Tinder: Facts & Stats About The Most Popular Dating App (Infographic)

People tend to complain as to how hard it is for them to find their soulmate or anyone to hang out with. They either have no time or are too scared to start a conversation with a random person they see on the street. If this is your problem as well, one of the best things you can to improve your love or social life is to download Tinder.

Aside from being exclusively available to use as a mobile app, Tinder has another advantage over its competition in that it is completely free. Although in a league of its own, Tinder now imposes a threat to traditional online dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony. As it’s evident that the majority of people prefer not to commit to a subscription plan, examples like the aforementioned one are now struggling to keep their market share by offering free trials along with more than generous promo codes and deals on their subscriptions.

Tinder’s app has changed the online dating landscape. It suggests potential matches based on geographical location and all you have to do to confirm whether they’re a match for you or not is to swipe right. Around 50 million people are using this app, and 12 million of them find a match on a daily basis!

Furthermore, even celebrities like Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio are known to have used Tinder. Everyone is evidently smitten with this dating app, so why not download it yourself and start swiping? Maybe your kindred spirit is already waiting for you on Tinder, whereas more interesting facts and stats about this app can be found in the infographic below.

Infographic - Facts & Stats About The Most Popular Dating App