Uber Promo Codes March 2018

Meet a Better Way of Transportation with an Uber Promo Code

If you’re living in or traveling to one of the 633 cities worldwide where Uber is available, you’re probably aware of the benefits that this transportation service has introduced. Today’s bustling society demands innovation, convenience, and efficiency, all of which Uber has duly delivered. Even though Uber already provides more than affordable rides from points A to B, the discounts you’d get by using an Uber promo code are unmatched.

$15 Off Existing Users Discount
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Free Uber Rides For March!
Use our promo code as a new customer to get up to $15 off on the first ride! More Less
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Save on Your First Ride
Use the promo code and get $15 off your first Uber ride More Less
Expired on: 31/12/2018
Get $20 Discount on Your Next Ride
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Free Uber Ride
Use the promo code and get your first ride for free. Valid for rides up to $15 More Less
Expired on: 31/12/2018
Get up to $200 Uber Credit
Pay with American Express Platinum Card or Centurion Card and get $15 per month, plus a $20 bonus in December! More Less
Doesn't expire
Take $5 off Your Uber Eats Orders
Use PayPal at checkout and get $5 off each of your first two Uber Eats orders More Less
Expired on: 31/03/2018

Convenient Peer-to-Peer Ride Sharing and Food Delivery

The name Uber is quite indicative of what this company is striving for. Namely, ‘Uber’ is a German word for ‘above’ and it clearly depicts Uber’s goals. Uber’s essence is to always be above its competition and set the bar high when it comes to all transportation-related services. In addition, successful companies are constantly growing and developing their services. Since Uber is one of the most successful in the ridesharing and transportation business, in 2014 it has decided to launch a food delivery platform called Uber Eats. That being said, note that all methods of redeeming an Uber coupon you’ll read below also apply to the redemption of an Uber Eats promo code.

All There is to Know About an Uber Promo Code

In all honesty, Uber is already affordable as it is. However, Uber coupon codes provide the option for an additional Uber discount which is always welcome. All questions about Uber coupons are answered in the paragraphs below, so buckle up!

Things to Consider Before Redeeming an Uber Promotional Code

Even though the process of redeeming an Uber promotional code is pretty straightforward, there are some aspects you need to be aware of to get the best price possible. First of all, you need to be aware that an Uber coupon code has an expiration date. Consequently, it cannot be used after the expiration date nor can the promotion be extended or renewed. Next, you need to strictly follow the order of applying an Uber promotion code. Learn how to use an Uber promo code from Uber’s official website. Finally, note that each Uber discount code is valid only in applicable areas. Namely, each code will specify the applicable areas (cities or countries) alongside the expiration date.

Where can I Find an Uber Promo Code for Existing Users?

The Uber sign up bonus is a convenient way of getting a reasonable discount for your first ride. However, people who have already used their share of welcome coupons are still wondering how to get an Uber promo code for existing users. To set the record straight, Uber codes for existing users can only be found in the Uber app. Moreover, the Uber promo section in the app, as opposed to the ones you’ll find on Facebook pages, for example, is the only legitimate place to find an Uber promo code. This way, Uber has made sure that even if you’ve been using its services for a long time, you won’t end up shorthanded in terms of finding an Uber coupon.

How to Use an Uber Promo Code?

You’ll be pleased to know that in terms of getting an Uber promo code, 2018 will be a fruitful year. Besides the all-year-long offer for new users, Uber is expected to bring many other promotional offers for existing users as well. To explain the process of using an Uber promo code, we’ll take the example of the current new user promotional offer. Namely, all users who sign up for Uber’s services until December 31st, 2018 will get a $15 welcome promo code. Take the below steps to redeem this code.

  1. Install the Uber app
  2. Open the menu
  3. Tap on ‘Payment’
  4. Select the ‘Add promo/gift’ option
  5. Enter the code ‘HITTHEROAD’

You can enter the code before or during your trip, and the above process refers to all Uber promo codes. In addition, valid codes are automatically applied in reverse order. In essence,  Uber will add the most recently added coupon to your trip, and you won’t be able to select your preferred promo code when there’s more than one added. Moreover, Uber does not have a roll-over option, so you must use all the credit you got on a single ride. Finally, make sure you use valid resources. We all must agree that when it comes to getting an Uber promo code – $50 doesn’t seem too realistic.

Uber Free Ride Hack

If you think that hitch-hiking is the only way to get a free ride, you’re about to be proven wrong. While there is no such thing as an Uber free ride code, there is a way to be granted a free ride using Uber credits.

The credit earning process is pretty straightforward and beneficial. Namely, those who sign up through your link will get an Uber new customer promo code which grants them a free first ride. On the other hand, you get a free ride for each new Uber sign-up.

Essentially, this is a referral program, but we might as well call it the Uber free ride hack. Note that the Uber invite code usage has its own perks and limitations. Luckily, all of them are neatly organized and clearly stated in Uber’s referral system terms and conditions.

Additional Uber Sign up Bonus

Uber is a great innovation itself; nonetheless, they constantly try to maximize the modernization of their services. In that sense, potential Uber users from multiple locations are able to get a sign-up bonus if they complete the ‘onboarding’ process through Google Maps.

However, perks of this service don’t stop there. As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to request a ride, see your driver’s location and follow his whereabouts – all through Google Maps. Make sure you check the details of this Google Map promotion on Uber’s website since offers vary depending on location.

Uber Gift Cards

People often say that the best gift you could give someone is your time. Uber agrees with that but adds a little extra – what if you could give someone a gift that could save both their time and money? That’s when Uber gift cards come in quite handy.

You can either send a digital or a traditional physical gift card. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to fully customize it and even design it by yourself. You can either pick one of Uber’s preset designs or add your own photo.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to insert a customized note to fully personalize your gift. Gift cards can be used for both Uber rides and eats, and you can choose any amount between $10 and $500.

The Benefits of Redeeming an Uber Promo Code

In all honesty, summarizing all of Uber’s offers is not as easy as it seems. Since Uber is a company based on innovations, we expect even more offers and promos later on this year. As you could see, the process of finding and redeeming Uber promo codes is straightforward and rewarding. We hope we’ve cleared the water for you and that you’ve realized that an Uber promo code is not the only way to save when using both their ride-sharing and food delivery service.

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