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5 Must-Do Tasks to Achieve the Perfect Lawn

Written by, Jalluri

Updated July, 20, 2023

As a homeowner, making your lawn look beautiful, and keeping it healthy, should be one of your top priorities. If you want your lawn to be the most attractive one in your neighborhood, you’ll need to use a few key tasks to keep your lawn in shape. These tasks will keep you responsible and will help you gain an emotional connection with your home’s lawn. There are five must-do tasks, in particular, that can help you achieve the perfect lawn: 

1. Invest in Lawn Care Services

There are times when we run into lawn care tasks that are simply above our level of expertise. You should never do guesswork when it comes to something as important and impactful as your lawn’s health. With this in mind, you can always call in a pro lawn care service to take care of your lawn health. You can hire them consistently, or in a way that helps you kick off your DIY handling of your lawn care needs. Either way, they will help guide your home down a path that keeps your lawn looking stunning year-round. 

2. Use Quality Fertilizer

For your grass to grow well, and for your lawn to look healthy, you’ll need to make sure it has plenty of growth-supporting fertilizer fed to it regularly. Every season, you should check up on your lawn to see if it requires any more fertilizer, as doing so will ensure you’re taking care of your lawn like a pro. When you’re first buying fertilizer to spread, you’ll want to consult a garden and lawn care pro to find the formula that will best serve your grass’s particular, regional, and climate-related needs. 

If you just buy any old fertilizer, you could damage the natural soil your lawn is using to grow, and can even attract pests and weeds in some cases. Be careful with the products you buy for lawn care tasks, as their effects and intended uses are incredibly specific. If you fail to keep your fertilizer care routine consistent, it could lead to bald patches and uneven grass growth throughout your lawn. Some people even use natural fertilizers like manure to keep their lawns growing in an even, healthy, and eye-catching fashion. 

3. Water in the Morning

Watering your lawn regularly is crucial for getting the healthiest, greenest lawn possible. Many homeowners install sprinkler systems to take away this task from their weekly routines and to ensure the grass is receiving even, powerful bursts of water. However, many homeowners want to avoid sprinkler hoses in their yards and choose to water by hand using a hose instead. 

You should always water generously but never go overboard to the point where you weaken your yard’s soil. Additionally, you should always make sure to water in the morning, as watering during harsh sunlight will cause the grass to take in much less water through the soil. Typically, you want to water somewhere between six and ten AM for the best results. 

4. Maintain Your Lawn Care Equipment

There are plenty of things that can happen to your lawn care equipment if you fail to maintain them, and do occasional inspections. Especially when it comes to your mower, a lack of care, and cleaning can lead to major blade and motor issues that will cost you a ton of money over time. 

Whenever you suspect that something might be wrong with your equipment, but can’t handle repairs on your own, you should seek out a maintenance pro ASAP. The sooner you address the issue, the less likely it is to cost you an arm and a leg. Properly storing your lawn care equipment during extremely cold and hot months is also essential, as this type of inclement weather can severely damage your lawn care equipment. 

5. Reseed Every Year

As a homeowner, you want your entire lawn to look luscious, green, and full. To achieve this look, you’ll need to reseed areas of your lawn that are getting thin or are otherwise struggling to grow to their full potential. This task is easy and should be done at least once a year to keep your lawn healthy. Just make sure you consult a pro to ensure you’re buying the right kind of seed for your lawn. If you plant grass that clashes with your lawn’s pre-existing grass, trouble can stir up quickly, and weed growth will be more likely, after all. Don’t be afraid to overseed, as it’s better to have more grass than less grass. You can always trim and mow around the extra grass if need be.