Tello Coupons July 2019

Enjoying the luxury of mobile phones for a few decades now, it is almost impossible to imagine our lives without them. Most of our daily activities are completely intertwined with mobile phone usage. Therefore, having a solid provider which enables us to enjoy the benefits of owning a mobile phone is crucial! Tello is one such solid provider. However, since they introduced their Tello coupon, the possibilities and offers they provide grew even bigger!

Tello is a relatively new mobile provider on the US market. Regardless, some of the offers they provide to their customers make them one of the most interesting names in the industry. No contracts, no fees, national 4G LTE coverage, free tethering, and many other benefits are available to Tello customers. Here to discuss their discounts and promotions, we wanted to let you in on some amazing Tello offers and coupon codes with which you could take your mobile experience to a whole new level!

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Tello Coupon 2018

The best way to stay in the know in regards to Tello coupons and mobile promotions is to sign up for their newsletter. This way, each new offer will find its way to your inbox! Apart from this, following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will also enable you to stay in touch with the occasional Tello coupon codes as well as a mobile discount which might up now and then.

Nevertheless, most of these codes and coupons can be found on coupon-oriented websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and others. For example, by clicking on your desired Tello coupon, RetailMeNot momentarily activates that promotion and offers you to transfer to Tello’s site where you can make your order, to which the discount will be applied.

Ongoing Tello Coupon Offers

At the very top of Tello’s website, we came across a coupon code offering 15% off on select products. The best thing about this code is that it is valid for almost all plans Tello has on offer. So, if you are interested in acquiring a Tello coupon, this year has a lot in stock for you it seems!

Our Tello promo code search also led to the discovery of plenty of active offers. As mentioned earlier, a very popular coupon code is the 15% off select plans discount for new customers. This coupon code is going to be active for a whole year, so there is still time for you to take advantage of it.

Apart from that deal, there is also an offer of up to 15% discount on phones, for which you needn’t redeem a coupon which does not require a code to be redeemed. Also, there is a $40 discount on the iPhone 5s as well as a $124 discount on the Samsung Galaxy S5, both of which are granted without any Tello phone coupon.

However, other money-saving sites provide different offers. For example, 70% off the first month for plans larger than $10 is a great Tello coupon  Slickdeals has on offer! In that sense, if you are interested in finding coupons issued by Tello, RetailMeNot might also be a good place to start, although we cannot guarantee that the offers listed there won’t be expired.

Saving Without a Tello Coupon Code

Ready-made deals

Even though you can make your customized plan, there are more than a few ready-made deals you could choose from. Apart from the economic plan which consists of 500 MB, 200 minutes, and unlimited number of texts, all other plans include unlimited texts and minutes, but vary in number of provided gigabytes (value plan offers two, smart plan offers three, and the data plan offers five, plus additional five gigabytes for free). It is worth mentioning that these plans can be reconfigured anytime, include no fees, no contracts, offer free tethering, and if you want to save money, you can make a customized plan for only $5 per month! So, you may not need a coupon to get good Tello SIM offers after all.

Pay as you go  

Tello allows you to use their pay as you go balance for US calls, texts, data, and international calls and texts as well, without a Tello pay as you go promo code. For $10, you can acquire 333 minutes, 1000 texts, and 500 MB! Of course, you are free to pay any amount larger than $10 for which you will receive a certain number of minutes, texts, and data. If you pay $50, you will receive 2.5 GB, 5000 texts, and 1666 minutes for US calls. This is another example for which you don’t need a Tello pay as you go coupon to get a good deal!

Bring your phone

Instead of having to cash out for a new phone, Tello offers you the possibility of using your phone for their services. Again, no activation fees included, no contract. However, your phone has to be CDMA compatible. Still, if you feel like you could use a new phone, but you do not want to spend too much money on it, Tello offers more than a few fairly affordable models to choose from, even without a Tello coupon code.


Let us recapitulate our Tello mobile review. Many people hate being contractually tied to their mobile providers. Unfortunately, we cannot be too picky in this regard as most of them do not offer good non-contractual deals. That being said, we honestly think that Tello is pretty much a game changer in this industry. Apart from not having to sign a contract, and pay extra fees, you are even allowed to bring your phone and enjoy Tello’s services. Finally, if you sign up for their newsletter, any ongoing Tello coupon will become a frequent surprise in your inbox!

P.S. Just a quick tip. Make sure not to confuse Tello’s coupon with the Tello films coupon. Not the same thing!

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