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How Many People Use Instagram Daily?

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated June, 7, 2021

It’s safe to say that we can’t go for more than an hour-two without checking ONE of our social media accounts. The same goes for the fans of the wildly popular Instagram.

Fascinating Facts (Editor’s Pick)

  • Instagram has one billion monthly active users.
  • 500 hundred million Insta users use the Instagram Story feature.
  • By the end of October 2021, Instagram is expected to reach around 1.8 bn globally.
  • More than 72 percent of shoppers pursue their purchasing decisions based on what they’ve seen on their Instagram feed.
  • There are more than 500 hundred (active) influencers.
  • Over 40 bn pictures and video clips so far have been uploaded on Instagram.
  • The most loyal Instagram followers worldwide belong to the age group between twenty-five and thirty-four (some 33 percent).

I’m aware that you know the ins and outs of getting your way around Instagram. But, have you ever wondered how many people use Instagram daily, or how many of us are doing our shopping through it?

No need to wonder anymore because today I’m going to bring you even closer to Instagram, its statistics, and some amusing facts about it.

Stick around and find lots more on your favorite social media app.

Instagram Users Stats

1. How many active users do Instagram have?

Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram became one of the most popular social media networks available for the current generation. Thus, being in the same league as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

To prove ourselves right, let’s have a look at Instagram statistics (January 2020), when the current known number of Instagram monthly active users (MAU) was a staggering 1 bn. This is an increase of 200 hundred MAUs compared to the figures from 2017.

Furthermore, the latest DAU data revealed that Instagram has around 500 million daily users globally. Consequently, this means most Instagram users are highly engaged and checking in more often. Therefore, it’s no surprise why America’s Instagram users’ stats revealed more than half (63%) of all Instagram users log in at least once per day.

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2. How many people use Instagram Stories every day?

Based on people’s necessity to post the highlights of their lives on Instagram, on August 2nd, 2016, Instagram introduced its new feature ‘stories’—where you can add everyday content that disappears in exactly 24 hours.

I guess Instagram’s team was positively shocked when they discovered that their new feature instantly attracted one hundred million users (per day).

Even better, this number didn’t stop here. It continued growing until it reached twice as many, or 250 hundred million users (2017). Brace yourselves, because, in 2019, it was reported Instagram Story has become the go-to feature for 500 hundred million Insta users.

Sources: Hootsuite, BACKLINKO, Statista

3. How many accounts are on Instagram?

By the end of October 2021, Instagram is expected to reach around 1.8 bn globally. This number reflected only 1 bn users for 2020 and nearly 815 million for 2019. It’s not a mistake saying its popularity and usage are growing at a sky-rocket speed.

However, among the active users, there are most certainly fake accounts (bots).

Let’s have a look at some stats on the number of fake bots related to Instagram:

A Ghost Data Report (2020) revealed there were nearly a hundred million fake bot accounts, that’s a number that accounts for almost 9.5% of the total number of monthly users.

Further data, or better said a study conducted by a team of Italian analysts, found that 8% of all Instagram accounts are fake bots. Whereas 30% more or less appeared not to be active – posting one or fewer videos during a month.

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4. What Percent of U.S. social media users shop on Instagram?

Nearly 70 percent of users are taking advantage of the possibility to search for various brands and interact with them through Instagram’s platform. Thus, creating an opportunity for purchase-making decisions.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the latest Instagram stats (2020) revealed that 11 percent of American citizens were using this platform explicitly for discovering and purchasing new products. Another interesting statistic showed that 130 million active Instagram users tap on a shopping post every month— this is a sign that people are also making purchases directly from their Instagram.

On the other hand, further data indicated over 15 percent of Instagram users tapped on a tagged brand by a different brand seller (for broadening their searches). Opposed to 14 percent were curious enough to tap on sponsored brands in their feeds.

Finally, in a report by Retail TouchPoints, it was pointed that more than 72 percent of shoppers pursue their shopping decisions based on what they’ve seen on their Instagram feed.

Sources: Business of Apps, Retail TouchPoints, Hootsuite

5. Instagram User Growth Rate History.

As stated in the Instagram User Growth data, the platform has increased its audience for a hundred million users more continuously every 4 – 9 months.

There is no doubt about the consistently strong growth Instagram showed ever since its debut. The platform recorded a huge increase of two hundred NEW million users between September (2017) – June (2018) solely.

Let’s go a bit to the western part of Europe.

It’s been estimated that Instagram will make a jump to 132 million users in 2021. Also, further data indicated an increase of 17 percent in (Western) Europe for 2020. Hence, this part of the world finished the year with nearly 133 million users. That itself represents an increase of more than 19 million from 2018.

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6. How many Instagram influencers are there?

You must have noticed by now that there is an immense number of Instagram influencers. To be more precise, there are more than 500 hundred (active) influencers as of now, and the numbers are constantly growing.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is anyone who’s built themselves an online reputation by sharing engaging content and attracting thousands, millions of online followers. Anyway, becoming a successful Instagram influencer isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Sources: Omnicore, Big Commerce

7. How many are making money from Instagram?

According to the Financial Times, if you acquire an audience of 100.000 Instagram followers, you qualify for earning around $2.700 per post. My oh my!

Social media influencers are a growing breed, and nowadays, more and more people are deciding to ditch their day jobs and do what they love for a living.

But how much do Instagram influencers make?

How much Instagram influencers make by posting online and delivering quality content is seen by many as a real job and future career.

For instance, if you are a nano-influencer (500 to 50.000 followers), you’ll get to make more than $100 on average when posting a video. On the other hand, ‘power users’ (30.000 to 500.000 followers) earn more than $770 for a single video.

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8. How many people advertise on Instagram?

Instagram ad statistics revealed the number of prospective advertising came to a whopping 900 million users, which points to a nearly 6% increase in (daily) reach.

Instagram, also as a visual platform, can help you form a deeper and more intimate connection i.e., relationship with customers. That being said, there are Instagram statistics that show an estimated 75.3 percent of American businesses will place their products and services on Instagram.

Sources: Neal Schaffer, YCS marketing, WordStream, Statista

9. How much time is spent by users per day on Instagram?

This information varies from one person to another. But, to indulge you with an answer, we’ve come across a questionnaire done by Refinery29 (2019), and on the surface came some exciting figures. Let’s have a look:

  • 6 of the respondents admitted using Instagram roughly around 30 mins.
  • Whereas 13 of them use it for more than 30 mins (up to an hour).
  • 9 people are using Instagram for up to two hours.
  • Just 5 of the total respondents use it for 2+ hours.
  • And ONE stated using Instagram approximately for at least four hours a day.

By the looks of it, Instagram is pretty damn addictive. People report spending more and more time behind their screens, in the virtual world of other people’s lives and daily updates.

Instagram User Stats (2018) showed people were spending more or less around 53 mins on the platform. A conclusion is drawn from the same statistics also pointed out teens spending at the very least nine hours a day – which is a bit too much!

Sources: Refinery29, BroadbandSearch

10. How many photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every day?

Per the latest Instagram statistics, more than 40 bn pictures and video clips so far have been uploaded on Instagram.
And to answer your question: roughly calculated, ninety-five million pictures and videos combined EACH DAY! Yes, this is what happens when more than 16.000 other Instagram accounts decide to upload something of their own simultaneously as you are doing it.

Sources: WordStream, Bernard Marr & Co., Blogging Wizard

Instagram Usage Statistics

11. Compare how many use Instagram on mobile devices and desktop?

More and more people opt for their mobile devices when checking into their social network account rather than using a desktop.

It’s a matter of personal preference for which one suits your needs better. However, the most recent Instagram statistic reveals that half of the monthly active Instagram users log in daily via their mobiles.

Let’s talk numbers:

  • Almost 24 percent of the total number of active mobile users login to Instagram every month.
  • Nearly 12 percent of the same login to Insta every day—that’s about one of eight users that access the platform every single day.
  • Instagram is ranked fourth by the number of mobile users per app.

Sources: BACKLINKO, Hootsuite

12. The average number of Instagram Followers.

Instagram follower stats reveal that for a strictly personal account, the estimated number of followers is no less than 150.

And further information related to the above-mentioned statement brings us to approximately a hundred or three hundred Insta followers for the most ordinary accounts. The average growth of Insta followers varies between 1 hundred and 3 thousand.

Sources: Easy GetInsta, HashtagsForLikes

Instagram Demographics Statistics

13. Instagram Demographics (by country).

The current statistics (2020) showed that almost 90% of Instagram’s one billion monthly users come from non-US parts of the world.

This is understandable since global Instagram user stats uncover that Instagram growth will be felt much more in developing (India, Mexico, and Indonesia).

Check out these numbers on the top five Instagram users by country:

  1. The USA – 140.000.000
  2. India, also 140.000.000
  3. Brazil – 99.000.000
  4. Indonesia – 85.000.000
  5. Russia – 56.000.000

To sum up, here’s one amusing piece of information. Instagram seems to be the preferred social platform in Asia. Even more in some countries in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore), which boosts high penetration rates of over 50 percent usage.

Sources: Statista, Statista, eMarketer

14. Instagram usage by age.

The most recent Instagram demographics stats reveal the most loyal Instagram followers worldwide belong to the age group between twenty-five and thirty-four (some 33 percent).

Check out these Statista (2021) figures on Instagram usage by age for the USA (in %):

  • The largest age group is the one between 18 and 29 – more than 70 percent.
  • Followed by the people aged 30 to 49 – nearly 50 percent.
  • The people aged between 50 and 64 – 29 percent.
  • Last but not least, the elderly age group of above 65 years – 13 percent

Compared to these following Instagram demographic stats for 2020:

  • 18 to 24 years (67 percent)
  • 25 to 34 years (60 percent)
  • 35 to 44 years (49 percent)
  • 45 to 54 years (43 percent)
  • Above 55 years (31 percent)

Sources: Business of Apps, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Statista


To sum up, these digits and facts firmly confirm what we already assumed to be true—the power of the social media platform, particularly the one of Instagram. A platform that can boost revenues of countries, broadcasts, influences, and has a global reach to the majority of the population. After all, this is a social media platform used by the youngest and eldest among us.

On the plus side, you don’t have to wonder anymore how many people use Instagram daily.