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Unbounce Review: Is The Page Builder Worth It?


  • Security measures are implemented
  • Documentation and information available in the help center
  • Templates available for use
  • Easy landing page builder with customizable options


  • It can be costly for some small business owners
  • Support is only available during business hours

Average Rating: 4.7

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Website and landing pages are necessary to expand your online platforms and businesses. The pages are necessary to provide a user with a good platform to generate leads, buy products, and collect information as they prefer. However, it can be a struggle to create landing pages for some people. Some business owners may not have the marketing know-how needed to create good landing pages.

This is why you need a landing page builder that can offer conversion rate optimization. Our Unbounce review will help you check out this software that allows companies to produce functional and beautiful landing pages. It also means you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a website developer.

The following review will help you decide whether Unbounce is the best application for your business.

Overview and Highlights

It offers easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builders that can make web design much simpler. You can use features like sticky bars and popups to create a stunning page. The interface is quite straightforward, with well-labeled features. There are plenty of in-depth tools that are also perfect for professionals who want to make websites. Plus, while they don’t have an app, they have a robust customer service department that will help you out with any issues.

Features of Unbounce

Unbounce pages are easy to build without any need to add code. You will be able to add social widgets, videos, buttons, text, and a whole lot more without fiddling around too much. There are also plenty of customizable options that will allow you to tinker around with links, color, text, and font, as well as gorgeous Unbounce templates.

Unbounce smart traffic allows you to do high-quality lead generation too. You can add alt descriptions and metadata and adjust the transparency, and more. This incredible tool is perfect for any user who wants to build a website. With any plan of Unbounce, you will get the following features:

  1.       At least 75 landing pages can be published a month
  2.       At least eight sticky bars and popups can be published
  3.       Access to over 100 templates for landing pages
  4.       Unlimited domains and users
  5.       Dynamic Text Replacement options (helps with Pay Per Click campaigns)
  6.       SSL Encryption
  7.       GDPR Compliance
  8.       Library for Stock Photos
  9.       Landing pages are optimized for mobile use

With options like Unbounce AB testing, custom scripts, and more, it is quite a great tool for website design.

How to Use Unbounce?

Unbounce doesn’t have a steep learning curve since the interface is quite straightforward to use. You can build landing pages with a drag and drop feature. All you have to do is sign up, and you can start working with Unbounce AB testing, develop smart traffic, add popups and sticky bars, and analyze your page insights. You will be able to integrate, adjust, and publish your landing pages as you prefer.

Let’s take a closer look at the features they offer:

  • Landing pages: There is a page builder tool and more available for use.
  • Sticky bars and popups: You can easily generate leads and create sticky bars and popups.
  • A/B Testing: It can help you improve and test your landing page’s performance.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Matching the landing pages’ content to the search queries users visiting your website often type. This can increase conversions and relevance.
  • Smart Traffic: You will have access to a powerful AI conversion tool that can send traffic to your landing pages.
  • AMP Landing pages: Faster loading times are needed, or else you will lose important traffic.
  • Lead form building tool: You will be able to create great forms and add them to your landing pages.

There are some benefits to using Unbounce that you shouldn’t ignore. You will be able to optimize the performance of your website pretty quickly, so marketing shouldn’t be as time-consuming. You will have access to higher conversions, which means more sales! You can have better targeted and focused messages that drive customers to convert. With simpler campaign management, you will be able to execute stunning and effective campaigns without much worry. There are also co-branded affiliate opportunities with the Unbounce affiliate program that will help you earn more money too.

How Much Does Unbounce Cost?

Unbounce offers three main plans that you can use for access to all of their features. There are a few differences between the plans that we will elaborate on below, but first, let’s take a look at Unbounce pricing.

  •         Launch Plan costs $90 monthly
  •         Optimize Plan costs $135 monthly
  •         Accelerate Plan costs $225+ monthly

The Launch plan is best for small businesses that are expecting around 20,000 visitors monthly and 500 conversions, all under a single domain. The Optimize plan is perfect for businesses that are expecting to receive 30,000 visitors and 1,000 conversions across 3 domains. Both these plans offer access to their amazing tools like the Smart Traffic, which offers AI technology to direct the best possible users to the most relevant landing pages. This is based on the attributes of the visitors, resulting in the maximum number of conversions.

The Accelerate plan aims for large agencies and companies that deal with multiple campaigns and domains at one time. The plan is best for businesses that expect to get 40,000 visitors or more with over 2,000 conversions across 7 different domains. You will also have access to the Accelerate Mobile Pages package that quickens loading time for mobile web pages, increasing traffic to your website.

You can also increase the limits to your Accelerate plan if you require more. This bigger bandwidth can support a lot of plans for you. They also have a Concierge plan that is perfect for businesses that exceed 50,000 visitors and 3000 conversions. It offers many personalized features like training, onboarding, support, and more.

All the plans offer an unlimited number of landing pages for the connect domains, sticky bars, and popups. If you get billed annually, you will save 10%, but you can get monthly billings too. You also have access to an Unbounce free trial period of 14 days.

Pros of Unbounce

  1.       Templates available for use
  2.       Easy landing page builder with customizable options
  3.       Documentation and information available in the help center
  4.       Security measures are implemented
  5.       Many tests are available to improve the performance of landing pages.

Cons of Unbounce

  1.       It can be costly for some small business owners
  2.       It can be overwhelming at first for beginners
  3.       Support is only available during business hours

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Unbounce has great reviews and ratings overall. Many users rate it positively for its easy-to-use features and tools. One reviewer commented, “I really liked the ease with which I could create landing pages, make different variations to test, implement tracking/hot spots, etc.”

Another user reviewed, “As a non-designer, I’m a marketing analytics professional, it was always simple to spin up landing pages by either making one from scratch or by using one of their pre-made templates. One of my company’s designers was even surprised to find out that I made one of the landing pages that we tested for a marketing campaign- that’s how you know that this is an amazing marketing solution.”

Some reviews do show users having some difficulty with some features. However, you can contact their customer support to get help.

Here are some ratings for Unbounce on popular dating websites:

  •       G2 Ratings: 4.4 stars out of 5 stars (from 280 reviews)
  •       Capterra: 4.6 stars out of 5 stars (from 233 reviews)
  •       Trustradius: 7.9 out of 10 stars (from 44 reviews)
  •       Get App: 4.6 out of 5 stars (from 233 reviews)

Unbounce Alternatives

Let’s take a closer look at some alternatives for Unbounce and how they hold up against this page builder.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages

While Leadpages does offer more flexible integration capabilities, Unbounce offers way more functionality when it comes to PPC campaigns. You also have more features for tracking as well as more professional-looking designs. You also have access to AB testing with Unbounce on all plans, while Leadpages only offers it on premium plans. However, Leadpages is cheaper to start with, which might be better for small businesses. It also integrates fully with Facebook.

Unbounce Vs Wix

Wix is used as more of a website-building tool. It has way more features, but it may overcomplicate things for businesses that want a simpler tool to build their landing pages. Unbounce offers a better option for businesses to make landing pages. While both tools are great, it mostly depends on your requirements.

Unbounce Vs Kartra

While Kartra has many features that can help you run your online business, Unbounce is more flexible when it comes to building landing pages for your website. It also ensures that the pages load faster, which can be better for your traffic.


Unbounce offers businesses a great tool to build their landing pages and optimize their website. With tools like Unbounce, you will be able to receive high-quality traffic that is taken to the most relevant landing pages. This can increase conversion rates for your business, resulting in a boost in profits. Businesses need to invest in tools for Unbounce if they want to increase their customer experience on their online platforms.


1. Is UnbounceLegit?

Yes, Unbounce is a legit page-building tool that hundreds of businesses all over the world use on a daily basis. They also have offices in different countries, with customer representatives available during business hours worldwide.

2. Is Unbounce A CMS?

It is categorized as a CMS tool since it allows you to build landing pages and self-host blogging, just like WordPress.

3. Where Does UnbounceStore Its Data?

Unbounce servers come under a virtual and private network offered by Amazon Web Services. This ensures that all communication between the servers is separate from the public traffic on the internet, and all data is encrypted. Any communication between the servers on the public or external network is also encrypted as per the industry SSL standard.