyFans emerged as a social media platform based on a subscription model where creators could monetize their content through fans’ subscriptions. This platform first gained popularity among adult content creators and then quickly expanded to various categories like music, cooking, and physical fitness.

OnlyFans has attracted a significant number of influencers and celebrities, with top creators making $20,000,000 per month. This platform focuses on subscription-based content monetization, which distinguishes it from other social media platforms. OnlyFans also allow explicit content unlike other platforms, therefore, attracts a wide range of adult creators.

Understanding OnlyFans’ Top Earners

Creators who achieved significant financial success on OnlyFans are its top earners. These individuals generate earnings through subscription-based content due to their large subscriber count and fan base. The larger the size of the audience, the more recurring revenue a creator will generate on OnlyFans.

To keep the subscribers coming back for more, content creators interact with them and make more compelling content. Consistent engagement and quality content are essential for attracting new fans and retaining existing ones.

To be among the top OnlyFans earners, you need to make significant earnings, as it directly reflects your ability to monetize the content effectively.

Success Stories: Profiles of OnlyFans’ Top Earners

The top OnlyFans earners get their monthly funding from their fans in the form of monthly subscription fees to view exclusive content. Let us look at some top earners on OnlyFans to get a better insight.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is an American model and reality Television star whose real name is Angela Renee White. She joined OnlyFans as a creator in April 2020. As a top earner of the platform, she made $240 million from OnlyFans in 2021. She used the income to expand her career and support her family.

With a $19.99 subscription fee per month, she had a monthly earning of $20 million. However, in March 2023, Blach Chyna left OnlyFans, saying it was a dead end, and appeared on OnlyFans as a side hustle only.

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is another famous American singer and actress who joined OnlyFans in August 2020 and earned $1 million in just 24 hours. The record she set sparked a controversy. She had over 24.3 million followers with a $9.99 subscription fee.

Instead of sharing nudity like other creators, she shares more about her personal life which we do not get to see on other social media platforms. She is also known as the most interactive celebrity on OnlyFans, as she takes time out to reply to every message.

Cardi B

Cardi B has over 81 million followers on OnlyFans, and a monthly income of $9.43 million. Though she has only shared a total of six posts on her accounts, she is one of the top OnlyFans earners.

Cardi B is a WAP rapper who joined OnlyFans in the summer of 2020. She shares behind the scene footage of the WAP video and her personal life. Her subscription fee is only $4.99, significantly lower than other top OnlyFans earners; she falls in third number among top earners.

Key Factors Contributing to Success

Consistency and high-quality content help content creators to be among the top OnlyFans earners. Regular updates and authenticity of content attract more followers and help creators build a dedicated fan base. Followers seek genuine connections with the creators; therefore, it is also necessary for the creators to engage in comments and messages.

Content creators also market themselves on different social media platforms to expand their reach and attract new subscribers on OnlyFans. They can also sell their own products through OnlyFans through proper marketing and promotion.

As a creator has already built a large audience base, they just need to educate the audience about the brand’s products or services. As their fans purchase the products, they end up generating more revenue by merely marketing on OnlyFans.

Addressing Criticisms and Controversies

OnlyFans has faced significant controversies, especially in its early days, regarding underage users, easy access to explicit content, and copyright infringement. Many top OnlyFans earners, particularly celebrities, also faced criticism regarding monetization practices.

Top earners deal with such criticism with transparency and try communicating with their audience while adhering to the guidelines set forth by OnlyFans. Mostly they have seen maintaining a careful balance between content creation and personal expression.

On the other hand, OnlyFans has dealt with controversies by addressing the concerns by developing copyright protection tools, content moderation policies, and implementing age verification procedures. Undoubtedly, the platform is continuously striving to make OnlyFans a safe space for all its users.


Content Creator on Social Media 1

Recognized as one the fastest growing platforms, OnlyFans has millions of registered users. The creators on this platform use their creativity, hard work, and unique personalities to build a vast audience base that helps them make a lot of money. Nonetheless, these successful creators have inspired many others to join OnlyFans as a creator and try their luck.Being genuine and consistent is the key to success on OnlyFans. Creators need to bring high-quality content every time to retain subscribers and be among the top OnlyFans earners. However, with increasing popularity, the competition will inevitably intensify. The creators need to stay updated and adapt to changing audiences for sustained success.