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Instant Checkmate Review


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Available on Android/iOS
  • Unlimited reports upon subscription


  • No option to buy individual reports
  • Slow loading time for search results

Average Rating: 4

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about someone’s past or find out where somebody lives?

Instant Checkmate can assist you in that and so much more. It’s a website that goes through public records to do a background check on your new friend, neighbor, or anyone else you’re curious about.

With Instant Checkmate, you can search for anybody in the US and get quick access to:

  • Arrest records
  • Criminal records
  • A person’s address
  • A person’s age
  • Aliases

If you want to learn more about Instant Checkmate and its services, this review is for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Instant Checkmate

How Accurate Is Instant Checkmate?

As stated on their website, information may not be 100% accurate, up to date, or complete.

That’s understandable, given that their search engine goes through many websites, some of which rely on human input, and so may contain errors.

When using their search, you have to enter relevant and precise information about the person you are “investigating” to get an accurate result.

Is Instant Checkmate Easy to Use?

Once you enter the website, you’ll see a search bar in the middle of the screen. You need to enter the first and last name and the city and state of residence of the person you’re interested in. All in all, it’s a breeze to use.


Some customers report issues related to transparency with Instant Checkmate, mostly regarding pricing and membership renewals. With that in mind, we advise you to get acquainted with the service’s terms and policies, including the fine print.

Is Instant Checkmate’s Service Free or Paid?

If you are trying to find an Instant Checkmate free trial version, you’re out of luck—there’s no such thing. There is a $1 trial membership that lasts five days, though. It starts once your credit card gets charged.

If you choose to cancel it before the end of the five days, you’ll get your money back.

Data Sources and Database Size

Instant Checkmate uses public-record data from specialized sources. That means you can search for information from each database yourself if you prefer. But the Instant Checkmate background check goes through all of them at once, saving you time.

The platform uses data from public records and social networks, so its volume and accuracy don’t deviate much from other websites that offer similar services.

Checking Dating Site Profiles

You can never be too careful when meeting someone new, especially if you go on a blind date.

Instant Checkmate background report doesn’t include information from dating sites, only from public records where you can perhaps gather some details about the person you’re about to go on a date with.

But it might be helpful to go the other way around, i.e., doing a background check of someone you met on a dating site.

Knowing the full name and city of the person, you’re investigating is enough to start the search. In case this info doesn’t bring up anything, you can also search using a person’s phone or email address.

Does Instant Checkmate Offer Worldwide or US-Based Services?

Wouldn’t it be great if a service like this could search records all around the world?

Unfortunately, Instant Checkmate only works if you are looking into someone who lives in the US.

What Type of Searches Can Instant Checkmate Provide?

  • People Search

Get a background report by entering the person’s full name, age, and city. You can skip part of this info, but this will decrease the likelihood of a match.

  • Reverse Address Lookup

By entering someone’s address, you can discover their full name and phone number.

  • Reverse Phone Lookup

If you receive a call from an unknown person, this type of search can help you find their contact information.

  • Email Search

By entering a person’s email address, you can find their full name, last known location, and phone number.

  • Property Records Lookup

If you plan on relocating, this option is perfect for you. Once you enter the address, you’ll get demographic data, as well as a list of former and current residents.

  • Background Check

Instant Checkmate’s background check offers a number of ways to access public records if you want to get information about someone.

Is an iOS/Android App Available?

Instant Checkmate has an iOS and Android app, and it’s as useful as the desktop version.

But keep in mind that Instant Checkmate is a bit easier to navigate through a computer because the extra space allows faster access to all features.

Instant Checkmate Pricing

How much does Instant Checkmate cost? There are three types of subscriptions—a standard membership, a nonstandard membership, and a one-dollar trial membership.

Standard Membership

This plan gives you unlimited person reports for $34.48 a month. You can also choose to pay $83.47 per quarter instead.

Nonstandard Membership

This type of plan gives you the option to pay per report with no obligation for further involvement if you don’t need anything else.

One-Dollar Trial Membership

With the trial version, you’ll be able to use everything that Instant Checkmate has to offer for five days.

Who Is Instant Checkmate Best For?

Instant Checkmate can be helpful for those who want to do a background check on others and find:

  • Information that people usually hide, such as arrests and criminal records
  • The real names of suspicious people in their neighborhood (many people use aliases)
  • Whether their online date is an actual person (catfishing is alarmingly common nowadays)

Websites Similar to Instant Checkmate

If you search for services similar to Instant Checkmate, you’re likely to find sites like Intelius and BeenVerified. US Search is another popular alternative. Let’s explore what they offer.


The free version of the Intelius people searches app gives you limited information about the individual you’re investigating. You can also give the trial version a go. It costs $7.95, but make sure to cancel the subscription before the seven-day trial period expires, or you’ll be charged.

The app is helpful for non-professional research, such as searching for the contact information of a family member or a long-lost friend.


BeenVerified doesn’t offer a free trial. The standard price is $26.89 per month and includes unlimited searches.

With BeenVerified, you can look up VINs, short for a vehicle identification number, to find info about a vehicle and its history.

BeenVerified is the best for finding lost relatives or verifying online sellers and buyers.

US Search

For $2.45, you can do a one-time people search if you don’t plan on using the service long-term.

You can also get more detailed reports that include financial information if you purchase the in-depth report for $40.

Instant Checkmate Customer Reviews

It’s always a good idea to check out an online service’s ratings in more than one place before using it. That’s why we compiled Instant Checkmate’s scores from different websites.

Review Website Rating
CustomerAffairs 4.2/5
Capterra 3.2/5
ASecureLife 3.8/5

It’s worth noting that the overall rating of Instant Checkmate on BBB (Better Business Bureau) is A+. That’s the highest possible score and means the service is very trustworthy.


  1. Is Instant Checkmate Legit?

Yes, it’s a legitimate company that clearly states how its services can be used and for what purposes. You can use it to verify a person’s identity before actually meeting them.

2. Is Instant Checkmate Safe?

Yes, the platform is safe. Instant Checkmate has a verified SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) and uses 128-bit encryption. What’s more, it uses the services of Norton Antivirus to run malware checks daily.

3. Does Instant Checkmate Notify the Person You’re Searching For?

Instant Checkmate is aware that if they notified the person you’re searching for, you might get in danger. So, the answer is no; they don’t send any kind of message to the person you’re looking into.

4. Is It Easy to Cancel Instant Checkmate?

You can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. You just need to log in to your account, go to the subscriptions page, and cancel your account in a second.

5. Is Instant Checkmate a Scam?

If you search for the question online, you’ll see that many people wonder the same thing. And with so many fake and fraudulent websites on the internet, it’s hard to blame them.

But Instant Checkmate is not a scam; it’s a background check service with an established reputation. But don’t take our word for it. You can purchase a $1 trial membership and test it yourself.