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Priceline Promo Codes July 2019

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    Up To 58% Off Airport Car Rental Deals

    Save more when you book a rental car from the airport with Priceline!...More

    Click through to explore Priceline’s summer car rental deals!

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    Sirisha Jalluri
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    Save 60% On Your Hotel Bookings

    Then check Priceline's Express Hotel Deals, which can save you money and don't require bidding....More
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    92 users today
    Sirisha Jalluri
    • sale

    Priceline Vacation Promo Codes & Coupons | July 2019

    Check out Priceline's promotion page to find exclusive coupons,...More
    Priceline promo codes, and ridiculously good sales! Check back daily to find sweet deals!
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    Take $20 Off Two-Night Hotel Stays Of $100 Or More

    Use this Priceline coupon code to get $20 off thousands of eligible hotels when you spend at least $100 for a two-night stay!...More
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    257 users today
    Sirisha Jalluri
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    Book $7+ Per Day Car Rentals

    Book a rental car for as low as $5 at Priceline!...More

    Click the link to see a list of available rates and for more details. At press time, you could get cars in Orlando from $7, in Denver from $7, in Dallas from $9, in Boston from $9, and in Chicago from $13!

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    41 users today
    Sirisha Jalluri
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    Up To 50% Off Flights

    Your work is done....More

    Save up to 50% on your next flight by searching Express Deals. No Priceline coupon necessary.

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    21 users today
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    Expires on: 01/02/2023
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    Last-Minute Travel Deals

    Save with these last-minute flight, hotel, car, and vacation packages....More

    You don’t even need to find a Priceline coupon code to get these deals!

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    4-Star Hotel Deals From $23

    Priceline always has great deals on hotels!...More

    See where you can get the best deals, like a $23/night deal in Las vegas, today! You don’t even need a Priceline promo code, just search and score.

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    Expires on: 01/02/2022
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    Hotels From $21

    Get a Priceline Express Deal and stay at a hotel as low as $21 per night! ...More

    Choose from destinations all over the country, and go check out a new city.

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    Hot Tip: How To Get 10% Off

    Want to get an extra 10% off other Priceline coupons periodically?...More

    Create an account at where you’ll receive Priceline’s best offers in your email inbox! As a member, you’ll periodically receive bonus Priceline promo codes just for you for up to 10% off hotels and more! Sign up today and start saving.

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    Last updated on July 18th, 2019 at 08:02 am Promo Codes

    For all those who want to travel while saving money, there’s Priceline is a unique company with a unique service – it books hotels, lets you rent cars, and buy airline tickets, but lets you put a price on it yourself. That’s right – with Priceline, you can choose how much you want to pay. On top of that, has got deals and promo codes so that you can save even more – and in this little article, we’ll tell you all about where you can snatch a Priceline promo code, and all about their other awesome deals.

    Priceline Promo Code 2019

    As per our usual, we’ll start by telling you where you can find coupons and promo codes. For starters, you can try your luck on 3rd party deals sites and get coupon codes there. However, we should advise you not to put blind faith into these codes as they might not be official or they might be expired by the time you get your hands on them, so Priceline may choose to deny them.

    When on a lookout for a Priceline coupon code, Reddit might also be an option that comes to mind for many. As you probably know, there’s a Reddit thread for everything, so it comes as a no surprise that there’s a thread where people talk about Priceline and the deals you can expect from them. The least you can expect is to get informed on how to discover saving opportunities. You could also post your own question, and there might be forthcoming souls that will tell you about an ongoing deal such as a Priceline 20% coupon.

    However, there is one way to find a legitimate promo code for Priceline, and that’s through the Priceline newsletter. If you go to Priceline’s website, you’ll notice a subscription box where you can input your email, and they’ll send you promos and codes at regular intervals so that you can save on your purchases. Subscribing to their newsletter may land you any kind of deal such as Priceline promo codes for air tickets or cruises.

    There’s an app for that!

    Another way to get your hands on a discount is Priceline’s app. Having it on your phone will grant you exclusive Tonight Only hotel deals that enable you to book a hotel room just for the night and on the same night. You’ll also receive exclusive car rental deals, flight deals, and the occasional Priceline discount code which will help you book a room for less. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to check your itinerary, book rooms and flights and many more useful things.

    Furthermore, Priceline is active on social media as a way to reach out to their customers. So it’s not too bad an idea to check their social media pages once in a while. Priceline Facebook coupons are a common thing, and Priceline hosts hashtag contests on Twitter, which can be a fun thing to do if you’re always hanging about and tweeting.

    Finally, regardless of how you’ve got them, promo codes at Priceline are redeemed by clicking on ‘Apply Coupon’ in the summary of charges box and typing in the correct Priceline code.

    No Priceline Coupon? No Problem!

    What if you want to book a hotel room, but you couldn’t find a coupon that could lower the price of the room? Will you have to pay full price, or is there a way to slash it? Of course, there is! They’ve got massive discounts and a slew of deals you’ll probably want to learn more about for those times when you cannot get your hands on Priceline coupons.

    Priceline Hotel Deals

    As you know, you can book hotel rooms on Priceline. The way Priceline works is you type in your desired destination, your check-in, and checkout dates, and Priceline lists all the hotels in the requested area, their stars and prices. Priceline also calculates the cost of your room per night and gives you the summary right away, so you know what you will be paying – just as you would when redeeming a Priceline promo code. Priceline will also display how much you will save, compared to the standard deals for the same star hotel and price in the area. To clarify, if you, for example, want to go to Houston, and you pick the Houston Galleria hotel, you’ll be saving 52% compared to the similar hotels in that area. And that is a pretty sweet deal, saving you both money and time you’d spend looking for a Priceline hotel coupon.

    Priceline Car Deals

    You’re off the plane and don’t feel like taking a taxi? Do you want to ride in your own car? Why not rent a car using Priceline? Similarly to the how you search for the hotel, you can search for cars too. You need to provide a pickup and drop-off point, and pickup and drop-off date, and you’re all set. You can further select if you want a smaller, medium, large or luxury car, and you can pick a van, a convertible and an SUV. Priceline doesn’t tell you how much you saved on your car, but you can check if there’s an ongoing Priceline car rental coupon. You can also opt to buy crash insurance, depending of course, on the car rental company.

    Priceline Flight Deals

    Booking a flight using Priceline is akin to what we previously said about cars and hotels. However, when booking a flight, you can also choose Flight+Hotel and Flight+Car+Hotel option, allowing you to book everything you need for your trip in one place. As far as the deals go, Priceline will indicate if a flight will have a layover, and they’ll give you a 24% discount on multi-ticket fares – which is more than any Priceline coupon 2019 has seen so far. In addition, Priceline will also indicate if the flight ticket is on sale and how much can you save. You can also choose one-way and multi-destination flights.

    Priceline Vacation Packages

    If you don’t feel like picking a hotel, then a flight, then a car, you can simply go to Priceline package tab. There you can enter your departure location, your destination and how long do you plan to stay, and Priceline will plan everything for you. A single package will include a hotel, a round-trip flight and a car rental, and Priceline will indicate how much you can save on any of the packages, regardless if you have a Priceline coupon code or not. When you pick a hotel, you’ll also be able to pick what room you want to stay in and learn anything you need about the hotel and what it has to offer.

    Priceline Cruise Deals

    Perhaps the most deal-heavy service offered by Priceline is their cruise-finding service. Not only can you select the port from you wish to depart or where do you want to go, but you can choose the cruise line, cruise theme, cheap or luxury cruise and many other options. You will also be offered to subscribe to the newsletter so exclusive cruise deals – which sometimes come in the form of a Priceline coupon code – sent to you by mail. What’s interesting is that you will also be able to type in your zip code, and Priceline will find you the special deals and discounts for every one of the 50 states.

    Priceline Express Deals

    The best way to save on Priceline is to use one of their Express Deals. If you want to book a hotel, your best choice is to book it through an express deal, as you’ll be able to save up to 60% on the price of your hotel. You can also find and use a Priceline Express Deal coupon to get an even better discount, though you won’t even have to when you see how generous Express Deals can be.

    Besides the regular Express Deals, there are also Priceline Last Minute Deals. As the name suggests, these come in handy for travelers who need a place to stay on the night of travel, which is great for those impulsive, unplanned trips.

    Priceline Name Your Price

    This is, perhaps, what Priceline is most famous for. Name Your Own Price is a practice first pioneered by Priceline, and it, basically, allows you to determine how much do you want to pay for a service.

    How to bid on Priceline? Easy – you just and click on the link beside the hotel deals, and you’ll be taken to another page where you will choose the hotel, number of stars and you’ll write the sum in the appropriate box. From then on, they’ll find the deal closest to your said sum, and you can then choose to take the deal or look for another one.

    Should you choose to take the deal, you’ll also be able to apply any coupon code you might have, as we described above in the text. Finally, note that Priceline bidding applies only to hotels.

    Priceline Rewards

    Loyal customers who applied for a Priceline credit card can also expect rewards. Rewards are awarded, naturally, by paying using the said credit card. When it comes to the ways in which you can score points for your Priceline Rewards, Visa is the choice of weapon for Priceline. It will award you 10.000 for just becoming the cardholder, which you can redeem for a $100 on purchases above $25. In addition, you’ll earn back 10% every time you use your points for the next reward.

    As for how many points you can get for a single purchase, you’ll get five points for every dollar you spend on eligible purchases (cruises, name your own price, pay now bookings and express deals) and a point for every dollar spent everywhere else (excluding certain fees).

    Priceline Refund Policy

    All hotel room bookings made through Name Your Own Price and Express Deals are cannot be canceled and are non-refundable. All flight bookings made through Express Deals are also non-refundable. Hotel bookings made through regular retail services can be changed or canceled, but depending on the presented policy at the time of purchase. Flights booked through standard service can be changed or canceled based on the type of the ticket.

    Final Words

    And, with that short bit on the refund policy, we put an end to our little Priceline article. Truly, Priceline is one of the best travel agencies out there – not only is their service fast and convenient, but there’s always a promo code or deal waiting around the corner. If you want to know more about their services, you can always check Priceline reviews. Otherwise, now you know all there is to know about how to get your hands on a Priceline promo code – or any other saving opportunity for that matter – so you can make the most of what they have to offer.

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