Stamina Air Rower – The Ultimate Exercise Equipment for 2020

Bored of walking or jogging on the treadmill? While the treadmill offers a great cardio workout, there are many other workout machines which are equally effective at burning fat and offering a full body workout. Rowing is a fantastic cardio workout done on the rowing machine which conditions and tones both upper and lower body muscles. Among the many brands of rowing machines in the market, Stamina is a reliable and trusted name offering affordability and feature-rich models. The Stamina air rower is one of Stamina’s most popular and best-selling models which are a great choice for fitness enthusiasts, both newbies and professionals.

Stamina Air Rowing Machine Reviews

As previously mentioned, Stamina has a number of models available in the market, all catering to the lifestyle and fitness needs of the majority of fitness enthusiasts. Thus we can safely say that there is not a single best air rower, as they are all diverse in terms of built, type, functionality, and price. So let’s see the specific properties of each type of Stamina’s air rowing machines which are custom built for users with varying needs and wants.

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Stamina ATS air rower 1399

Solid and compact, this model scores high on durability and sturdiness. Built on a steel frame with a relaxed and upholstered seating, this air rowing machine is a great one for your personal use at home. We give it bonus points for its extremely spacious footpads allowing users of all shoe sizes to feel at ease using the adjustable foot straps provided.

You can use the handy computer display to monitor your speed, resistance, and the distance covered while you proceed with your awesome cardio and full body workout. The Stamina 1399 air rower manual lists everything needed for the assembly, and most users will be able to complete the assembly in anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes.

This model is great for creating variable resistance which is an essential component of the high-intensity interval training and also CrossFit training. So, it basically allows you to alter the pace of the workout by just speeding up or slowing down the resistance, while not having to stop the workout altogether.

Go ahead and burn off your calories with this stunner which is likely to be with you over decades due to its low maintenance quality. It’s also super easy to store and move from one place to another thanks to its rolling wheels which are convenient to put on and take off as needed. Although this model is reasonably priced, it wouldn’t hurt to get a budget relief with an eBay promo code

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Stamina ATS air rower 1402

Reasonably priced and with a solid frame, this air rower is one powerhouse performer from the stable of the popular fitness company. ATS – which stands for Air Transfer System – is the primary technology that powers this machine, and allows the user to adjust the machine resistance with the rowing speed on a consistent basis.

Loaded with features and functionality, this simple and sturdy rowing machine has its own set of loyal followers. Comfort and smooth functioning come by default with this solidly built rowing machine, which has aluminum seating and relaxing handles with a firm grip to hold on too.

Condition and train your body with this Stamina air rower workout with this machine which can easily fit a 6 feet user with a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

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Stamina ATS air rower 1405

Extremely durable and affordable, this air rowing machine is one of the most popular ones released by this brand. The sturdy steel frame can fit most of the family members as it’s designed for people up to 250 pounds and 6 feet 5 inches tall.

The comfort factor continues with the padded seat made from chrome, which works well with longer workouts too and promises not to tire you out. The footrests made with nylon are strong and built to last. Furthermore, the ergonomic frame curves provide one of the most comfortable cardio workouts you can have.

Some users like to compare the Stamina 1399 vs 1405 on their resistance and build quality. Being an earlier model, Stamina’s 1399 is a great entry level rowing machine in the sub 500 range. This rowing machine comes with a 3 year warranty on the frame and three months warranty for the other parts of the machine. The large LED screen reliably displays information about the number of rows, calories burnt and distance, speed and time details. Stamina’s product are popular across the United States which means they’re available at largest retail stores. As a result, you get the possibility of a significant price reduction with Walmart promo codes, for instance.

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Stamina X air rower

One of the best Stamina rowing machines available in the market, the Stamina X boasts style and substance both. With the color scheme of red and black, this model leaves an exceptional first impression and has the bells and whistles to boot.

Reasonably priced with a metal body frame, it is one of the most full-feature versions in the Stamina product range. The footplates are wide and angled, and the resistance is smooth when operated thanks to the metal chain offering it sturdiness and good performance over decades if maintained well.

This Stamina rower comfortably fits users with height up to 6 feet 3 inches and weight up to 250 pounds. With the height of the machine being a good 18 inches from the ground, it is ergonomically designed and good for even longer workout sessions.

The digital display offers a plethora of information about the workout like distance, speed, and the time spent. It has adjustable height and can be moved on its axis for more comfortable monitoring and reading.

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Stamina X AMRAP rowing machine

Get hooked on rowing with the newest member of the Stamina family. It’s packed full of features and also has a cutting edge black-and-red design.

Solidly built on a metal frame, this top-of-the-line model is perfect for your everyday rowing workout and can easily withstand longer cardio sessions. You can customize your workout by exerting more energy for achieving higher resistance, and easing off the pressure for a lower resistance level with the adjustable damper.

The Stamina X Amrap has the option to choose different workout programs which are pre-built into the machine, or you can even set targets for the distance, time, or speed you want to achieve. The LED display allows you to track your progress, and you can use the chest strap which comes with it for measuring your heart rate. The wheels on the machine make it super easy to store and save space after you are done with your workout.

You can add more fun into your workout with the game mode which powers up your curiosity and engagement levels and keeps you hooked. The special place holder allows you to listen to your favorite album while working out or read a book if you please. Since this model is on the pricey side, bear in mind that you can use one of the Amazon coupon codes and deals to save on this bulky purchase.

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Briefly about the brand

Founded in 1987 in the city of Missouri in the United States of America, Stamina is a fitness-focused company specializing in producing exercise equipment machines for their dedicated customers. It is one of the foremost health and fitness equipment manufacturers whose products are sold and shipped across the world, thanks to its ever-growing popularity and affordable range of fitness products.

When analyzed, the Stamina Air Rower Amazon reviews show the impressive and consistent customer service offered by the Stamina brand across the cities they serve. Awesome customer service and extremely functional machines are what has earned this company millions of devoted and satisfied customers worldwide.

Stamina was also one of the notable fitness equipment manufacturing company to launch infomercial products in the health and fitness market. Some leading products which gained the love and reputation of the customers were “InStride Walker”, “Aero Pilates Performer”, the “Body Dome” and the “American Gladiator Home Gym”, amongst many others revolutionary and innovative products.

How does a Stamina air rowing machine work?

In terms of build, air rowing machines have flywheels shaped like fan blades which serve to generate resistance, and thereby allow the user to burn calories and workout the entire body. The swiftness of the flywheel is actually the main tool controlling the resistance of the rowing machine. So the faster the flywheel is, the higher is the resistance generated.

A Stamina ATS air rower generates considerably more noise when compared to water rowing machines. On the other hand, you can choose to pick certain models which have the flywheels open which serve the dual purpose of an airy fan for the workout too.

As far as quality is concerned, Stamina air rowing machines are durable, and have amazing longevity for decades, subject to decent maintenance and upkeep. The cost of these air rowers is reasonable when compared to water rowers, and they have customized resistance for every rower type. Some models come with a manual control and some are automatic with a digital display.

While Stamina is a brand we wholeheartedly recommend you opt for, there are still several models to be discussed so you can have a better picture of what this exercise equipment giant has to offer. However, before we dive into our list of Stamina air rowers, we should first briefly talk about the aspects you need to put into perspective before purchasing one.

Things to consider before buying a Stamina air rowing machine

Around for more than 35 years now, air rowing machines are great for indoor full body workouts as they adjust the resistance generated with the effort put in by the rower.

Choosing an air rowing machine is basically dependent upon the needs and personal requirements of each user. For example, if you live in an apartment and would like to control the operational noise, a magnetic or a water rowing machine might be more suitable.

A Stamina air rower is very smooth to operate and requires little to no maintenance by the user on a regular basis. It’s also compact, and comes with roller wheels for easy storage once the workout is done, thereby being convenient for storage.

In terms of assembling the parts and putting the machine together, a simple and easy to understand user manual comes in the package. Everything needed for the assembly is included in it, and it takes approximately 20 to 35 minutes for an average user to put it all together.

In terms of their build, rowing machines are normally six to seven feet long and two feet in width giving many options to the user to select which one they would like to have based on their size.

Bottom Line

*With so many models available in the market, it is reasonable to say that many fitness enthusiasts will struggle to decide which one to choose. However, identifying which model will be a perfect fit for you is not too difficult if you start classifying your requirements into two categories of ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features.

Then, simply pick the rower that covers all your ‘must haves’, and you just got your perfect companion on your journey towards achieving lifelong fitness and good health. As you can see, Stamina has a model for every type of fitness enthusiast and we hope our detailed list will help you to identify the perfect Stamina air rower for your home.

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