A Detailed Guide to Buying the Best Curling Wand

Last updated on July 3rd, 2018 at 01:35 pm

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A good hair day is the best day. Unfortunately, we are doomed to face everyday struggles with our precious hair. What do I do with this bush on my head? How am I supposed to meet my friends when a bird can nest in my hair? That is why we have set out to find the best curling wandLuckily, curling wands are here to save the day. But as you can imagine, not all wands are created equal; some will help you curl your hair like Goldilocks, and some will create a Weird Al Yankovic out of you. After going through thousands of reviews, we came up with this list of the 16 best models; hopefully, you will find the one that meets and exceeds all your expectations.

The 16 Best Curling Wand Reviews


ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

Every curling wand by ghd Curve comes with a patented tri-zone ceramic technology. You may not know why this technology is so good, and you probably don’t care about the details, but you do care about perfect curls and thanks to this technology – you’ll be getting them! Besides looking gorgeous, your curls will stay for a long, long time. You do need rest and sleep, but your curls don’t; they’ll be here to greet you in the morning. This curling wand can deliver the right amount of tousling and beachy texture, no matter your hair length. See if you can sweeten the deal with a Sephora promo code. Best Curling Wands - 1. ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

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Plugged In Popsi Curls Interchangeable Curling Barrel

If you still don’t have the Popsi Curls handle, go online and get one because this is possibly the best interchangeable curling wand. 2017 is over; give 2018 a stylish start! If you already bought the Popsi Curls handle, it’s time to treat your hair with the interchangeable Curling Barrel. The Curling Barrel head is just the tool you need for those bouncy curls you listed as your hair goals. Since it is detachable, the Plugged In Popsi Curls Interchangeable Curling Barrel will be your best travel buddy.

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Remington Curl Revolution Curling Tong

Remington’s curling tong comes with the Instant Curl technology, which makes your curl-creating process much faster; oh, and it only takes 15 seconds to heat up. Its rotating barrel and five temperature settings can deliver the most beautiful curls almost effortlessly. The health of your hair has always been a priority for Remington; this curling tong features 4x protection coated barrel. Whoever said beauty requires sacrifices, apparently hasn’t heard of this revolutionary curling tong by Remington. Best Curling Wands - 3. Remington Curl Revolution Curling Tong

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Bed Head Curlipops One-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Spiral Styling Iron

If you want to receive compliments for having the best hair, curling wand by Bed Head is your number one choice. The Bed Head Curlipops Spiral Styling Iron will satisfy your need for the perfect curl. It heats up to 400° F, but you won’t have to ‘drop it like it’s hot’ because it comes with a heat protective glove. This curling wand is designed for loud, brave personalities who like making the room hotter as soon as they walk in. The springy spirals and vivacious volume this curling iron produces will surely put you in the spotlight.

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Babyliss Diamond Waves

You are going to shine bright like a diamond thanks to the Babyliss Diamond Waves curling wand. It is the best curling wand for beach waves and can also deliver top-notch Hollywood level curls. The diamond-ceramic finish enhances shine as you style, and the twisted design of the barrel guarantees 100% perfect curls. The best part, this wand works like a charm for all hair lengths, and it offers nothing less but salon performance. The second best part is that you can buy it using one of eBay’s promo codes and deals. Create glamorous curls and waves in no time with the Babyliss Diamond Waves wand. Best Curling Wands - 5. Babyliss Diamond Waves

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One’n Only Argan Heat 1-1/2 Inch Curling Iron