Osaki Massage Chairs 2020 Reviews

In between our everyday routines, it‘s often easy to forget how important our comfort actually is. More often than not, we spend eight or more hours sitting at an office table in an awkward, uncomfortable position. As you probably already know, this is horrible for your spine and posture, especially in the long run. Fortunately, there are many ways today to relieve your muscles and give your back the rest it deserves. Things like yoga, static stretches, and exercising in general are all excellent “posture fixers.” However, there‘s is another more modern and equally effective solution, an Osaki massage chair. Today, we will talk about these marvels of technology and highlight some of the best massage chairs that are available right now. But before we do that let us introduce you to the company behind these back-fixing, pain-relieving contraptions.

A massage chair should be chosen carefully so that it caters to your own specific needs. Unfortunately, there isn‘t an online dealer locator that you can use to find local stores where you can try the chair. However, dealers such as Ogawa World USA and Titan Chair usually have them in stock. There are many models out there that you can choose from, so to make it easier for you we‘ve compiled a list of some top-notch units that you should consider buying.

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Osaki OS-3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair

Like many massage chairs today, the Osaki OS-3D has zero gravity positioning technology. This means that the chair tilts in a way that forces your back and thighs to properly align and neutralize all of the collective forces affecting your body, just as if you were in zero G. This takes a massive amount of stress off your joints and muscles and allows for complete relaxation.

Heat therapy for the lower back is also available, which warms up your muscles and relaxes them even further. It‘s worth mentioning that last Black Friday there was an Osaki massage chair Costco sale, where you could get this unit for as little as $2,900 (down from the original price of $8,000). So, you should keep your eyes open for discounts like this in 2018 if you‘re not in too much of a rush to get your hands on one!

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-3D Cyber Pro Massage Chair

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The Osaki 4S Massage chair features a 4D Massage Roller system that contributes to the “humanistic“ feeling of the massage; it truly feels like there‘s a masseur there, tending to your back. Thanks to the chair‘s double sensing Body Scan technology, the unit is capable of detecting your acupoints and focusing on them for ultimate relaxation. Finally, the Triple Air Mode system improves your blood circulation and provides superior relief for your sore muscles.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki-JP PREMIUM 4S JP


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Osaki OS-TW Pro

Thanks to its L-Track design, this Osaki massage chair is capable of targeting any problematic area of your back, from your neck all the way up to your lumbar region, glutes, and hamstrings – effectively giving you a full-body massage. The Osaki OS-TW also includes foot rollers located on the bottom of the footrest, so you can opt for a foot massage as well if that‘s something that you may need. If you want a zero-hassle experience, there are four automatic massage programs to choose from, or you can customize the program manually to fit your specific needs.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-TW Pro

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The OS-PRO Ekon is an extremely versatile massage chair, combining S-track and L-track technology to perfectly cater to your specific needs. The S-track makes the rollers follow the exact curvature of your spine and give you a nice, thorough massage along both sides of your back, while the L-track covers a larger area overall. The Body Scan technology ensures that the pressure applied to your body is constant throughout the massage, plus it will calibrate the chair by your shoulder height.

Osaki Massage Chair - OS-PRO Ekon


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Osaki-JP Premium 4D JP

This model is often found among eBay promotions and deals. It uses the all-new Kiwamimecha 4D knead ball system to mimic the massage pattern that human massage therapists use. The system uses knead balls that move up-and-down, side-to-side, as well as in-and-out in seven adjustable levels of intensity (12 in manual mode). All the massage techniques that a masseur would use like kneading, tapping and shiatsu are emulated as closely as possible, resulting in a genuine massage experience in the comfort of your home.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki-JP Premium 4D JP

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Osaki OS-4000

Thanks to the Automatic Leg Scan and Length adjustment feature, this chair can perfectly align itself to the user‘s leg length, providing for an optimal massage of your lower back, thighs, and quadriceps. These are the areas that are most prone to inflammation and soreness from a long day‘s work of sitting at the office. There are nine default massage routines programmed into the chair called Demo, Circulation, Healthcare, Smart, Relax, Full Air, Neck and Shoulder, and Lumbar. In other words, whichever type of massage you may need, OS-4000 will provide it. When it comes to shopping this Osaki massage chair, Amazon deals, are the best. It was listed for as little as $2,195; pretty much a bargain for a chair of this quality.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-4000

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Osaki 3D PRO Dreamer

The 3D point navigation system built into this chair allows it to accurately map the shape of your back and give you the ultimate massage based on your particular needs. Like many other chairs in this price range, it features a 2-stage zero gravity option for a complete relaxation experience, without introducing any excess pressure or stress on your spine (as some professional chairs have been known to do). What sets this chair apart from the other Osaki massage chairs is its adjustability; you can configure five different intensity levels, three width settings, and five speeds. We recommend playing with these settings until you find what works best for you.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki 3D PRO Dreamer

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OS-PRO Alpina

The OS-PRO offers 12 automatic programs consisting of six different massage techniques. So, all you have to do is choose a routine that works for you, and off you go! The Heat therapy and Seat vibration features take care of your lumbar region and reward those hard-working sitting muscles. Best of all, the Alpina is integrated with a touchscreen tablet remote that you can use to configure your chair in any way you see fit, without even having to lift your head.

Osaki Massage Chair - OS-PRO Alpina

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Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle

According to any Osaki massage chair review, this unit utilizes quad-style rollers to give you a deep, penetrating massage and effectively loosen up tight muscle tissue. The built-in Airbag Compression system consists of 51 separate airbags, anatomically placed to focus on your most vital areas – neck, shoulders, back, and lumbar region. Choose from one of the five levels of intensity based on your personal preference, and you‘re sure to get the massage of your dreams with this unit.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle

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Osaki OS-7200CR

The OS-7200CR features a deep tissue massage technology that applies consistent pressure through your entire back, shoulders, and lumbar region. The chair is built with S-track rolling technology, which means that the rollers conform to the shape of your spine for the ideal massage experience. Additionally, this massage chair comes with a special audio system that you can use to play your favorite music directly from the chair, ideal for an advent music lover.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-7200CR


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Osaki OS-1000

With a stroke length of over 29 inches, the rollers in this chair are capable of reaching even the hard-to-target regions of your neck and back, allowing for a full-body massage and utter relaxation. A total of 20 airbags are situated in the bottom of the chair to offer relief for your thighs, legs as well as your feet and improve blood circulation to your extremities. The reclining range is also impressive at 170 degrees, meaning that you can fall asleep in the chair as if you would in your bed. As noted, there is no online Osaki dealer locator, but this is one of the more affordable models, which you can find at a great price with the help of Walmart coupons.  

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-1000

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Osaki-JP Premium 4.0 JP

This massage chair features adjustable depth 3D rollers that you can configure in terms of intensity as much as you desire. Change the speed, depth, and direction until you‘re satisfied with the massaging mechanism because only you can know what your body needs at the moment. 25 airbags are available within the unit to give you the utmost support and relief. Plus, with its 12 preset auto programs, finding a routine that properly tends to your needs has never been easier.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki-JP Premium 4.0 JP

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Osaki OS-3700

Like many other massage chairs in this price range, this Osaki model features a Foot Sole Roller system that focuses on the soles of your feet after a hard day‘s work and commute. It also employs Heat therapy technology in the lumbar region to help de-stress the often overworked lower-back muscles and joints. The best thing about this chair is that it is completely remote controlled, which means you can get the massage of your dreams without having to lift a finger.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-3700

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The OS-APOLLO is a next-generation air massage Osaki massage chair that succeeds in reducing the overall number of airbags in the unit while increasing the overall surface area. This puts less stress on the chair, making it more reliable and long lasting than many of its counterparts. Three levels of width, three levels of air intensity, and three levels of massage speed allow you to customize your massage to your heart‘s content.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-APOLLO

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This massage chair comes equipped with 12 separate automatic presets for easy configuration like Deep Tissue, Recovery, Wake Up and Health Regimen, just to name a few. If you prefer you can enter Manual mode and select the massage type, the position of the air massage, and more. Furthermore, the OS-PRO MAXIM features a calf massage functionality, which not a lot of chairs in this price range do. Therefore, if you‘re an avid runner and get sore calves on a regular basis you should check out this model.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki OS-PRO MAXIM

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Finally, we have to mention TW-CHIRO as one of the only massage chair models with a fully automatic reclining system. When the chair is fully reclined, it‘s designed to hold your spine at a fully horizontal angle of 180 degrees. Unlike many chairs in the Asian market, the massage motors in this unit are fortified to be able to hold weights of up to 300 lbs. And thanks to its stretch programs, the airbags in your footrest can clench your legs and allow the reclining system to actually stretch out your back – an igneous feature that is sure to improve your overall relaxing experience.

Osaki Massage Chair - Osaki TW-CHIRO

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Why Opt For Osaki Massage Chairs

A company offering both quality and affordable prices

Massage chairs have become excessively popular in the last few years, as people slowly realized how beneficial they can be to their comfort and overall health. While they‘re not necessarily a full replacement for a professional massage, they‘ve definitely improved a lot and can provide you with a fantastic massage experience. While there are many top-notch massage chairs manufacturers, Osaki models proved to be one of the best in the industry.

Osaki is a Japanese company owned by the renowned Titan World LLC located in Carrollton, TX. Founded back in 1984 as Titan Watches Limited, today it‘s one of the top retailers of various luxury products, including massage chairs. Being one part Japanese and one part American company, you may be wondering “Where is Osaki massage chair made in?” Well, neither of these two countries. You see, they are designed and engineered in Japan, but the entire manufacturing process is carried out in China.

When it comes to quality, these chairs are high-end and yet sold at an affordable price. So, you will get the best bang for your buck and still get to enjoy on-demand massages in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The typical Osaki massage chair price range is from $3,000 to $9,000, which is not a lot when you consider the quality they provide.

Back pain, begone!

There are many more superb massage chair models to choose from at Osaki, but any of these 16 are guaranteed to do an excellent job. If an Osaki massage chair is what you‘re looking for, then look no further than this selection of models. While some of the features mentioned in this post are specific to each model, most of them have all necessary functions that make up a top-notch massaging unit, so you can‘t go wrong with any of them. As you can imagine, a massage chair can make all the difference for your level of comfort and long-term health of your skeletal musculature. Therefore, investing in one is something you should consider.

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