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How To Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up? [2024]

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated February, 14, 2024

Do you have difficulty getting Facebook dating to show up on your page?

You’re probably unsure how to fix the problem, as is the case with most people.

But that’s why we’ve fixed up this article!

It will guide you through the process of troubleshooting and fixing Facebook dating so that it appears on your page.

With a few easy steps, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of this feature in no time!

What Is Facebook Dating and How Does It Work?

Facebook Dating is a new feature recently introduced (September 5, 2019) by Facebook, followed by hype and media coverage. This feature allows users to create dating profiles within the Facebook app.

Ultimately, with this feature, Facebook (FB) users can search for potential matches based on their

One of the best things is that the Facebook Dating profiles are entirely private. So, only those users you’ve chosen to match with will be able to see them.

Additionally, Facebook doesn’t collect any information about your dating activity or matches unless you both opt in to share things like conversation start times, location, etc.

In a nutshell, Facebook Dating provides an easy and convenient way to connect with other singles online.

How To Set Up a Facebook Dating Profile?

There are a few key steps to setting up your Facebook dating profile:

Tip: We recommend you add recent photos of yourself to give potential matches an idea of your current appearance.

Finally, it’s essential to set your preferences for how Facebook helps you find dates. For example, do you want Facebook to suggest people who match you on specific criteria?

Once all your information is entered and preferences are set, Facebook will begin suggesting potential matches for you based on mutual interests and other factors.

Why is Facebook Dating Not Showing Up?

You still can’t find the Facebook Dating app in your menu?

There might be a few reasons for this, and here are the most common ones:

If you’re under 18, you’re not eligible to get a Facebook Dating profile. This is because a minimum of 18 years is an obligatory condition of the central policy of the Facebook Dating app.

For example, your Facebook account must be older than 30 days. Also, the account must be

To check this, go to your ‘Account Settings’ and tap on the ‘briefcase’ icon, from where you’ll be directed to your ‘Account Status screen.’

Since we’re talking about a brand new feature on Facebook, sadly, the same isn’t available in all the countries where the regular Facebook app is.

Here’s a list of all the countries where the Facebook Dating app is available:

All the countries that belong to the European Union:

Austria;  Bulgaria, Belgium;  Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia;  Denmark;  Estonia; France

Finland;  Germany, Greece;  Hungary;  Ireland, Italy, Iceland;  Lithuania, Liechtenstein

Luxemburg, Latvia;  Malta;  Netherlands, Norway;  Portugal, Poland;  Romania; Slovenia

Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain.


Also, Facebook Dating is available in these countries, aside from the USA and the EU:

Argentina;  Bolivia, Brazil;  Canada, Chile, Colombia;  Ecuador;  Guyana;  Laos

Mexico, Malaysia;  Peru, Paraguay; The Philippines;  Singapore, Suriname

Thailand, The United Kingdom (the UK is no longer part of the EU);  Vietnam;  Uruguay.

Other reasons such as:

The age requirement, and the country in which the app is not available, are factors that are pre-determined and cannot be fixed (except by, probably, using a different VPN).

How To Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up?

If you’re wondering how to get Facebook Dating to work properly, here are a few handy tricks:

1. Clear Cache on your device

One of the first things you should try is clearing your cache. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Facebook > Storage > select Clear Cache.”

This will force the app to reload all of its data, which may help fix any issues you’re experiencing.

2. Check your internet connection

Another thing to check is your internet connection. If you’re using a weak or unstable connection, this could be why Facebook Dating isn’t showing up on your app’s menu.

3. Update the Facebook App

Since this is a new feature, the most recent updates from the Facebook App are necessary to make it work smoothly. So, either select the Update tab, or you can automatically preset the Facebook app for downloads on your IOs or Android device.

4. Enable Facebook App notifications

If the Facebook notifications have been disabled or turned off, the Facebook Dating feature might not work. To turn them back on, enable them through your Phone Settings > Notifications > turn on the toggle on the Facebook App.

5. Check if Facebook is down

Server or maintenance issues on the Facebook app might be the initial cause why Facebook Dating and every other Facebook feature aren’t working properly.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall the Facebook App

Sometimes, simple updates may not fix your problem. Thus, uninstalling and re-installing the Facebook app may fix other underlying issues and allow you to log in with your new Facebook Dating account.

7. Contact the Facebook Help Center

Sending a message to Facebook’s Technical Support team might fix and detect an issue that wasn’t able to be fixed with all previously mentioned tricks. Access the Facebook Help Center on the official Facebook Website, and specifically explain and report the issue you’re struggling with.

To Sum Up

Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just some fun flirting, Facebook Dating has everything you need to start meeting the people you’re most compatible with.

While there are some factors on Facebook Dating that you can’t fix, like being out of your country or area or being underaged, you can also do many things to fix the issue of Facebook Dating not showing up.

We hope our methods and tips to fix your issue have helped. We wish you all the best in your dating endeavors!