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How to watch all Friends Episodes on Netflix in the US

Written by, Adavelli Muninder

Updated May, 14, 2023

I am not statistically sure but I feel Friends was the show with the most repeat viewers on Netflix.

At least I was.

Back in the day when it was directly Streaming on Netflix America, I used to stream it in the background while working. How I work effectively with such a system is a post for another time.

Let’s get back to how to watch all Friends episodes in the US.

The answer is pretty simple for most techies out there – USE A VPN (VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK)

For those who have no idea of VPN, it is a tool that lets you change your IP address and encrypts your traffic (hides your internet usage habits from your ISP )

How to Change IP with VPN to Watch Friends From Anywhere

Step 1 – Buy a premium VPN like Express VPN or Windscribe for better security and less streaming lag. I also was able to do this with the Free version of Windscribe. But there is a definite difference between paid and free versions. Smooth streaming is the most important one.

Step 2 – Set up the VPN

Here is my Netflix on US IP not showing Friends in the Netflix search

You can clearly see Friends is not showing up in the search

Step 3 – Change the VPN server to UK IP

All you have to do is type in the search bar under Locations. You can see a bunch of server options from London. Choose one of those to connect your computer or phone to that IP.

Step 4 – Now that you are accessing Netflix from a London IP, it will give you the Friends

All I did was reload the browser after changing my IP to UK IP address.

And the result is this:

You can see all 10 seasons are there.

Now you are not on Break 😛