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If someone were to told us that we have 99% of meeting our soulmate online just a decade ago, we would have had a hard time believing that statement. However, if there’s one thing that the 21st century has taught us, is that the Internet is the place where all the magic happens. And is there greater magic than love?

What was once called matchmaking is nowadays online dating. There are thousands of dating services that promise to help you find your match made in heaven. However, finding your soulmate is no easy task; the tougher the job, the higher the bill. Worry not, though; you still have the chance to live your ‘happily ever after’ even if your pocket is not too deep.

Since love’s what matters, and not your bank account, our online dating category is here to serve as a mediator between you and the best deals on online dating services. Here you can find all the ongoing promotions, promo codes, and special discounts from the best brands that offer online dating services. Whether you prefer eHarmony or are more into, we have your back; you just have to be open to the possibility of finding love.

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