Speedvagen OG1

Although they’re quite challenging to produce, handmade bicycles definitely have an advantage these days as even people who don’t know that much about road bikes are aware of the benefits of a hand-made bike. The fact that a human pair of hands is responsible for every part of the production process significantly affects the quality control of components, and this is what provides you with a superior product in the end. The Speedvagen OG1 is one of the best road bikes of the sort.

Speedvagen OG1

  • Great value for money
  • Comes assembled

  • Long waiting list for all orders

This model originates from Germany and is put together from Speedvagen’s own components and some of the best quality parts available on the market today. According to a Speedvagen OG1 review, the front derailleur is Shimano’s renowned Ultegra model, and the brakes and cranks are Shimano as well. This provides the Speedvagen OG1  with super crisp shifting and superior stopping power that you can always rely on, even when traveling at super-high speeds.

The fact that the choice of material for the frame is steel instead of carbon fiber is very strange at first, though, as most people would expect a bike in this price range to have a carbon fiber frame. However, since carbon fiber is expensive, this choice gives Speedvagen the ability to invest more in other areas of the bike; thus giving us a better price while using high-quality steel for the frame. The end result is a frameset that doesn’t impact the weight as much as you’d think, but still makes it firm and malleable to offer you a very smooth ride.

Speedvagen OG1

Another cool thing about this model is the Speedvagen Surprise Me scheme that offers a few unique build options, in terms of components as well as design. For example, you can opt for the OG1 Citron that offers a different color for the finish and a somewhat different design than the conventional model, but there are a lot more options that you can look up on their website.

What’s really awesome is that the Speedvagen OG1 comes assembled, so it’s ready to be ridden right out of the box without taking it to the shop first, or spending hours trying to assemble it yourself. Also, if the Speedvagen review scores are to be trusted, this bike stays self-sufficient for years on end before it requires any kind of mechanical maintenance. This makes sense – all the maintenance has already been done for the OG1 2017 model before the bike was even sent to you since it was made by a human and not a machine. Everything is tightened, lined up and ready for the road before they even list the Speedvagen for sale.

However, if there is something that needs replacing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a fortune on it. A variety of specialized retailers offer different saving opportunities for shopping cycling components and replacement parts; Wiggle coupons and promo codes are a perfect case in point.

Although the frame itself isn’t carbon fiber, the wheels surprisingly are, which means that you get some additional shock absorption action after all. In the end, the Speedvagen OG1 is a machine to be reckoned with and comes at a very affordable price compared to some of the other models that offer similar quality for almost double the amount. It’s worth mentioning that the best Speedvagen price can be found on Amazon, so that’s probably the first place you should look if you’re interested in purchasing this unit.

Speedvagen OG1

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