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Electric rides are hardly a new craze. First came electric bicycles, then Segways, followed by hoverboards and now the most enthralling electric ride is the electric unicycle. You can spot an obvious trend of simplification, as every next item is becoming increasingly more compact, without substantially sacrificing its capabilities. While it is harder to master balancing on unicycles as opposed to other electric rides, we find that once you do, the benefits outweigh the downsides. The best electric unicycle you can buy this year is among the reviews below.

Best Electric Unicycle Reviews

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IPS 121 T-Series

Coming up first is this amazing unicycle that offers top-notch durability. It’s extremely tough and well built. Moreover, it’s highly water resistant, hence its nickname “IPS Tank”. It weighs around 30 lbs, and the weight limit is 264 lbs. The 16” wheel frame packs 1500 W of power making it an ideal all-terrain unicycle. Speaking of its maximum speed, this IPS unicycle can reach 12.5 MPH on flat surfaces, Furthermore, what’s especially impressive is its uphill performance thanks to massive torque. The 350 Wh battery pack can provide an outstanding 16 – 25 miles range and takes 3 – 4 hours to recharge. All in all, although priced above average, it’s more than worth the money for a serious user. After all, you can always use one of the amazing Groupon coupon codes and deals.

Best Electric Unicycle - IPS 121 T-Series

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Gotway MCM4

This Gotway electric unicycle is also designed for off-road use. In brief, it’s the fastest unicycle available on our list. It reaches up to 25 MPH on an 800 W brushless motor. It’s smaller, featuring a 14” wheel, but it weighs about the same and supports the same maximum load as the previous model. It comes with different battery capacities (130 Wh-680 Wh) that directly impact its range which in turn stretches 20-40 miles. This also influences the recharge time that takes 3-6 hours. Its electric unicycle self-balancing capabilities make it suitable for the rugged terrain it was designed to conquer. Keep in mind though that there are cheaper alternatives as this model can cost quite a bit for the higher battery capacity models.

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Ninebot One C+

The Ninebot One C+ electric unicycle is a futuristically designed, LED-illuminated, hard-plastic model with self-charging capabilities. The 220 Wh battery recharges itself when you’re going downhill and not using its 450 W motor. It recharges fully in 2.5 hours. While the speed maxes out at 12.5 MPH, the 16″ wheeler’s max payload is about 264 lbs and weighs 30 lbs. It’s priced a little lower than the previously mentioned models. This is because it’s not as sturdy, but it is water resistant. Given these points, it’s more suitable for urban environments. Ultimately, this model is a good choice for fans of the futuristic aesthetics who are not likely to go off roads.

Best Electric Unicycle - Ninebot One C+

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Inmotion V3

A unicycle has to have one wheel, right? Not exactly. A first in our list, the Inmotion V3 features not one, but two wheels stacked next to each other. This increases its stability while retaining the one wheel electric unicycle form. In fact, it’s one of the slimmest models out there, at 38 mm width. Moreover, it weighs only 30 lbs. Where’s the compromise, then? Well, the max speed is just 11 MPH, and the range is 15 miles for its 450 W motor. The compact, 144 W battery charges quickly though, in just 1.5 hours. Being reasonably priced, this self-balance electric unicycle is a perfect choice for a beginner.

Best Electric Unicycle - Inmotion V3

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King Song KS-16S

This 16” model is by far the most expensive unicycle so far. The King Song KS-16S costs 4x the average price. The nominally 1200 W motor is capable of delivering 3500 W power at its peak. Couple this with an 840 Wh battery and you’ll get an incredible 45+ miles autonomy on one charge. Logically, the colossal battery charges quite slowly – 6.5 hours for a full charge. The average speed is over 15 MPH. It’s a little heavier at 34 lbs and has a max load of 220 lbs. Additional features include a unique telescopic handle, LEDs, headlights, and Bluetooth speaks. All in all, this is a great value product.

Best Electric Unicycle - King Song KS-16S

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Swagtron Swagroller Electric Unicycle

If the price is your main concern, this is nice lower tier model. The design is quite decent, and it packs many of the features of the more expensive models. This is a 14” dual tire model that’s app-enabled and features Bluetooth functionality. The standard 450 W electric motor can carry 264 lbs, and travel 12.4 miles on a single charge. This electric unicycle self-balancing model can overcome inclines up to 15°. The Swagtron Swagroller primarily targets younger audiences. You can use the accompanying app to change the LED pattern, lock the motor, view your riding history, and blast your favorite tunes via its Bluetooth speakers. It’s even water and dust resistant. All in all, this is an excellent value purchase, especially if you take advantage of Swagtron coupons

Best Electric Unicycle - Swagtron Swagroller Electric Unicycle

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IPS Zero

The name of this electric unicycle scooter can indicate a few things. First, the IPS Zero is shaped like a zero, being almost completely rounded, apart from the handle. Next, it’s one of the lightest unicycles available, weighing under 20 lbs. It can even carry 264 lbs like any other standard model. The biggest on our list, a 340 Wh battery with a 3-hour charging time will give you a great 24-mile range at about 18 MPH. Those are the specs for the 1000W motor model but keep in mind that there are different configurations for this model. The flashy design is complete with a full circle of LED lights that are quite unsubtle. If that’s your thing, go for this model by all means.

Best Electric Unicycle - IPS Zero

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Segway Ninebot One S1

Design-wise, this flagship electric unicycle – Ninebot One S1 is one of our favorites. Similar to the IPS Zero, but even more minimalist and futuristic, it looks almost impossibly simple and compact. This makes it kind of hard to master at first, even Segway, its creator, says so. It weighs 25 lbs, and it’s able to carry a max load of 220 lbs. Inside are two 155 Wh lithium-ion batteries that can take you up to 15 miles on a single 3h charge. The max speed is 12.5 mph. It’s averagely priced and worth every dollar, if not, just for its good looks. While there are newer models, it’s still a strong contender for the best electric unicycle 2018.

Best Electric Unicycle - Segway Ninebot One S1

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Inmotion V8

We also liked the design of the V8 a lot. It’s really good looking but also durable and capable – a perfect balance of power and aesthetics. Its signature features are the three customizable concentric LED circles that can display hundreds of light combos. A useful feature is a retractable handle that lifts at a push of a button allowing you to carry the 30 lbs unicycle. The above average 480W battery charges for over 4h and it’s enough for a distance of 23-30 miles. It’s partnered with a powerful 800W motor capable of reaching 18.5 MPH. The maximum load is 240lbs, and it can even climb a max incline of 25 degrees. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely one of our favorites.

Best Electric Unicycle - Inmotion V8

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Airwheel X3

Being maybe the cheapest electric unicycle Amazon can offer, this is in many ways an ideal starter. Also, it’s one of the lightest items at 22 lbs with a standard 264 lbs weight limit. The modest 11 MPH top speed is good for beginners. Moreover, it includes the ever-so-useful speed control feature. Other useful features include tilting protection. If you tilt over 45° sideways, the control system will automatically reduce the speed of the motor to prevent falls. It also has fast charging –  the 170 Wh battery charges sully in 2h or about 80% in 90 min. Maximum range is 10-15 miles. There’s a warning system when you’re left with 15% power. We highly recommend this model for beginners.

Best Electric Unicycle - Airwheel X3

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King Song KS-18A

Another premium model from King Song featured in our electric unicycle reviews. This time, the price is not even listed. Instead, you have an option to inquire about the price via email. Looking at the specs alone, you can only assume that this is a monstrous model. Offering unparalleled battery options (840 Wh/1360 Wh/1680 Wh), this stunning 18” wheel model can get you twice as far as the next in line. Other features include USB charging, four loud Hi-Fi speakers, advanced illuminating, braking and tilt prevention systems, and finally an app control feature. This is, in our experience, the most advanced model money can buy.

Best Electric Unicycle - King Song KS-18A

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IPS I5 20700

The IPS I5 is just 2.36 inches thick, and it weighs an incredible 16.53 lbs. This featherweight champion is the smallest, lightest and thinnest 14″ electric unicycle we came across. It can easily fit in a backpack. This was made possible by introducing several innovations like the unique magnesium alloy it’s crafted from. It brings strength and extreme lightness. The motor is also remarkably silent to the point of it emitting no perceptible motor sound. It’s fitted with a 245Wh that’s good for 10-12 miles and charges to 80% in 1.5hrs. Its max cruising speed is 12 MPH with a 220 lbs max load. It’s priced just above average, but if portability is your top priority, this is without a doubt your best choice.

Best Electric Unicycle - IPS I5 20700

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Artwheel King Song 14”

King Song doesn’t only make premium models. When this entry-level electric unicycle is for sale on their official website, it’s priced below average. 100% buyer satisfaction for a limited quantity remaining, with more than already 74% sold means you must hurry to get this deal. What you’ll get is a 14” with a 500 W motor vehicle with a 15 MPH top speed. It’s well built and quite capable for the price. The 174Wh is on the smaller side, but the advantage of this is faster charging that takes up to 2h. An alarm warns you if your speed exceeds 13 MPH. It has a dedicated smartphone app that allows you to set different alarms and change other settings. All in all, it’s a good choice if you’re a fan of the brand but don’t want to pay the premium prices.

Best Electric Unicycle - Artwheel King Song 14”

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Ninebot One E+

This is one of newest flagship models from Ninebot. It features a futuristic design, and it’s available in LEXAN porcelain-white or glossy black. A number of advanced features such as a high-speed CPU that is coupled with intelligent sensors that assure supreme maneuverability. Suitable for various terrains and inclines. It’s a 16″ wheeler fitted with a brushless 500W motor that uses sine wave inverter technology. The top speed is at a respectable level of 11-14 MPH for a maximum range of 19-22 miles. The 320W battery charges fully within 3-4 Hours. It can carry a standard maximum load of 264 lbs while weighing 30.5 lbs. The body, as well as its pedals, are crafted from a sturdy magnesium alloy. It’s one of our favorites for sure.

Best Electric Unicycle - New Ninebot One E+

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Airwheel X8

The Airwheel X8 is a 16″ modified slim wheeler that’s recognizable for its distinctive looks. Its body is accented with faux carbon fiber patterns. It packs quite a decent and ultra quiet 800W motor and a somewhat substandard Lithium battery. You have two options – 130 Wh and 170 Wh, both boasting quick charging and extended battery life expectancy. A full charge is completed within two hours. It can reach a max distance of 14.2 miles at a max cruising speed of 11 MPH. This is a fairly typical speed for the majority of unicycles in the market. Its slim body weighs just 24 lbs while supporting the standard 264 lbs max load. This is a good choice for people into aesthetics and those who are fans of intelligent features. Some of them include speed control, tilting and low battery protection with warning indicators.

Best Electric Unicycle - Airwheel X8

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Inmotion V5F

This is a new generation of Inmotion models that are well designed and offer a good riding experience with a great speed/range balance. The V5F weighs only 23 lbs. Furthermore, this lightweight choice can transport a person weighing up to 264 lbs. It’s convenient for short commuting and capable enough to be used as a main form of transportation. A unique feature of this model is a lift-up button which turns off the motor once the unicycle gets picked up. Inside is a 550 W motor and 288 Wh battery that charges in 3 hours. This is enough for a 15 MPH cruise for a total of up to 20 miles. It also features a voice assistant and powerful headlights. This item is a good all-rounder at a fair price. However, the price can get even better with one of eBay’s promo codes and deals.

Best Electric Unicycle - Inmotion V5F

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Best Electric Unicycles

Buyer's Guide

How to Choose the Best Electric Unicycle?

After carefully surveying the market, we comprised a list of 16 electric unicycles we consider the most compelling in 2018. Our reviews are systematic, and we’ve taken all of the following criteria into consideration:

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The first thing that pops up when speaking about electric unicycles is – how fast can they go and what is the fastest electric unicycle? Since the maximum speed depends on many things, we can only say that the manufacturers usually place the max speed somewhere in between 8 and 18 MPH. Moreover, to decide the maximum velocity you need from your unicycle, you must take many other things into consideration. Namely, you need to focus on things such as the terrain, the battery capacity and the purpose you’ll be using the unicycle for. Still, unicycles are mainly used for speed, mileage, and exhibitions. But if speed is your top priority, you won’t be making a mistake by purchasing one of the fastest models on our list, namely the Gotway unicycle.

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What’s really important when riding a monocycle is that you’re in control at all times. All electric unicycles have an onboard central processing unit which controls the speed and maneuverability. Furthermore, many other things affect the control and maneuverability including wheel size and design and the unicycle’s weight. For your own safety, make sure you learn how to properly balance the unicycle before testing its maneuverability. If you need help getting started, try one of the electric unicycle with seat options which are much easier to master.

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This characteristic may seem trivial or even ridiculous, but the weight significantly influences the performance of a unicycle. For instance, lowering the weight of a unicycle wheel will enable easier acceleration, deceleration, and make the unicycle more nimble. Overall, weight doesn’t really make a huge difference, but it’s the little things that satisfy EUC users the most. Ultimately, we dare you to say that the unicycle’s weight is not important to a guy who’s using his electric unicycle for obstacle hopping.

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Maximum Load

Another feature that may significantly depend on the purpose you’ll be using your unicycle for. Moreover, not all unicycle riders are lightweight, and you have to determine whether your plan of taking your dog with you will cause you to exceed the maximum load of the unicycle. Overloading a unicycle can seriously influence its performances. Not to mention that you risk getting injured or becoming a potential threat to other riders and pedestrians. In brief, this is one of the most important aspects you have to consider before purchasing a unicycle.

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Range Per Charge

This aspect is so simple but yet so often overlooked. The range per charge feature determines how much distance can a unicycle cover with a fully charged battery. Of course, this aspect heavily depends on the battery capacity and the way you ride your unicycle. Each device on our list has its own range per charge capacity determined in the detailed specifications, so it’s up to you to decide the purpose for which you need a unicycle.

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Charging Time

When we’ve considered this criterion, we had to take the battery power almost in equal terms as the charging time. Moreover, battery charging time is directly proportional to its capacity. As a matter of fact, you can charge a 130W battery in less than two hours. On the other hand, it may take four more hours to charge a four times stronger battery. You must take all these things into consideration before purchasing a unicycle. After all, there will be times when you’ll be impatient to take your new baby out for a ride.

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Additional Features

We all love something extra, don’t we? The best electric unicycle today offer a plethora of additional features. Actually, when purchasing an electric unicycle, the lack of additional features can be a dealbreaker for some people. You’re not buying a unicycle every day so make sure that your ride has enough extras to remain modern for a long period of time. These additional features may include speakers, LED accessories, or mobile app compatibility. Bear in mind that technology is so advanced nowadays that ‘additional’ may become ‘usual’ in no-time.

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Last, but not least – you’ll always have to set your budget limit. Although it may seem cruel to unicycle enthusiasts, this device is valuable but is not a necessity. Setting your budget will help you not go too far but still pick the best possible unicycle in a reasonable price range. Furthermore, the electric unicycle price isn’t always a clear sign of quality since the most expensive product often isn’t the best one. And even with those, you can use one of the Amazon coupon codes and deals. Our advice would be to determine which unicycle has the best price-quality ratio and bring that one home with you.

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In the end, think of what you really want and eliminate the unnecessary options. If you worry about the price, don’t limit yourself with the offers that are available in your country. Search other countries’ online offers for an electric unicycle – India, China and others may have the item you want. You might also get free shipping. If you’re a beginner, try models like the Airwheel X3. Also, if you just can’t master riding a standard unicycle, try looking for a model with a seat since they’re a lot easier to balance on.

There are certainly other things to think about, like the design. They are, however, more or less subjective. Furthermore, the list is not ranked – we leave it up to you to decide which is the best electric unicycle according to your personal preferences. Use the above-mentioned criteria to determine the one that’s the best fit for you. Check out some of the Walmart promo codes and deals if you want to go with them. All in all, you can have in many different ways if you purchase one of these 16 unicycles.

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