Terms and Conditions

Welcome to 16best.net (in this text, labeled as “we”, “us”, “our company”, “our website”). The Terms and Conditions you’re about to read are intended to set some ground rules of using 16best.net and all of its subdomains (us.16best.net, uk.16best.net, ca.16best.net, au.16best.net). The same Terms apply to all visitors regardless of location, gender, etc. Every visitor has agreed to follow these terms simply by visiting and using the website.

Using 16best.net and all of the aforementioned subdomains

  • Website usage is forbidden for all those who:
  • Act fraudulent, deceitful, or misleading in any way;
  • Post inappropriate content (threats, vulgarities, harassment, and similar questionable content);
  • Obstruct other people from using this website;
  • Post spam or unauthorized advertising/promotional content;
  • Act in a way that’s considered illegal in the subdomains’ respective countries;
  • Plagiarize the content they post or use/post content that is patented, trademarked, or copyrighted.
  • Deployment of any automated query program including bots, crawlers, or spiders is not allowed on our Website. It is strictly forbidden to scrape, crawl, or otherwise access the content on 16best.net and all of its subdomains. This kind of action is allowed only if you have a written agreement with our company.
  • As noted in our Privacy Policy statement, any content you send or post to the website will not be treated as confidential, except your personal information. We may use all of the content/material you post for our necessities without obligations anywhere in the world.

Intellectual property

  • All material on our website is in our ownership (unless stated otherwise); thus making it protected by copyright as our intellectual property.
  • The material from our website may be seen on all devices, printed, copied, and used for both personal and non-commercial use under the following conditions:
  • All copyright and proprietary notices must not be changed;
  • Content from our website is forbidden to use, copyright, or reproduce for commercial purposes;
  • In order to use any of the material from 16best.net, as well as all other subdomains, you must contact the website’s authorities for permission.

Limitations of liability

  • We will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, or any loss of profits, data, or revenue, which may occur during your usage of our website.
  • We do our best to keep our website’s content reputable and trustworthy, but we can’t guarantee that it is 100% correct. Therefore, we can’t be liable for any reliance on any of the material on our site.
  • Our website analyzes various types of products, and we will not be held accountable for the views of our website users. The opinions of our users are not to be regarded as official reviews of 16best.net and its subdomains. We will not be held responsible for any mistakes in those reviews, nor any damage those mistakes may cause.
  • Our website contains hyperlinks, but we are not to be held accountable for third party websites’ content.
  • Our website has sponsorship and promotional material. We are not to be held accountable for any damage made by advertising and sponsorship material mistakes nor mistakes made in that material. Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for providing material and content which is compliant with local jurisdiction and practice.

Availability of the website

  • It is possible that the website will sometimes be unavailable or malfunctioning. However, you can report the error, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • The services of our website may be unavailable at times due to repairs and optimization. Repairing our website is in our best interest, and we will try to fix it within a reasonable time.


  • Reviewers’ are people who are reviewing products on our website.
  • Reviewers’ obligations include:
  • Presenting their genuine and independent views written in a way that won’t damage or enhance the product’s reputation;
  • Not getting paid for writing a review by a third-party;
  • Writing a completely unique review;
  • Providing complete and exclusive license for their review to 16best.net and all of its subdomains. 16best.net may use those reviews to host, broadcast, or otherwise use them for any purposes.

General Terms

  • These terms and conditions can be modified in case of legal changes to make sure the website operates in good faith. All regulatory changes will be appropriately announced and effective from the moment of the announcement. If you continue to use the website after the changes, it means you agree to the new Terms and Conditions.
  • If you don’t agree to any clause of these Terms and Conditions, you should stop using 16best.net.
  • Your rights and obligations are solely yours which means they cannot be transferred to another person or a third-party.
  • Us enforcing a right against you isn’t time-binding.
  • We are not to be held accountable for any violations of Terms and Conditions which are beyond our objective control.
  • 16best.net can remove any content from the website for whatever reason.

Law and jurisdiction

  • These terms and conditions and any disputes that may arise from them are subject to laws of the US (for us.16best.net), the UK (for uk.16best.net), Canada (for ca.16best.net), and Australia (for au.16best.net). Furthermore, any disputes that may arise from or in relation to them are subject to the laws of these four countries.
  • We do not guarantee that the content on our website is in compliance with laws outside these countries. Website access is prohibited in countries where the content from our website is not allowed. This means that if you access our website from a country other than these four (the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia), you will be responsible for compliance with local laws.