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Truekind Bras Reviews (2023): Highlights, Features, Usage, and Alternatives


  • 60-day return policy
  • You can find all sizes from XS to 4XL.
  • Website assistant to help you find correct size.
  • You can find loads of bra styles, and seamless panties.


  • If you want to return a product, you will have to pay a fee.
  • Some customers complained about the quality of products.

Average Rating: 4.5

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The worst thing about wearing a bra is wearing one that has an uncomfortable fit. Each time you wear it, you will find yourself tugging and pulling at it, waiting to go home to take it off immediately. Consequently, a too big bra will not give sufficient support, while a too-small bra will increase pressure on the chest.

You will find loads of different bras available in the market, all from different brands, promising to offer a comfortable fit. However, Truekind is a bra brand that allows shoppers to have a wonderful experience when shopping for bras, giving a wide range of choices of colors and sizes so that you can find your best fit.

Therefore, stay with us until the end of this Truekind Bras review and learn more about the brand, its features, alternatives. Plus, we will let you read through various customer reviews on Truekind bras and discover different experiences from verified buyers.

Truekind Overview and Highlights

What are Truekind Bras?

Truekind is part of Shapermint (a huge company that sells bras, shapewear, underwear online through its website) and was founded by Massimiliano Tirocchi and Santiago Zabala in 2018 under the advertisement name “by women, for women.”

When you buy from Truekind, you can view pictures of hundreds of models of different sizes and skin tones wearing the brand’s bras and looking fabulous.

Truekind’s bras are made from an ultra-soft fabric that provides support to the breasts without the use of wires. Moreover, the bras are seamless, so you will not have to struggle with them showing underneath your clothes.

Truekind’s motto is to provide bras accessible to all-in price and size. The collection includes many basics as the brand believes in comfort over lace and frills.

If you want to avail of free shipping, you have to buy products worth $70 or more through the official site. You don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size, as the Truekind bra size chart allows users to find the correct size. Whether it is a wireless shaper bra or any other kind of wireless bra that you want to get, Truekind is your best bet.

Shapermint has headquarters located in Irvine, California, where the brand comes up with innovative designs to provide sexy, inclusive, and comfortable intimates.

Main Features

Whether you are looking for a loungewear bralette that you can wear around the house or a supportive sports model perfect for your morning jogs, you can find everything you need at Truekind. The brand prides itself on its inclusive size range, giving customers a choice between XS, 3XL, and 4XL, based on the style you choose.

Furthermore, the brand offers its customers four different bras meant for various activities. Each bra style has been designed keeping real-life breasts in mind, rather than adorning the bra with unnecessary and uncomfortable decorations.

Truekind bras are made for women who do not want to risk trying new bras that use cheaper materials. It is made for those who value comfort over all else. This brand lets you wear bras throughout the day and night without feeling them like a burden.

It is suitable for those:

  • Customers who are looking for comfortable bras that they can wear for a long time.
  • Those who want to work out comfortably without feeling pain in their chests.
  • Women who wear bigger sizes in standard brands can use an extender to fit into Truekind’s cup sizes.
  • Anyone looking for a bra can help them get through all mundane activities.

Additional features:

  • $38 to $50 per bra.
  • If you’re unhappy with the product received, you can return it within 60 days.
  • The return shipping fee is $4.95.
  • You get free shipping on $70+ orders.
  • You can find customer support online and over the phone.

Usage and Shipping

Truekind Shipping Policy

  • Those living in the US have the following shipping options:

If the order is below $60:

  • Standard shipping takes 4 to 8 days. Plus, customers have to pay $6.95.
  • Priority shipping happens within four days. Customers have to pay $9.95.

If the order is above $60:

  • Standard shipping takes 4 to 8 days, and customers won’t pay any fee.
  • Priority shipping happens within four days. However, customers have to pay $9.95.

Truekind Returns Policy

The Truekind returns policy allows customers to return their products within 60 days. However, a $5 fee will be added to the bill to cover the shipping costs. The same rule applies if you want to get a product exchanged.

Popular Truekind Bras

There are days when you want some support but also want to feel free. For those days, the Truekind Everyday Throw-on Wireless Bralette is perfect. While most bralettes are wireless, Truekind’s bra specializes in this feature, making it stand out from other bras.

You can throw on the Truekind essential bra without any complications. It is stretchy and breathable and provides support to your breasts without any hooks, wires, or seams. Moreover, the essential bra has wide straps that do not slip off the shoulders. You will forget about them as you go on with your day, unlike other bra straps that dig into your shoulders and get weighed down by your breasts.

You can find this bra in neutral colors like black and white, or nude (skin color) and chocolate. Go ahead and purchase it for only $40.

Note: The brand recommends sizing up if you are looking for a comfortable fit for home use.

If you are looking for affordable wireless bras, the Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra is your best bet. The wireless fit comes with a subtle lift that does not use too much padding. Regardless of what you choose to wear on top, this bra will provide you with enough support and give your breasts a natural shape.

According to the brand, this bra feels like you are wearing nothing at all. This is because the bra is made with a nylon-elastane blend that is light and breathable. There are three hooks in the back, along with wide straps for added comfort, making life easier for curvy girls who experience back pain because of poor bra fitting too often.

According to customer reviews, the bra fits as expected, so make sure to choose your exact size from the guide before putting it into your cart. You can choose between white, black, skin color, and chocolate, for just $45.

Pros and Cons


  • You can find all sizes from XS to 4XL.
  • There is a 60-day return policy that you can take advantage of.
  • The website assistant can help you find the correct size.
  • You can find loads of bra styles, along with seamless panties to match.
  • Shipping is available inside the USA and to 14 other countries.


  • If you want to return a product, you will have to pay a fee.
  • Some customers complained about the quality of products.
  • The customer service can use improvements.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

No Truekind review can be complete without covering what customers say about the brand. After studying the company’s Facebook page, website, and Walmart, we have found what people think about the customer service, returns, and fit.

Positive Customer Reviews

When you look at the brand’s site, you will find many positive comments from shoppers who talk about how supportive, soft, and comfortable Truekind’s designs are.

Here is an example of a review for the Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra:

“Most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn AND the price is affordable for everyone! Great support without wires and a wonderfully smooth look under my clothes! Buy the bra- you won’t regret it!”

Other products provided by Truekind have also received a good score. All bras by the brand have a solid score of 4.5/5 stars. Let’s review individual ratings:

  • Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra (5.448 customer ratings)
  • Everyday Throw-on Wireless Bralette (3.412 customer ratings)
  • Reactive Sports Bra (284 customer ratings)
  • Smooth Silicone Nipple Covers (50 customer ratings)

Negative Customer Reviews

When talking about daily comfort, many women have discussed how the bras do not offer enough support for larger chests. However, there have been some disappointing reviews on the company’s website. One customer said that the problem lay in the straps as the coverage was not enough.

She said: “The shoulder straps roll, the cut of the front is too low, offering minimal coverage, so I cannot bend over without spilling out. I don’t know if sizing up would have helped much, based on the cut of the front.”

Customer Ratings

Overall, the comments and ratings of the brand seem positive. However, while looking at their Official Facebook Page rating, we found that many customers talked about how the bra fit was great. But, many said that the customer service was relatively poor.

The comments on Truekind’s posts also said the same, with customers commenting about how they didn’t receive their order after placing it online or how they could not get in touch with anyone from the team. And, if they did manage to speak to someone, they mentioned that the person on the other end of the screen was “cruel and abusive.”

One comment said: “I haven’t received a response to my message asking about my order that hasn’t arrived. The tracking number they gave apparently doesn’t even exist. So, I am feeling like they essentially have stolen my money.”

Surprisingly, the company’s website has loads of positive reviews, while the Facebook platform has some concerning thoughts. Hence, we recommend checking all aspects out before deciding to order online.


Truekind vs. HerRoom

Another bra brand, HerRoom, is in close competition with Truekind. Both are online platforms that offer customers comfortable bras, but both companies have unique points when viewed side-by-side.

Both brands offer sports bras, wireless bras, and bralettes, all size-inclusive and come in a wide range.

However, HerRoom is a company that works as a marketplace, stocking products from other brands. While Truekind has a limited product line, HerRoom is based in the UK and sells shapewear, sleepwear, wired bras, and swimwear.

Truekind, on the other hand, specializes in the shape, fit, and comfort, giving customers a brilliant option for day-to-day bras. Moreover, the brand ensures that its price range is affordable. In comparison, HerRoom’s prices range between $10 to $281.

Depending on what you are searching for, you can find comfy wireless and affordable bras on the Truekind website. However, if you want to sort through hundreds of brands and are interested in looking for various categories for each item, look at HerRoom.

Truekind vs. Parade

Truekind and Parade are both very similar in terms of products. At Parade, you can find three bralettes like scoop bras that allow some cleavage to show, along with triangle bras that do not offer much support. You can also find some plunge bras that will ensure that your low-cut dress gets noticed in a crowd.

The $40 sale at Parade allows you to buy all your favorite bras, as well as matching panty sets, for the same price that Truekind sells one bra. Even though you will find many unique colors and prints on Parade, they do not offer the kind of support that Truekind bras do.

Truekind vs. Adore Me

After seeing Adore Me’s ads online, you might think that this brand will help you find the perfect, most comfortable bra. However, there are mixed feelings about this.

At Adore Me, you can find a matching bra and panty sets, all while sitting at home in your cozy room. The push-up and plunge bras give a great shape to your friends, allowing you to comfortably move around when wearing t-shirts and while working out rigorously.

Moreover, the elite program of this platform may turn you into a loyal customer. The platform provides customers with a stylist that can help you find the perfect bra, along with any other items you may want. All you have to do is pay $39.95 every month to avail this service.


Truekind bras seem worth a try, especially for women looking to build their collection of essentials. Even though you might think that heavily padded, lacy, and complicated designs are what you want, those styles are not comfortable at all, which is why you need Truekind bras.

The brand is popular because it has loads of options for wireless bras. Moreover, you can find sports bras, everyday bras, and bralettes on their official website. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the support, fit, and comfort as you will find hundreds of positive reviews of customers who blindly trust the brand.

We hope our Truekind bras review gave you a good insight into the brand and its offers. Therefore, don’t waste time anymore and buy yourself one of the best wireless bras exactly from Truekind.


1. Is Truekind legit?

Absolutely. The hundreds of reviews found on the company website prove that Truekind is a legit platform that sells bras and panty sets.

2. Where are Truekind bras made?

Shapermint’s items are made in different parts of the world. However, based on a recent Facebook comment, the brand claimed that some of Truekind’s products come from China. However, these factories follow US rules and policies. Moreover, products get shipped from US warehouses.