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Diamondback Haanjo Metro


  • High-quality disc brakes
  • Double-walled Equation rim wheels
  • Thick tires


  • A bit heavy
  • Low number of speeds

Average Rating: A

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Detailed Expert Review

Many bicycle manufacturers do their best to create a bike that can work in multiple road conditions, and the problem with that approach is that you end up with a bike that is just that – okay. If you want a bike that performs exquisitely on the road because it was designed to do that, pay close attention to this Diamondback 2017 Haanjo Metro review. Let’s check out all the pros and cons of the Diamondback Haanjo Metro bike – 2017 review scores have been overly positive for this model, but there are some downsides as well.

First off, this model was built for pavement. It will not handle mountain terrain well, but it wasn’t designed to do so – if that’s what you need the Diamondback Haanjo Metro 24  or the Haanjo Tero might be a better choice. You can tell this is a bike made for the city from the flat handlebar and the absence of dropdown bars, that many road bikes come with. The bar is also slightly angled back, allowing for a somewhat smoother ride. The Diamondback Haanjo frame is made from aluminum, but there’s a fork made of steel in the handlebar that makes the frame significantly more shock absorbent.

The trigger shifters from Shimano make switching gears a breeze, so you can switch to a lower gear every time you have to stop at a traffic light. However, according to every Diamondback 2017 Haanjo Metro review we’ve come across, what places this model among the best road bikes is definitely its tires. They’re significantly thicker than on most road bikes out there to allow for more control, and the tread pattern is lighter to give you better traction in wet conditions – just like on their Diamondback Haanjo 2016 model. There’s even a reflective strip on the tires themselves that significantly improves your visibility at night.

The Diamondback Haanjo Metro comes with disc brakes instead of rim brakes, which makes for greater stopping power and durability. Since disc brakes are located on the derailleur itself, they perform much better in wet conditions without any unpleasant squeaking going on. Another significant upside to this model is the wheelset. Just like on the Haanjo Metro 2016 model, the wheels on this bike include a pair of double-walled Equation rims, which are specifically designed to withstand bumps much more smoothly than standard wheels. They’re also sturdy and better at handling weight, so if that’s something you’re looking for, the Diamondback Haanjo Metro is definitely a good choice. While this model was generally designed to meet everyone’s expectations, if there’s a single part that you don’t like, you can always replace it with your preferred bike component. A friendly suggestion – Backcountry coupons grant the most affordable prices on the best bike gear!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper Diamondback Haanjo metro review if we didn’t mention the weight of the model. Taking all of this hardware into consideration puts this model at a weight of 25 lbs, which is a bit on the heavy side but not nearly enough to slow you down or have a significant effect on its performance. The only real downside to this model that is worth mentioning in this Diamondback Haanjo review is that the shifters only offer nine speeds. For someone used to an 18-speed bike or even a 21-speed one, this can seem somewhat limiting, but it’s not the end of the world.

The bottom line of this Diamondback Haanjo Metro review is that this is a fantastic bike for the money. For instance, there’s a plethora of Performance Bike promo codes and offers which you can rely upon to buy at a reduced price. So, if you’re looking for an exclusive road bike that you won’t be using to tread rough terrain, we suggest that you give this model some serious thought and check out some Diamondback Haanjo Metro Amazon deals.