How Shipping And Delivery Affects Shoppers’ Psychology

The rapid growth of eCommerce emphasized the importance of adding shipping fees in order to create a physical separation between customers and retailers. However, this turned to be a tricky situation for the retailers, as many studies have shown that shipping fees are responsible for over 50% of the shoppers abandoning their carts.

How many times have you decided to buy another pair of jeans just to qualify for free shipping? We feel you. When given a choice most of us would rather increase the order amount than pay a shipping fee of $4.99.

Basically, the shopper’s mind is doing quick, subconscious math, weighing the costs and benefits associated with the purchase value. In order to perceive a higher value in the purchase, the costs like free shipping should be brought down, but the benefits received from the purchase must remain the same. This is associated with the fulfillment issues which drive customer’s satisfaction.

Having that in mind, we can understand why free shipping is considered one of the most successful marketing tools, and it’s the most prominent aspect of almost every retailer’s promo offer, including TJ Maxx coupons.

But that’s not all. The shopping decisions of the customers are influenced in large part by the free returns policy too. Since online shoppers don’t receive the sensory experience of seeing, touching, and trying the item on before making the purchase, they want to make sure that the product can be returned for free in case something is wrong. 92% of the customers would go back and place more orders if they have the luxury of making a decision from the comfort of their own home.

Sounds familiar, right? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. In fact, a large part of the online shoppers is influenced by the same decisive factors. If you’re interested in learning how shipping and delivery affect your buying decision, check our infographic.



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