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Instapage Review [2024]: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and more


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use
  • AMP support
  • Collaboration features


  • The advanced features are available with Instapage’s Converting Plan only
  • Following users’ reports, Instapage could include more valuable and diverse widgets

Average Rating: 4.8

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Converting clicks into actual sales, boosting revenue, enhancing landing pages, isn’t as easy as it may sound to the majority out there. The struggle is real, and it’s happening every day throughout various industries.

Lucky for us, there’s something the market holds in store for those looking to do better and go the extra mile. That something goes by the name of Instapage—a great lead generation solution.

You might want to stay for the whole read since this Instapage review will elaborate on its different aspects (main features, pricing, best alternatives). We’ll even include Instapage reviews from verified customers and see their perks, as well as downsides.

Instapage Overview

What Is Instapage?

Instapage is a 2012 platform innovation by Tyson Quick that operates from the headquarters located in San Francisco, California, the US. This innovative platform is a leading cloud-based platform for building optimized landing pages. It is entirely focused on its comprehensive landing page builder, as well as post-click conversions.

This is incredibly useful because optimizing landing pages was a difficult task to get done just a few years ago. However, we have Instapage now, and it makes the entire process look simple by offering the following tools:

  • a drag and drop landing page builder,
  • customizable templates,
  • easy analytics,
  • reporting,
  • integrations,
  • plenty of optimization,
  • and widgets like the Instapage click to call.

Consequently, Instapage has built quite a reputation. We can certainly consider it as one of the leaders in post-click conversion rate optimization at scale and one of the best eCommerce platforms/ solutions the market has seen recently.

Who Is it Best For?

Instapage markets itself as a platform for marketing teams and agencies. While anyone with an online presence or website can take advantage of Instapage, it is best for digital marketers and businesses to maximize conversions from their website or online advertisement efforts.

Of course, the user-friendly platform with its drag and drop page builder means that even beginners with no coding experience can make good use of Instapage.

However, you’d be delighted to hear presently, Instapage’s brilliant services are being exhaustively used by some of the biggest brand names like eBay, Marriott, Vimeo, Yamaha, and many others.

How Big Is the Network?

Instapage has a fairly large network with thousands of global customers and offices in California, Poland, and Romania.

The majority of their customer base is in the USA, and they frequently interest companies from the computer software, marketing, and advertising sectors.

What Kind of Services Do They Provide?

As mentioned, Instapage primarily offers an easy-to-use and understand landing page builder on their platform. Apart from this, they offer personalization, testing, conversions, leads, sales, retargeting, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Who Can Use Their Services?

Anyone can use Instapage services when they sign up for one of their subscription plans. In fact anyone, with or without coding skills and experience.

Instapage also offers a trial and a demo that allows you to experience their services before purchasing them on a subscription.

What Are the Technical Specifications?

On the technical side of things, the Instapage platform works smoothly on their website using landing page servers and cloud-based solutions offered by Google Cloud and Amazon AWS.


Is it Available Worldwide/ US-Based?

Instapage is headquartered in San Francisco, California, but its products and services are available globally. Whatsmore, they have a total of five offices: based in California (San Francisco, San Jose), Poland (Białystok, Warsaw), and Romania (Timișoara).

Is Instapage Worth it?

Instapage is worth it because of the increased conversions that their well-optimized landing pages bring for your business. Suppose you are a digital marketer or businessperson searching for a landing page builder and a platform that can help you boost your online marketing presence. In that case, you should consider Instapage as a valuable option.

Ease of Use

Instapage is incredibly easy to use thanks to its intuitive drag and drop page builder, customizable templates, valuable widgets, helpful analytics, and reporting options.

With that in mind, the platform is very user-friendly and straightforward. So much that even beginners with no coding experience could easily manage their way around it. Furthermore, the platform lets you decide and work things your way, so you’ll get to enjoy that much-needed freedom any business or marketer strives for.

How Secure Is it?

The Instapage platform has a transparent privacy policy, which you can easily find on their website. Moreover, the Instapage website uses SSL encryption, which means your privacy and credit card information is safe and protected.

The same SSL encryption applies to all the landing pages that you create on their platform. Your membership account is password-protected, and all-in-all, Instapage offers the ultimate safe and secure user experience.

Does it Have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, Instapage currently doesn’t offer a mobile app for its customers. However, their page builder offers robust mobile support to help you design mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized, landing pages built for leads and conversions.

Customer Support

Instapage offers excellent online resources and documentation; Everything from dashboard queries, personalization, and analytics, to account administration. This is followed by a responsive live chat for customer support that is very friendly and efficient.

Instapage Key Features

Instapage offers many valuable and helpful features on its platform, including over 200 Instapage templates for easy conversions.

We have compiled some of the key features for you here.

  • Collaboration Tools

Instapage offers excellent collaboration tools for team members to work together on projects. The platform brands itself as one for marketing teams and agencies, which means there are many useful tools for collaboration. To mention few are the following:

  • instant feedback
  • real-time editing/ revision
  • high-end safe sharing between clients, and more.
  • Instapage Conversion Cloud

Instapage is THE advertising conversion cloud that maximizes your online advertising by enabling you to match personalized for every advertisement. They pride themselves as the first and only platform to offer this unique feature.

While they may be the first, they are unlikely the only one, but their platform does an excellent job at it. Whatsmore, it’ll only take a few minutes to produce an effective, matching post-click Instapage landing page.

  • Customization Options

The Instapage templates are highly customizable. Meaning, you can create landing pages precisely the way you want them to. Overall, there are comprehensive customization options and tools on the platform, and HTML is also available if you need it.

However, you should know that the customization options become slightly limited in the mobile view.

  • A/B Testing

Instapage offers easy split testing or A/B testing that is built into the workflow. You can easily duplicate the original copy of your landing page and make changes to the second one (images, text, CTAs, etc.).

Some prospects see the variation once you publish the pages, while others see the original, controlled version. And since the performance for each is recorded in your analytics, this allows you to test variations of landing pages to learn which one works best.

  • Collaboration For Teams

Instapage allows team members to work together on the same landing pages and leave comments on specific parts of their landing page design drafts. Moreover, there is also a record of all communications and changes made on projects to make collaborations even more convenient.

  • Integrations

Instapage offers over 100 useful integrations on its platform overall. Therefore, you can quickly connect to third-party platforms that power your business.

Among the popular integrations, you’ll find

  • WordPress,
  • Google Ads,
  • Google Analytics,
  • HubSpot,
  • MailChimp,
  • Marketo, and many more.

Moreover, the integration with Instapage Zapier allows you to further connect even more services and apps to your landing pages. This can be of great importance to you, especially if you are using any of the best eCommerce platforms for your business.

  • Instapage Templates

There are more than 200 intuitive Instapage templates to choose from. They are designed for different purposes, and you can choose whichever ones suit your needs. Additionally, these templates are highly customizable, and you can make them appear as you please.

You’ll be happy to hear that the Instapage templates are designed with optimization for industry-leading post-click conversions.

  • Landing Page Widgets

Instapage widgets allow you to add pictures, videos, buttons, and other Instapage plugin options to your landing page. Furthermore, landing page widgets are straightforward because of the drag and drop feature, but they aren’t a strong suit of this platform when compared with other major page builders.

You can place buttons and set them to take custom actions, and there are some useful preset ones as well, including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Forms
  • Timers
  • Boxes
  • Lines
  • Circles
  • HTML widgets

Unlike some competitors that allow readymade widgets such as pricing tables and testimonial panels, you don’t get those here. You can customize such existing widgets in templates, but this is not as convenient.

However, the Instablock feature, which we will discuss ahead, does make things a bit easier.

  • Mobile-Friendly Page Designs

One fantastic thing about Instapage is that all its landing page designs are mobile-friendly by default. You have the nifty option to switch to the mobile view in the builder and make small changes that only the mobile version of your page will have.

However, these changes are limited to hiding desktop version elements in the mobile view, which means you cannot completely change the landing page.

  • Tracking, Testing and Reporting

Instapage offers useful performance monitoring features like the heatmap tool to see where your visitors are taking an interest in landing pages by showing you their clicks and scrolling. This is an excellent feature for fixing issues and optimizing pages for post-click Instapage conversions.

Analytics like conversion rates and others are also available for monitoring performance. Whereas the Google Analytics integration allows even more insights through performance reporting. As mentioned previously, there is also the ever-useful A/B testing feature available for experimentation.

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Support

Instapage offers AMP functionality and support. Using the AMP framework, you can directly create landing pages on Instapage, allowing faster loading speeds on mobile devices. After all, this is a feature that focuses explicitly on mobile users. 

Other Features

Apart from the mentioned key features, there are also some other features on Instapage worth mentioning in our Instapage Review.

  • Form Builder

Forms are crucial for lead capturing via landing pages. To ensure that you capture the right leads, Instapage offers an intuitive form builder. It gives you the ability to create detailed and practical custom forms like sign-up forms to collect user information.

  • Lead Backup

The Instapage analytics section for each landing page has a subsection that backs up the leads collected by a particular page. This feature is excellent for finding out which leads came from which landing page.

  • Instablocks

The Instablock feature is quite handy and time-saving. This is especially important when you create multiple landing pages but don’t want to make too many changes to the style or elements of each page. Instead of recreating the entire page, it will save elements for you to reuse.

You’ll have access to existing Instapage blocks, and you can make your own as well. This feature counters the lack of existing widgets like price charts, testimonial panels, CTAs, etc., because you can create these elements for your needs and save them as Instablocks to be used again and again.

Note: You can find this feature only with Instapage and, as such, offers a new and advanced method of post-click landing pages building.

  • Online Documentation

This is perhaps one of the essential features of Instapage because it helps you get the most out of the platform. Moreover, they have a vast library of online documentation that supports everything you might need to use on Instapage.

For instance, things like using an Instapage plugin, integrations, publishing, and even Instapage API are easier to understand this way, especially for beginners.

  • Security

Instapage offers SSL encryption for security; this means your landing page data is automatically secured by creating an encrypted link between a visitor’s browser and the server. All your landing pages will have an ‘HTTPS’ URL and display a security padlock before the URL.

This feature improves visitors’ experience because it reassures them that your data comes from a secure source.

  • Multi-Step Forms

Multi-step forms are excellent trust-building tools. And, we all know how crucial trust is for online businesses. In other words, many people are suspicious of companies when they realize the first steps require their well-put-together info well-put-together.

Therefore, this is where these forms assist and help clients have a little more faith in what’s coming next. This is usually easily achieved by proposing some more common questions related to the products offered. So, once things start rolling and you break the ice, you can expect a more detailed type of questions.

Note: Multi-Step forms are ideal for clients that are exposed to your brand for the first time.

How To Use Instapage?

We’ve already mentioned that Instapage is quite intuitive and easy to use. Once you have your Instapage login, you can start using the platform and jump right into creating landing pages.

Creating Landing Pages

The first thing you see is a listing of all your previously published pages. Of course, if this is your first time creating one, there won’t be any listing to choose from.

To begin with, start by selecting the ‘Create a Standard Page’ option. Once you press it, you will be given three options to choose from:

  • you can create a page using templates,
  • you can also create an AMP page,
  • or simply upload an Instapage file.

Unless you want to design a page specifically for mobile use, you can skip the AMP option and go straight to using a template for your Instapage custom domain landing page. There are too many templates, but you can easily filter them according to what you need at the moment. Choosing one won’t be a problem since they are categorized by

  • type (like lead generation),
  • thank-you page,
  • mobile app,
  • click-through,
  • webinar pages, etc.

Once you pick a template, it takes you straight to the template editor, the core of Instapage. This is an intuitive drag-and-drop editor where you can customize almost anything. With that in mind, you can drag and drop to add

  • buttons,
  • forms,
  • shapes,
  • images,
  • videos,
  • and pick your fonts, colors, and other elements as well.

Moreover, you can switch to mobile view to see what it looks like for those using their mobile devices and remove the things you don’t want to include for mobile users.

Furthermore, you can add existing elements from Instablocks or simply save the elements you create for later use. And of course, you also have the options for third-party integrations, plugins, and more. You can go through their online documentation for detailed explanations on how to use them.

Publishing Landing Pages

Assuming you’ve followed our instructions on ‘how to create a landing page,’ your first Instapage (for some of you) landing page is ready to get published.

Instapage gives you multiple options like publishing to WordPress, Facebook, Drupal, a demo page, or an Instapage custom domain (an existing domain you own or run). The custom domain may be the only option that requires you to have at least some tech skills to do it. But, if you don’t, it’s still okay since Instapage offers a well-put-together video that explains the process step-by-step.

If you don’t like the page you have created, you can use the button ‘Cancel.’ Instapage will remove this page or save it to work on it later.

What Are the Benefits of Instapage?

You won’t require experienced developers to create effective landing pages for you for starters because you can easily create them yourself without learning any coding.

Moreover, the increase in conversions you get is incredible. This is owing to optimizations post-click. Instapage is known for its post-click conversion optimization, and they are incredibly good at it.

Typically, their plans more than pay for themselves because of the increased conversion rate and reduced costs-per-click, you get compounding profits and benefits.

Things like AMP support, mobile-responsive pages, collaboration features, and quick third-party integrations make Instapage beneficial to many different businesses/ industries. Furthermore, their analytics are pretty useful and intuitive as well. Hence, having an in-depth insight into things is never a bad thing.

Not only can you integrate it with Google Analytics, but you also get conversion rate analysis for individual pages. Whatsmore, you can set ‘Conversion Goals’ for custom campaign performance tracking and reporting based on the goals you set.

How Much Does Instapage Cost?

Instapage pricing plans are not the most budget options available in the market, but they offer great value for money if you consider the increased conversions and reduced cost-per-click benefits you get.

There are two plans on offer. The first is the Instapage Building Plan, which costs $299 per month, or $199 per month if you choose to pay annually. Paying annually is a big commitment and requires an upfront payment for the whole year.

Here are some of the features and services this plan offers:

  • There are no conversion limits
  • Customer Success Manager (get one-on-one advice)
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Perform a Server-Side A/B Testing
  • Real-Time Visual Collaboration between teams
  • Instablocks
  • Build AMP Pages and Experiences (boost your conversion rate)
  • AdMap options (the quick connection between ads and post-click landing pages)
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Enjoy full SSL Encryption
  • Zapier and HubSpot Integration

The second plan is a custom Converting Plan, which gives you access to everything the platform offers at a tailored price for your needs.

These are some of the features the Converting plan offers (you can’t find these in the Building plan):

  • Salesforce and Marketo Integration
  • 1:1 Ad-to-Page Personalization (convey post-click landing page experience that will drive your conversion high)
  • Multi-Step Forms (a rare feature that lets you gain your clients’ trust)
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Guaranteed Uptime-Converting SLA (following their website statement, you can expect a 99.9 percent uptime).
  • Custom Feature Implementation (this is a rare opportunity the site offers; to create a plan that suits your needs).
  • Conversion Consulting (receive one-on-one consultation by Instapge’s professional team), and many more options.

Unfortunately, there is no free plan; however, there is an Instapage free trial of two weeks (14 days). Eventually, you can only enjoy a two-week ride with the Building Plan—test the waters, and it will automatically start billing you after 14 days.

If you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel your trial within 14 days, and Instapage will not bill you. Additionally, there is also an option to schedule a demo. This will show you how exactly Instapage pricing plans can be beneficial for your ad spend.

And if you want to save some money while using their services, you can opt for an annual subscription instead of going for a monthly one. According to their website, you can save as much as 33 percent if you decide on a yearly plan subscription.

Pros and Cons

There are always some pros and cons to consider as with any platform, and Instapage is no different.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to use
  • It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop landing page builder with advanced features.
  • Mobile-responsive pages
  • AMP support
  • Easy integration with useful services and platforms
  • Heatmaps, A/B testing, useful analytics, and tools for performance tracking and optimization.
  • Collaboration features
  • Plenty of landing page templates to choose from.


  • The pricing is higher than most competitors, making it unsuitable for casual website owners or start-ups.
  • The advanced features are available with Instapage’s Converting Plan only.
  • Following users’ reports, Instapage could include more valuable and diverse widgets.

Instapage Reviews and Ratings

We researched plenty of online resources from hundreds of customer reviews and ratings of Instapage for a more diverse and unbiased outlook. Even better, we figured it’s best to give you a brief look into some more positive and less positive verified customer reviews.

Here’s what we found.

Positive Customer Reviews

The reviews are taken from verified Instapage customers left on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

Overall, Instapage has many more positive customer reviews, and the ones mentioned above are just a tiny portion of them.

Customers are mostly happy about their easy-to-use landing page builder, excellent customer support, collaboration features, and among the others, the vast choice of useful integrations it offers.

Negative Customer Reviews

The reviews are taken from verified Instapage customers left on Capterra and Trustpilot.

While there were many other positives, notable negatives included their recent increase in pricing, unfriendly sales team, poor customer service (lack of collaboration between the support team and the users), and the inability to move their pages completely to another platform.

However, these complaints are just a few, and they don’t necessarily need to paint a definite picture of Instapage’s reputation and service quality.

Customer Ratings

Website Star-Rating & No. of Customer Reviews
TrustRadius 7.7/ 10-star rating — 56 customer reviews
GMP (Growth Marketing Pro) 4.7/ 5-star rating — 47 customer reviews
Capterra 4.5/ 5-star rating — 309 customer reviews
G2 4.3/ 5-star rating — 350+ customer reviews
Trustpilot 3.7/ 5-star rating — 379 customer reviews
BBB (Better Business Bureau) 1/ 5-star rating — just 2 customer reviews

Surprisingly, Instapage has an ‘F’ rating on BBB rating and no BBB accreditation for that matter. Nevertheless, this is more likely because BBB has limited to no information about Instapage, and the ones taken into consideration are actual complaints, not reviews.

The rest rating numbers seem more in line with what’s on offer, but we suspect that the average rating of Instapage has a lot to do with their expensive pricing plans rather than anything else.

Instapage Alternatives

All landing page reviews must include some competitor analysis. So is the case with Instapage. What we’ll do is compare Instapage to some of the alternative options available in the market. For that purpose, we decided to go with ClickFunnels, Unbounce, and Leadpages.

Instapage vs. ClickFunnels

The key difference between Instapage and ClickFunnels is that Instapage is a dedicated landing page building platform, whereas ClickFunnels is both, a landing page builder and a sales funnel building platform. Some even consider it as the best sales funnel builder; therefore, this isn’t entirely an apples-to-apples comparison. However, both strive for excellence in what they do and provide to their clients.

Instapage has more third-party integration options and offers built-in advanced analytics and split testing when it comes to features. In contrast, ClickFunnels falls back a bit in these areas, i.e., it also offers third-party integrations but in much lesser numbers. Nevertheless, choosing ClickFunnels will let you use much more than just landing page building options. With that in mind, ClickFunnels is also a lot more expensive than Instapage.

It all comes down to what you will be using from the array of features both platforms offer. If landing page building is all you are in for, and you come with a limited budget, then ClickFunnels might not be your best option.

However, Instapage has lots to offer from that point of view. Of course, this comes with a price that is lower than the one of ClickFunnels.

Instapage vs. Unbounce

Unbounce is a great landing page-building platform that offers a broader commodity when it comes to customizing things and flexibility than Instapage. Moreover, you’ll get that at a much lower price point compared to Instapage.

On the other hand, if a smooth, effortless, and more refined experience is what you’re searching for, then Instapage is your platform.

However, one place where Instapage shines over Unbounce is

  • performance tracking
  • analytics
  • and reporting.

Additionally, Instapage offers a useful heatmap feature and better analytics compared to the limited and simple reporting that you’ll get from Unbounce.

Ultimately, if you want more freedom to customize at a lower price, you should undoubtedly look into Unbounce. However, if analytics, reporting, and post-click conversion rates are important to you, (which they should be), Instapage is the better option.

Instapage vs. Leadpages

Leadpages is another excellent landing page-building platform and one of the market leaders in this segment. Unlike Instapage’s ability to edit in mobile view, Leadpages only offers auto-generated responsive landing pages for mobile.

The two platforms also offer drag and drop editors, though quite different. For instance, Leadpages offers two kinds of editors, a legacy ‘standard’ one (for beginners) and a newer version of the same (for advanced users)—these operate on a grid-based system.

Whereas, Instapage builds its drag and drop editor tool on an entirely different system, i.e., an editor tool based on a free-form system. In a nutshell, Instapage’s drag and drop editor lets you enjoy complete freedom, and your landing page will turn out to be the exact product of your imagination.

Consequently, Leadpages has a steep learning curve, whereas Instapage is more intuitive and easy to use.

In the end, the main area where Leadpages takes the lead is the pricing. Not many competitors can beat Leadpages’ pricing in this market, which is one of their key unique selling points.


When it comes to landing page building platforms, the value you get with Instapage is through the roof.

It isn’t a platform that will easily sit in everyone’s budget, but the compounding effect of increased conversion rates has an incredible effect on your bottom line.

We would argue that this expensive platform more than pays for itself. However, we learned from our research for this Instapage Review that no platform is perfect and what may suit your needs may not suit the needs of others.

If you have the budget and value things like ease-of-use, conversions, collaborations, and analytics, we would recommend Instapage any day.


1. Is Instapage a scam?

No, Instapage is not a scam. Despite its poor ratings with accreditation giants like BBB, it is a legitimate landing page-building platform used worldwide.

Whatsmore, you can visit any major rating sites (Trustpilot, TrustRadius, G2, Capterra, etc.) and discover thousands of genuine Instapage users and their experiences with the platform.

2. Can we create dynamic pages in Instapage?

Instapage offers content personalization that allows you to use dynamic text on your landing pages. Apart from this, there is not much in terms of dynamic pages.

To find out more on how to use it and help your landing page, visit the Instapage official site.

Note: Remember, it’s the brackets that power this feature.