Nike FS Lite Run 4

Nike FS Lite Run 4 is a very sleek and comfortable running shoe. Many buyers say they’re affordable, considering everything they bring to the table as well as the Nike promo codes and deals at your disposal. We grew to like them so much during our review that we started wearing them as a go-to shoe for our gym workouts. Once you put your pair on, you will understand why it is one of the best Nike running shoes.

Nike FS Lite Run 4When it comes to their performance, we were very satisfied with them right out of the box. They are surprisingly durable for their slender built. The implemented Breathe Tech also allows them to be just as breathable as Nike claims. We also liked their design and the available color schemes. Especially the women’s designs, our favorite color being the blue model. On the other hand, Nike FS Lite Run men’s models look best in darker colors. The black version is one of the best-looking black running shoes from Nike. 

Even though most Nike FS Lite Run 4 reviews state that it is true to size, we thought that it seems half a size smaller than normal. That being said, it’s better to go half a size too big as your feet swell during exercise. The second complaint we have is that the shoe’s tongue doesn’t have sufficient stuffing. So it can cause irritation while it’s rubbing to your ankles, especially if you run without socks. The midsection of the Nike FS Lite Run 4 women’s model can also be too high for certain people, which can lead to discomfort in your underfoot.

Nike FS Lite Run 4If the numerous standard color options aren’t to your taste, you can always check out the FS Lite Run 4 Premium line of this model which features more vibrant designs. For that particular Nike FS Lite Run 4, Amazon is the way to go. However, you can also find them at other department stores where you can even buy them at a reduced price; Nordstrom promo codes are a perfect case in point.

Nike FS Lite Run 4Overall, this model really fulfilled our expectations. It has a certain back to basics approach, with no unnecessary accessories. Being light and amazingly comfortable as it is, the Nike FS Lite Run 4 is an excellent choice for running and various day-to-day activities.

Nike FS Lite Run 4 For Men

Nike FS Lite Run 4 For Women

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