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How To Find Someone’s Facebook Posts, Likes, and Comments? 2023 Methods

Written by, Sandeep Kumar

Updated March, 14, 2023

Facebook has come a long way since its launch. From a mere messaging app and platform connecting people worldwide – it has become the most popular thing in the tech revolution. And many features, news, marketplaces, and job integrations contributed to Facebook going so far.

Today, we will discuss a more profound asset that allows you to do insights into your Facebook friends and connections activities.

Shall we do some deep “spying” then?

How to See Someone’s Facebook Posts, Likes, and Comments If They’re Not A Friend?

Are you interested in checking a real person you’ve just met on Facebook? There’s a way to do this without giving them the feeling that you’re rushing to befriend them.

For starters, try typing their name and searching for them on Facebook. If you find them, it would be in your interest for them to have an open profile. Though, rarely who does these days due to the misuse of information collected on Facebook.

But, there’s an option — even if the Facebook user you’re looking for is not your friend and has a closed profile.

Note: The following ways work for both friend and non-friend Facebook users.

How To Find Someone’s Facebook Posts?

Aside from the undeniable approach – clicking on a person’s profile and visiting their page to see what they (or someone else) has posted on their profile, there’s a better and more insightful way to do this.

Remember that a person doesn’t only post on their profile page – they also post in groups, on other Facebook friends’ profiles, etc.

To find someone’s Facebook posts, follow these steps (try them either through a desktop or a mobile device of your preference).



All public posts on Facebook can be checked and looked at following this pattern – even if you’re not friends with the person you’re looking at.

Also, this way unlocks a greater benefit rather than simply visiting someone’s Facebook profile. This particular method will display even the hidden posts from their feed, allowing you more in-depth insight!

Tip: To work correctly, your Facebook app needs to be updated and the Internet connection to be at a satisfying level.

How To Find Someone’s Facebook Likes?

Seeing someone’s Facebook ‘likes’ is on a different level of potential spying. But, Facebook made even that possible.

In this paragraph, we will explain the two possible options to check on someone’s likes:

#1 See the posts they’ve liked.

  1. Open your Facebook app, log in and find the search bar.


2. In the Search bar, write posts liked by’ and the name of the person you’re interested in.

#2 There’s also an option to check their likes and interests (pages, community, musicians, authors, etc.).




How To See Someone’s Comments on Facebook?

Following the previously mentioned pattern, you can easily spot all comments made by a Facebook user – with a simple trick of using the search bar on Facebook.



Why Isn’t This Working?

We already pointed out that for this ‘Facebook cheat’ to work, you must have an extremely stable connection and your Facebook app updated to its maximum.

If you meet these requirements and still aren’t able to properly load the required date, your device might not be the issue.

Instead, here’s what might be the cause of your data loading obstacle:

When searching for user information on Facebook, it’s essential to use specific phrases. This will ensure that you get the most accurate results.

Facebook has been criticized for its inadequate handling of user data – and recently available features have made it possible for users to additionally alter and protect their personal and valuable data and history of using the Facebook app.

Therefore, if you’re having trouble reaching their info following the previously explained ways, they might be altering their privacy setting, resulting in your ability to view the information you seek.

When a Facebook profile is blocked, they can no longer see specific information on someone else’s profile. And usually, this means that either you’ve been blocked or you’ve forgotten that you added this specific Facebook user to your list of blocked users.

You can ALWAYS delete anything you’ve done on Facebook – posts, comments, and likes made a decade ago.

That’s what Facebook is all about – your personal life, but unlike in real life, you can undo specific past events. If you’re looking for a particular comment or a photo from a while ago and can’t find it, it might be because it’s no longer available and removed from the Facebook app.

Who Can See Your Comments and Likes on Facebook?

This question doesn’t have a straightforward answer because this depends on your privacy settings and profile preferences.

To see who can see what you post, like, or comment on, follow the next steps:

  1. Log onto your Facebook, and go to your profile.
  2. Choose the downwards facing arrow in the right upper corner (your profile).




This is the place to make the ‘magic happen.’ You can control

But, you need to choose the first option to see who’s seeing your activity with the current preferences.





Note: The people you’ve blocked can’t see your profile despite trying to search for you via the Search tab.


Restrict your posts on your wall by tapping on the three dots next to the post and choosing ‘edit audience.’




*** There’s also the ‘custom’ option. Here, you can choose which friends to include or prevent from seeing specific posts – a preset that you can manage to adjust on each particular (future or past) posting on your wall.


Comments can be managed only by the person who created the post. So, once you comment on someone else’s post, and it’s public – there’s no controlling who sees it.

Though there’s the option to adjust who gets to comment on your post or turn off comments for specific posts, your comments can easily be spotted on other people’s posts. Thus, the only option to prevent them from being spotted is by deleting them.

Regarding comments on your posts – you can easily hide them on each particular post.

  1. Find the comment you wish to restrict from being seen.
  2. Find the three dots in the comment section and press them. Select ‘hide comment.’


Note: A brand-new feature introduced by the Facebook community allows you to hide the number of likes and the popularity of your post.




By toggling ‘ON,’ people will be restricted from viewing your audience, popularity, and likes!


Summing Up

As you can see, Facebook’s search tool is one of the most powerful assets, allowing insights and revelations of all sorts.

Events near you, business openings, promotions, or luring deeper into your friends and family’s interests and daily research can be done through the “magnifying glass” of this fantastic search tool.

However, the best way to ensure not everyone gets access to your comments, likes, and overall Facebook activity is by deleting them.