FTC Disclosure

To Whom It May Concern

Let’s assume that a friend tells you that a supermarket one street away from you is giving away free chocolate truffles and that they’re delicious. Once you treat yourself for free, the only obvious thing to do is thank your friend for the intel.

If you didn’t get the metaphor, we’re the omniscient friend and our articles and deals are chocolate truffles. But wait, that’s not the best thing about our story. You see, your friend might ask for a truffle or two as a sign of gratitude. We don’t do that because we know how difficult it is to give up your chocolate, even if it is for someone who has helped you get it. In fact, the only thing we ask from you in return is completely free! We ask you to tell the supermarket we told you about their truffles!

The Fundamental Question – Why?

If you’ve ever written even a single paragraph on an online blog, you can assume how much time it takes to do build a whole website like ours. Since time means money, and we want to keep the quality of the website intact, we need your helping hand. After all, building and even maintaining a website like this one demands a lot of money, so someone has to pay the bills. Of course, you’re not going to pay our bills since yours are already a handful, but you can nevertheless contribute and help us maintain the level of quality you all know and love.

FAQ #2 – How?

The affiliate or referral system is far away from quantum physics. In fact, it’s one of the most simple things you’ll hear about today. Briefly, every time you shop for a product from one of our partners through an affiliate link on our website, we get a modest commission from them. Of course, this does NOT come with an extra cost for you but we like to be transparent since we think that you need to see the big picture behind the affiliate programs we’re using to maintain our website.

What’s in it for us?

Long story short, we earn referral fees if you make a purchase at one of many stores we review, using one of the hundreds of coupon codes we scrape for you. It doesn’t cost you anything and it can keep us going and help us bring you even more good deals. Bottom line, we save you money with coupons and give you significant intel on the best products with our extensive reviews. All we ask in return is a single click. If that’s not a fair trade, we don’t know what is.

3 Main Reasons to Contribute

First of all, it’s completely free and the only effort you need to make is a single mouse click. Secondly, it’s absolutely safe since no one can see even your personal details let alone your credit card number or address. All we’ll see is that someone out there decided to support our cause and appreciated our efforts. Finally, the number of downloads of an average ad blocker clearly shows that people prefer a clean website, without ads and annoying pop-ups. As a result, we’ve decided to keep our website ad-free thus giving up one of the main ways of making a profit.

Become a Contributor!

To be completely frank, since we don’t bother you with ads and annoying pop-ups, affiliate links are the only way we can earn enough to keep the website going. This way, you can become a member and a genuine contributor of 16best.net without spending a dime! 16best.net will definitely return the favor by bringing awesome reviews and coupons to the table.