Nike Zoom Fly

The Nike Zoom Fly running shoe is made to fulfill the demands of even the toughest tempo and long runs, such as marathons. They’re designed for serious competition, ranking high among the best Nike running shoes. Wear them on race day and take advantage of the responsive construction that will turn the pressure of every step into additional energy for the next one. This one is truly a fast and efficient performer that impressed us during our Nike Zoom Fly reviews.

Nike Zoom FlyAs it is made for performance and not the looks, the color options are secondary and somewhat limited. If you’re looking for something flashier, get the Nike Zoom Fly red model. Its thicker-than-average heel might seem unappealing to some so, in that case, we suggest getting the Nike Zoom Fly black model. Again, the designs you can choose from are rather subdued; however, the Nike Zoom Fly SP features numerous limited series versions.

Nike Zoom FlyIf you’ve missed out on the Nike Zoom Fly 4% (Vaporfly), you should really check out the Nike Zoom Fly. Featuring the nearly identical carbon-infused nylon plate, it will give you an incredibly propulsive feeling with every stride. This optimum cushioning, as well as the lightweight sock-like fit of the shoe, can greatly improve your efficiency. It’s exceptionally well-constructed and resistant to abrasion, even after miles and miles of use. All of this makes it a top choice for marathon contenders, many of whom completed races in them with no leg fatigue afterward.

Keep in mind that since this model is rather clunky, its weight increases considerably with every next size. Therefore, the larger Nike Zoom Fly men’s sizes are quite heavier than the smallest Nike Zoom Fly women’s size. They are pretty light overall though, so this should not concern you much. Since we’ve reached the part of our Nike Zoom Fly reviews where we typically complain, let’s point out that the toe-box of this model is a bit too roomy. Also, rocks tend to get into the grooves of the Nike Zoom Fly outsole a little more frequently than we’d like. There were some durability issues in other reviews, but we can’t really say this was the case with us.

Nike Zoom FlyAs great as they are, we can’t help but wonder if the Nike Zoom Fly is a bit overpriced. Even so, it is undoubtedly money well spent. While they’re worth every dollar, you can redeem one of the many Nike promo codes at the manufacturer’s website, or buy these running shoes at a reduced price at other retailers. For instance, you could redeem a WSS coupon that promises grand savings. All in all, this model can push you over the finish line and help you emerge victoriously. Perhaps an overstatement, but we truly believe they’re that good.

Nike Zoom Fly For Men