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A good hair day is the best day. Unfortunately, we are doomed to face everyday struggles with our precious hair. What do I do with this bush on my head? How am I supposed to meet my friends when a bird can nest in my hair? That is why we have set out to find the best curling wandLuckily, curling wands are here to save the day. But as you can imagine, not all wands are created equal; some will help you curl your hair like Goldilocks, and some will create a Weird Al Yankovic out of you. After going through thousands of reviews, we came up with this list of the 16 best models; hopefully, you will find the one that meets and exceeds all your expectations.

The 16 Best Curling Wand Reviews


ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

Every curling wand by ghd Curve comes with a patented tri-zone ceramic technology. You may not know why this technology is so good, and you probably don’t care about the details, but you do care about perfect curls and thanks to this technology – you’ll be getting them! Besides looking gorgeous, your curls will stay for a long, long time. You do need rest and sleep, but your curls don’t; they’ll be here to greet you in the morning. This curling wand can deliver the right amount of tousling and beachy texture, no matter your hair length. See if you can sweeten the deal with a Sephora promo code. Best Curling Wands - 1. ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

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Plugged In Popsi Curls Interchangeable Curling Barrel

If you still don’t have the Popsi Curls handle, go online and get one because this is possibly the best interchangeable curling wand. 2017 is over; give 2018 a stylish start! If you already bought the Popsi Curls handle, it’s time to treat your hair with the interchangeable Curling Barrel. The Curling Barrel head is just the tool you need for those bouncy curls you listed as your hair goals. Since it is detachable, the Plugged In Popsi Curls Interchangeable Curling Barrel will be your best travel buddy.

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Remington Curl Revolution Curling Tong

Remington’s curling tong comes with the Instant Curl technology, which makes your curl-creating process much faster; oh, and it only takes 15 seconds to heat up. Its rotating barrel and five temperature settings can deliver the most beautiful curls almost effortlessly. The health of your hair has always been a priority for Remington; this curling tong features 4x protection coated barrel. Whoever said beauty requires sacrifices, apparently hasn’t heard of this revolutionary curling tong by Remington. Best Curling Wands - 3. Remington Curl Revolution Curling Tong

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Bed Head Curlipops One-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Spiral Styling Iron

If you want to receive compliments for having the best hair, curling wand by Bed Head is your number one choice. The Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Styling Iron will satisfy your need for the perfect curl. It heats up to 400° F, but you won’t have to ‘drop it like it’s hot’ because it comes with a heat protective glove. This curling wand is designed for loud, brave personalities who like making the room hotter as soon as they walk in. The springy spirals and vivacious volume this curling iron produces will surely put you in the spotlight.

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Babyliss Diamond Waves

You are going to shine bright like a diamond thanks to the Babyliss Diamond Waves curling wand. It is the best curling wand for beach waves and can also deliver top-notch Hollywood level curls. The diamond-ceramic finish enhances shine as you style, and the twisted design of the barrel guarantees 100% perfect curls. The best part, this wand works like a charm for all hair lengths, and it offers nothing less but salon performance. The second best part is that you can buy it using one of eBay’s promo codes and deals. Create glamorous curls and waves in no time with the Babyliss Diamond Waves wand. Best Curling Wands - 5. Babyliss Diamond Waves

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One’n Only Argan Heat 1-1/2 Inch Curling Iron

The barrel surface of this curling iron is as soft and smooth as a baby’s skin, and it will leave your hair feeling the same way. One’n Only Argan Heat 1-1/2 Inch curling iron is so gentle, but don’t worry; it will give you the fiercest curls. It can heat up to 400° F, but you can adjust your preferred temperature thanks to the 30 heat settings. Don’t worry about preserving your color; not only does this curling iron protect the color of your hair but it also revitalizes it. Best Curling Wands - 6. One’n Only Argan Heat 1-1-2 Inch Curling Iron

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T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

If you want to get a piece of this 3-in-1 styling wand, but you don’t know whether or not it is going to work on your hair – doubt no more. This interchangeable wand works well for any hair type. Imagine the different looks you can create with just one single styling tool. Spiral curls, Hollywood curls, beachy waves – the possibilities are endless. It’s no wonder why this wand is often praised as the best curling wand! You can get it at a bargain if you stumble upon a QVC coupon for it. Best Curling Wands - 7. T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

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Conair You Big Waves

When you buy the Conair You Big Waves wand you’ll actually get two curling wands; it comes with two interchangeable conical barrels. This wand is super easy to use – just wrap it up, and you are ready to go. Due to the Tourmaline Ceramic technology, which makes your hair extra smooth and frizz-free, you can rock the best hairstyles every single day. Conair You Big Waves is a no-clamp styling wand so you won’t be putting that much stress on your hair thus reducing the damage. Best Curling Wands - 8. Conair You Big Waves

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Cloud Nine The Waving Wand

Cloud Nine The Waving Wand is the best curling wand for short hair, but it is suitable for long hair as well. Whether you prefer loose waves or smooth curls, this wand will help you create long-lasting and stunning ones. Innovative temperature control technology allows you to create curls at the preferred temperature. Best Curling Wands - 9. Cloud Nine The Waving Wand

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Jose Eber Pro Series 25mm Clipless Curling Iron

Volume and curls make the perfect hairstyle, and Jose Eber’s 25mm curling iron can deliver all that. The clipless design of this curling tool ensures consistent and even-heat, which fastens the styling process and reduces creased and crimped ends. Even if your hair is so long that it almost touches your belly button, the curling iron by Jose Eber can handle the length. It works excellent with fine hair, and it is also the best curling wand for thick hair. Basically, there are no limits when it comes to this curling iron. Newegg deals are incredible when it comes to this model. Best Curling Wands - 10. Jose Eber Pro Series 25mm Clipless Curling Iron

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Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver

The idea behind this curling wand is developed from women’s love of fashion and style. Wearing the right outfit paired with curls on point is what will fill you up with confidence and make you roar. This is where Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver takes the scene; the 32mm deep barrel is here to produce deep beachy or bohemian waves. It ensures even, long-lasting, frizz-free finish that not a lot of wands can deliver. Best Curling Wands - 11. Toni and Guy Deep Barrel Waver

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Beachwaver Pro by Sarah Potempa

The Beachwaver Pro is rapidly being recognized as the best curling wand. Are you tired of winding and twisting? Where can you find a curling wand that does all the work by itself? I’m so glad you asked! Beachwaver Pro’s ‘hips don’t lie’it will twist and wind, and even twerk if you’d like; you just have to push a button and let it work its magic. The barrel will spin towards your scalp and once it comes close, make sure you release the clamp. That’s all it takes for perfect curls. Make sure to check for Nordstrom’s deals for this model because they have it in stock. Best Curling Wands - 12. Beachwaver Pro by Sarah Potempa

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Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler is Britain’s best curling wand. It heats up in no more than 15 seconds, so don’t worry if you oversleep in the morning; you’ll still have time to rock curls all day long. This wand is extremely easy to use as it comes with no controls. The straightest and thickest of hairs have no chance against this curling tool. The corkscrew curls will last 24 hours or more and don’t be surprised by questions like ‘Who’s your hairstylist?’ Salon quality results guaranteed every time! Best Curling Wands - 13. Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler

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Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron

Harry Josh’s curling iron does it all. It allows you to create any hairstyle you have in mind. From loose and tousled to tight and curly, all thanks to the 1.4-inch barrel on one side and a detachable spring-free marcel clip on the other. This curling iron will meet all your curls needs without extreme damage to your hair. It is adored by professional stylist all over the world, but you don’t have to be a pro to use the Harry Josh Pro Tool. Best Curling Wands - 14. Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron

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ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

As any other ghd curling tool, this one also comes with a patented tri-zone technology, which ensures proper treatment of your beloved hair. This curling tong is designed to create the biggest, softest waves and will lock in your curls from dusk till dawn. Give your obsessive-compulsive disorder a rest; sleep mode will automatically turn the curling iron off if not used for 30 minutes. Since this item is a bit pricey, we suggest you take one of many Walmart coupons and get a significant discount. Best Curling Wands - 15. ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

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Remington Ultimate Stylist Wraps to Waves

This is the best curling wand for fine hair, so you may find it tricky to work your hair if it’s thick. Thanks to the double ceramic barrels, this curling wand will deliver long-lasting waves in the shortest period of time. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up to the maximum temperature, and it features outstanding 30 heat settings.

Best Curling Wands - 16. Remington Ultimate Stylist Wraps to Waves

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Best Curling Wands

Buyer's Guide

How to know which is the best curling wand for you?

When it comes to picking up the best curling wand, 2017, as the years before, gave us a lot to choose from. To start 2018 mistake-free, make sure you consider these things before deciding on your curling wand.

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Hair type

First, your hair type should play a major role in your decision which curling wand to get. Not every wand works the same for thick, thin, dry, or oily hair.

  • Thick hair – Thick hair is probably the hardest to tame, so you need the most powerful curling tool. In case of thick hair, heat comes first; the higher the heat, the stronger the curl.
  • Thin hair – When it comes to thin hair, things couldn’t be any simpler. Since thin hair is easier to style, you don’t need a high-heat wand. Basically, almost any wand will work on thin hair.
  • Dry hair – Dry hair is many things, but it isn’t frizz-free. You don’t need a high-heat wand to keep the frizz under control. Opt for any mid-heat iron and rock the curls.
  • Oily hair – The thing about oily hair is that no matter how hard you try it will fall flat. That’s because you’ve been using the wrong wand. A curling iron that can deliver a little more heat will guarantee that your curls won’t fall out.

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The kind of curls you want

When picking up the wand that’s going to give you the curls you are after, you have to think about the size and shape of the barrel.

  • 2-inch barrel – The 2-inch barrel is perfect for those with very long hair as this size can yield the biggest girth. This barrel size will give you the opportunity to create long, beachy, slightly bent waves.
  • 1.5-inch barrel – The 1.5-inch barrel is also reserved for those with long hair. This size can create softer beachy waves.
  • 1.25-inch barrel – For those who are trying to go from lob to wob and have a shoulder-length hair, a 1.25-inch barrel is the way to go. For those with long hair, the 1.25-inch barrel can give them the classic finger waves.
  • 1-inch barrel – The 1-inch barrel is best suitable for those who want curls that are not exactly curls, nor beachy waves.
  • 0.75-inch barrel – To create updos or defined curls, a 0.75-inch barrel is what you should opt for. The 0.75-inch barrel is also used by those with natural curls who want to dress their curls a bit by giving them definition.
  • Five-eight-inch barrel – The five-eight-inch barrel is mostly used to touch up already curly hair; take your curls to the next level by giving them composition.

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Iron material

Another important aspect of a curling wand is the material of the iron. Depending on the type of your hair, you will need to decide whether to use an iron made of titan, ceramic, or some other material. Finding the perfect iron material for your hair will make the curling process a lot easier.

  • Thick hair – When trying to style thick hair things can get out of control. Even though thick hair means healthy hair, it is not all fun and games when you try to curl it. A high-heat, titanium iron is your best ally in defeating your stubborn, thick hair. Good ceramic iron that can reach 400° F or more can also get the job done. Have a look at the fantastic Evalectric hair straighteners we’ve reviewed and pick the best one for you.
  • Thin hair – If you are a lucky thin-hair beauty, rest assured that no trouble will come your way when it comes to picking up the right wand material. Since you won’t have to put in an extra effort to keep frizz out, any iron material will work like a charm on your hair.
  • Dry hair – If your hair tends to be dry, you need a curling wand that will keep the moisture in all day so that frizz won’t be giving you trouble. A high-heat, titanium iron is too strong for your dry hair. So, opt for something with nanotechnology, tourmaline, or both.
  • Oily hair – Any high-heat curling wand works on greasy hair, regardless of the material it’s made of. Since oily hair comes with all the moisture you need, you don’t need to worry about finding a wand that can deliver moisture.

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Speed of full-heat

How fast a curling wand can reach maximum heat is essential for those who are always in a rush. If your hair is thick and your curling wand slow, chances are you will be late for that meeting. Even if your hair is easy to style, a curling wand that heats up faster is always preferred over the one that is slow as a snail.

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Safety features

Keeping your hands burn-free is as important as keeping your hair safe. Fortunately, there are tools whose sole purpose is to protect you in case of an accident. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Heat protective glove – Almost all curling wands come with a heat protective glove. While some gloves provide 100% protection, others are not sufficiently heat resistant. In either case, wearing a glove can do no harm; it’s better to have something on than nothing at all.
  • Sleep mode – The best feature a curling wand can have is the automatic turn off. In the middle of dressing up, doing your makeup and styling your hair, who has the time to think about turning the wand off? If you often forget to shut down the curling wand in a hurry, opt-in for an iron that can turn itself off after being inactive for some time.
  • Built-in rests – Many of the curling rods come with built-in rests. These rests are extra protective of the countertops or other surfaces where you tend to put down your wand. If it doesn’t come with a rest, a silicon mat is an excellent alternative.

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How much a curling wand is going to cost you is entirely your decision. You can find a reliable and efficient curling rod for $25 or less. On the other hand, some curling wands are upwards of $150, but offer almost unnoticeable improvements. Keep in mind that in the curling wand industry, a higher price does not necessarily mean you’ll be getting your money’s worth. The right curling wand for you is the one that plays well with your hair type and understands the kind of curls you’re after. Ultimately, you may opt for one of Groupon coupons and get a reasonable price on your order.

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Curls for any occasion!

When it comes to picking up the best curling wand, 2017, as the years before, gave us a lot to choose from. To start 2018 mistake-free, make sure you consider the things we talked about in detail before deciding on your curling wand. Creating the perfect curl is a work of art in itself, so a top-notch curling wand is a must in your getting-ready kit. You want to look like you woke up with a “crowning glory” of natural wavy, bounding, and shining curls. So, select the best curling wand for your hair type and achieve the curls of your dreams.

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