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ClickFunnels Review 2023- Is It Worth Your Time And Money?


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Offers data tracking and analytic features
  • Helps generate more leads


  • ClickFunnels is Pricey
  • Limited Customization

Average Rating: 4

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You have a business that you can’t grow, or you’re simply out of ideas? Need some help building and generating leads? What if we tell you there’s a particular program that specializes in the things you’re lacking?

Yes, there is one, it goes by the name ClickFunnels, and we are about to take it away in this article. Stay with us and learn more about this digital marketing specialist.

Before we go any further, let us give you a list of topics we will elaborate on in this ClickFunnels review.


  • ClickFunnels Bio and Overview
    • What kind of services do they provide?
    • Who can use their services?
    • How big is their network?
  • ClickFunnels Highlights
  • How To Use Clickfunnels
  • How to Build Funnels With ClickFunnels?
    • CookBook Builder Process
    • Classic Funnel Builder
  • Types of Funnels You Can Create With ClickFunnels
    • Lead Funnels
    • Sales Funnels
    • Event Funnels
  • ClickFunnels Key Features
    • Creation of High-Converting Funnels
    • ClickFunnels Integrations
    • Page Customization
    • Page Optimization
    • Email Marketing
    • Affiliate Program Management
    • Become an Affiliate of ClickFunnels
  • ClickFunnels Pros and Cons
  • ClickFunnels Pricing
  • ClickFunnels Alternatives/Competitors
    • ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages
    • ClickFunnels vs. Hubspot Marketing Hub
    • ClickFunnels vs. ActiveCampaign
  • ClickFunnels Ratings and Accreditation
  • ClickFunnels Customer Reviews
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

ClickFunnels Bio and Overview

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a cloud-based lead-generation platform founded by Russell Brunson and his team in 2014. This digital specialist platform’s head offices are in Eagle, Idaho, The USA, and has helped thousands of people to promote and grow their business in the most efficient possible way.

How do they do it?

In reality, this platform allows businesses of all sizes to create custom sales funnels or landing pages using pre-made templates. Aside from this, the platform also automates emails and Facebook marketing processes to convert prospects into buying customers.

What kind of services do they provide?

Essentially, ClickFunnels is a software tool for building sales funnels by making different types of landing pages, including:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Upsell and down-sell pages
  • Membership sites pages

In addition, if you opt for the platinum version of ClickFunnels, you can also get access to Backpack ClickFunnels, their affiliate marketing program, and Follow-up Funnels, which can replace your email service.

Interested already? Now, let’s see

Who can use their services?

ClickFunnels is a platform that allows businesses in the e-commerce, IT, consulting, and many other industries to generate leads that transform into sales. It is also of great value for people who are not that tech-savvy but want and need all the tools to market their website and upsell their products and services without hiring expensive developers.
Anyone and everyone who owns or manages an online business can use their service to direct traffic towards them. These include marketers, entrepreneurs, e-commerce store owners, SMEs and startups, bloggers, website owners, sales funnel specialists, and more.

How big is their network?

Since its inception in 2014, ClickFunnels has succeeded in making a big name for itself. Therefore, by 2019, the platform gained over 110.000 customers and generated over a hundred million yearly sales.

ClickFunnels Highlights

  • ClickFunnel is with no doubt a great landing page builder—equipped with an easy drag-and-drop editor. People can save templates for later use, and it also allows you to duplicate or ‘clone’ pages.
  • This one-of-a-kind platform is very intuitive, and one of its main objectives is to save you (the users) time and effort without resorting to third-party applications or hiring a web developer. Just think about how much time and money can you save by doing this by yourself and ClickFunnels tools.
  • The platform also facilitates A/B (or split) testing abilities. All you need to do is duplicate a ClickFunnels landing page, make a few changes, and select the number of visitors you want to arrive. As most of you already know, this kind of testing helps you determine which version of the ones created will bring you more conversion, thus, leads and profits.
  • It also enables easy API integration of third-party apps that can help you capture emails, respond to emails automatically, and take online payments (PayPal, EasyPayDirect) straight from the platform. And it can also be integrated with your WordPress website.
  • Its primary focus is to bring you, their users, profits, and help you grow your business in the long term. Hence, it makes it very easy to set up an account, add content, and start taking payments. It typically takes no more than a couple of hours of learning to understand almost everything about the program.
  • One more useful thing about them is the fact that they offer two weeks of a free trial. They consider this a reasonable time frame for you to see whether they fit you and your business’ needs.

How To Use ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels may sound like there’s much to be done, or no effort from you is required. So to clear out both, we decided that the best thing to do is go through its working process – a sort of ClickFunnels tutorial.

Before we get to the step-by-step guide, let’s imagine this: To start using ClickFunnels services, first of all, you need to have something you want to sell, share or offer to others, like some course, or literature, blog, or webinar. You got the idea by now. So, let’s take the first step and take it from thereon.

Step 1: Since you have the product you would like to advertise for the broader audience, your following, i.e., the first step, is to make, instead create, a landing page. This particular page could be an opt-in form to seize email addresses.

Step 2: Once step one is completed, now it’s time for you to have your sales page (you need to sell, of course). What sells? One of the many things that sell is being familiar with your prospective audience/buyers—know their pain points. It would be much easier to position your product as their best or most helpful solution by having this on your side. There are numerous proven ways of creating a unique and, most importantly, selling sales page.

Step 3: Now that you have your sales page in order, you know your potential customer’s pain points. Let’s take another step. This time you’ll need to have a sales copy. The sales copy is what will elevate your conversion rate. This is important for you because once your targeted audience is hooked on you, this will lead them to a sign-up form and make an order with you.

Step 4: What does this mean for you? You are this close to making your first sale. And before the sales happen, now you have the chance to hype your product or service. This will come back to you in the shape of bigger profits.

Step 5: You made your first sale. The next thing on your list is the deliverance of the same.

So, retake a look at these steps—all in one platform, provided to you by ClickFunnels. This is what ClickFunnel is all about – having everything on one platform. However, this is just one of the many perks ClickFunnels has to offer.

Stick around as we hop on to our next topic.

How to Build Funnels With ClickFunnels?

Is this your first time building a funnel? Yes, or, no, here we go. Let us explain what building a funnel with ClickFunnels looks like.

ClickFunnels.com offers two choices: The Cookbook Builder Process and the Classic Funnel Builder when building funnels.

We will start with the Classic Funnel Builder first.

1. Classic Funnel Builder

This is the funnel builder that will help you set a goal and select a type of funnel, followed by choosing a page template for your site. Luckily, ClickFunnels have prepared for you a funnel guide (you can download it from their website).

This process uses the DIY approach to make funnels, hence allows users more control over the design decisions. You can choose between four options: collect emails, sell your product, host a webinar, and create a custom funnel.

This funnel builder option allows you a range of options to make a fully customized funnel or funnel step.

In brief, this is how it should look like:

  • From the dashboard, you need to select ‘build a new funnel.’
  • On the screen that it will take you to select ‘classic funnel builder,’
  • select your goal. It can be: sell your product, host webinars, etc.)
  • Next, select a type (give your funnel a name, you can put in a group tag too)
  • Since you’ve set up all, go on and click on ‘build funnel.’

2. CookBook Builder Process

This, here, is where you get a narrower choice. Or, in other words, it is a guided process that allows you to create funnels depending on the industry and type of funnel. The list of industries includes e-commerce, network marketing, B2B, author/speaker/coach/consulting, retail, professional services, and more.

Once you have chosen this, you will be asked to choose between lead funnels, sales funnels, and event funnels. Since the process is guided, you will be told by the system what to do next.

And, again, in brief, this is how this building process should look like:

  • From the dashboard, go to ‘New Funnel.’
  • The next step is to choose ‘Funnel CookBook.’
  • Afterward, select ‘Industry.’
  • Now you can select the type of funnel you want and choose your goal.
  • It’s time to select one of the offered template suggestions (free or paid).

Types of Funnels You Can Create With ClickFunnels

The type of ClickFunnels you choose to go for will grant you access to the free and paid choices. However, you have the freedom to create your template too.

Nonetheless, the types of funnels you can build through ClickFunnels are divided into three main groups:

Lead Funnels

If leads are what you are looking for, you can choose either the email/messenger funnel or the complete application funnel.

The email/messenger funnel is basic and contains a squeeze page accompanied by a ‘thank you’ page. Their ultimate goal is to create a list of email leads that can be retargeted and pitched later.

On the other hand, application funnels are a bit longer and request your visitor to fill out a form more.

To do that, you need to warm up or prepare the customer first by creating a reverse squeeze page that will make them excited about a product. Then, you will add a squeeze page to gather the emails and contact info. The next page is the application page which allows the customers to add more extensive details about themselves. A ‘thank you’ page greets this at the end.

Sales Funnels

There are a few different types of sales funnels that ClickFunnels offers. One is the ‘Tripwire,’ or ‘Unboxing’ funnel pitched to a customer just after purchasing. This type of sales funnel designed for an upsell, i.e., you propose a lower price of a particular product or a cheaper product, and this is the act of “warming up” your customer.

Video sales funnels are used to convince customers to buy more high-priced products. Since they require more convincing and the sales funnel starts with content that promotes the offer. It also has places where you can add your credit card details to make a purchase. After that comes, an upsell offer and an offer ‘wall page’ to promote other offerings.

Another sales funnel type is the product launch funnel made to get people excited for a product release. The first step of the funnel is a squeeze page that picks up the email, followed by a popup that gathers more info about the customer’s business goals. It then sends them a series of content or videos to keep the customers’ current excitement regarding the product release.

Event Funnels

Hosting virtual events is one of the most impactful ways to fast-build an email list, connect with industry experts, and improve revenue.

The most preferred type of event funnel is a webinar funnel which encourages users to sign up for the live event. Although ClickFunnels cannot stream live webinars, it can be integrated with software like Zoom.

It also allows you to make an enthralling page series that typically involves three emails that keep viewers excited about the webinar.

Another funnel is the On-demand Webinar Funnel that is the same as the ‘live webinar funnel’ except that it is recorded and hosted inside the ClickFunnels surrounding.

ClickFunnels Key Features

ClickFunnels offers a wide range of features. The following are a few of the most important.

Creation of High-Converting Funnels

You can create a ClickFunnels sales page or funnel either by using the Classic Funnel Editor or using the CookBook Builder Process.

The program first asks you why you want to create a funnel and gives you three options: collect emails, sell products, and host webinars. These three options are all designed for different lead generation needs. When you click on any of these options, it will ask you for further options; after answering which you will be able to make the different types of sales funnels you want.

The interface also offers several different customizable options that allow you to make nice-looking multimedia landing pages. You can also add as many stages to the sales funnel you want and make it fit your business needs.
ClickFunnels Integrations

A significant advantage of ClickFunnels is that it offers integration with dozens of third-party apps like MailChimp, Zoom, Shopify, Facebook, HubSpot, and Salesforce (this is just a tiny portion of the many you can integrate with). Additionally, it also offers integration with several payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, among others.

While ClickFunnels offers integration to many marketing apps, it also comes with its autoresponder email called Actionetics, which is extremely easy to work with.

Page Customization

Whether you choose any of the ClickFunnel templates or you want to design your own sales funnel, you have the option to change your funnel every step of the way. You can choose the purpose of creating the funnel (sales, webinar, or opt-in) and then use a different design template as you progress forward.

You have the option to upsell your offer or propose a lower-priced item. That being said, you can also change every element of the design template. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can create any type of landing page you need — moreover, you can do all of that and more without having any prior technical knowledge.

Page Optimization

With ClickFunnels, you can optimize the performance of your landing pages by doing A/B (split) testing on them. With this option, the software allows you to create two different landing pages and see two different audience segments.

This is done to find out whether a step of the funnel is going to perform well or not. It allows marketers to make informed decisions for their marketing process. This is a unique and must-have feature. Splendid job ClickFunnels!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital aspect of a sales funnel. Why? Because you can integrate primary third-party email marketing tools to ClickFunnels or use the software’s autoresponder email – Actionetics. This feature is not available in the basic package, but it will make it super easy for you to create highly personalized email marketing campaigns if you are willing to upgrade.

Since the email marketing software is part of the ClickFunnels ecosystem, it is built specifically for sales funnels. It is more simple to use than other third-party email marketing tools.

Affiliate Program Management

Affiliates can help increase the reach and influence of your product and services. Typically, starting an affiliate program, paying your affiliates, tracking links, etc., can be very time-consuming and exhaustive work that often requires different tools to manage.

However, with ClickFunnels, managing affiliates is made easy. The program allows you to hire affiliates, manage their payouts and bonuses, and run a successful affiliate marketing program that can maximize your reach and bring you more sales.

Become an Affiliate of ClickFunnels

You can also become an affiliate for ClickFunnels while using their software. The platform offers an enriching and appealing affiliate program that comes with some great bonuses and commissions. For instance, it offers 40 percent recurring commissions to affiliates who direct customer traffic their way. In other words, you will keep earning as long as your referrals keep using the platform.

The affiliate program also has a ‘Dream Car’ program that permits ClickFunnels to give you five hundred dollars every month as payment of lease for your car if you bring 100 customers to them. But, if you refer 1000 customers, the monthly payout will go up to a thousand dollars.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • No coding is needed to create sales funnels.
  • Equipped with the drag-and-drop page editor, which allows you to build all types of landing pages.
  • The free ClickFunnels templates save a lot of time and energy.
  • Offer A/B testing, which allows you to choose the best-performing version of the landing page.
  • Helps generate more leads.
  • Excellent email and third-party app integration.
  • Offers data tracking and analytic features.
  • Offers affiliate marketing capabilities.
  • Frequently updated.
  • It makes you money.


  • ClickFunnels is pricey.
  • Since the software focuses on ease-of-use, you might not be able to customize your sales funnels as much as you want to.
  • It offers a large variety of features, which can be a bit confusing to beginner users. However, the learning curve isn’t too large.

ClickFunnels Pricing

There are three types of pricing plans that ClickFunnels offer.

The most basic plan costs $97 per month.

It enables you to build up to twenty funnels with the drag-and-drop editor and design 100 landing pages. It also allows you to connect with three domains to manage separate brands from a single account. And we are not done yet, because you also get access to FunnelFlix, which offers free training and courses for marketing and personal development.

The platinum plan is $297 per month.

It comes with an unlimited funnel and page creation. Furthermore, you can separate admin and log-in rights up to three team members and integrate nine separate domains and nine payment gateways. You can also take advantage of the Follow-up Funnels feature, enabling you to reconnect with users even when they leave your funnel.

As you can see, ClickFunnels’ cost is a bit high; however, it is worth it.

The Two Comma Club X is $2.497 a month.

Once you enroll with their ultimate plan, you can get the advantage of unlimited funnel building and page creation too.

Unlike the previous plans, this one lets you have ten team members with their log-in and administrative rights. You will like this next one too, you get not ten but twenty-seven payment gateways to connect to and make money. In addition to this, there are twenty-seven domains you can reach out to – more brands, more domains, greater reach out, and profits.

Not to mention that you are entitled to an unlimited number of follow-up funnels. Yes, this price leads to perks you won’t encounter with the other two. For instance, it offers not just priority support, moreover, VIP phone support too. Besides this, you will get to build a funnel under the mentoring of experts in this field. You get to receive hours of more training, courses and more too.

You also have the option to opt for annual plans, which are discounted and give you one-year access for the price of ten months.

ClickFunnels free trial is also available and allows you unlimited use of the software for 14 days, free of cost.

ClickFunnels Alternatives/Competitors

ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages

Leadpages’ claim to fame offers the most eye-catching and visually appealing marketing funnel pages with hundreds of beautiful in-built ClickFunnels templates and a drag-and-drop page builder with customizable page layouts.

The software also offers excellent email support, split-testing, and sales conversion analytics. It is also less expensive than ClickFunnels, at just $27 per month for a standard package and $59 per month for a pro package. This is several times more affordable than ClickFunnels.

However, it does not have many tools to optimize conversions, has no options for upselling, and does not have an affiliate management tool. It also does not have integrated payment processors. Consequently, we can’t say this is your all-in-one platform, while it’s easy to state that for ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels vs. Hubspot Marketing Hub

Hubspot Marketing Hub is another famous ClickFunnels competitor. Both softwares offer options for building landing pages. However, ClickFunnels also has A/B testing and website building capabilities. At the same time, HubSpot Marketing Hub is known for marketing and social media automation and management, marketing analytics, conversational marketing, and account-data management. In other words, both of these softwares are amazing at what they can do for you, even though quite similar, yet so different—they work their magic in different ways.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is easier to set up and use. However, many people prefer the HubSpot tool because of its frequent feature updates and roadmaps. Talking about the price, HubSpot Marketing Hub’s standard plan comes with a lower price ($45 a month) than that of ClickFunnels.

Nonetheless, having both on your side won’t be bad at all since you’ll be able to use the maximum of both.

ClickFunnels vs. ActiveCampaign

The list of sites like ClickFunnels includes ActiveCampaign, which is widely recognized as the leader for sales and marketing automation for SMEs. The software helps over 70.000 businesses reach and engage with their customers through personalized messages.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is more known for creating excellent mobile-responsive landing pages without coding. Additionally, it also offers A/B testing, email integration, and payment processing integration. It doesn’t just create landing pages; it is designed to build complete sales funnels.

To sum up, the primary difference between ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign lies in what they do, i.e., their specialty. While ClickFunnels it’s excellent in building pages and funnels, hence, attracting your audience to buy your products. Whereas, ActiveCampaign it’s excellent in making the best of their email automation abilities.

Meaning, if we put these two next to each other or combine them, they will look like a great duo to have on your side.

ClickFunnels Ratings and Accreditation

In this section of the ClickFunnels review, we will see how great ClickFunnels is doing on some reputable rating websites, among which, the BBB too.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

ClickFunnels has been a BBB accredited business since 2018. That’s not all; they are also the proud owners of an A+ rating grade from the BBB. This sole information speaks much of ClickFunnels and how professional and unique they are in what they do and the services they offer. Furthermore, the BBB site states ClickFunnels to have no more than 73 complaints in the last few years. Out of those 73 complaints, more than 33 have been successfully resolved already, just in the last year or so.

Here are some more ratings from other sites dedicated to reviewing such services:


G2 rated ClickFunnels with a fantastic 4.7 star-rating/5—a rating based on the votes of more than 320 reviews.


ClickFunnels scores again another highly appreciated rating of 4.6 stars/5, based solely on the trusted votes of more than a thousand reviewers.


Here’s one more incredibly positive and high score, this time from TrustRadius. They gave ClickFunnels a high-top 8 star-rate out of 10, a decision compiled on more than 60 verified user votes.

ClickFunnels Customer Reviews

It is time to hear it from the people who have tried/used ClickFunnels and see their opinion on this building page platform. Here are some much appreciated ClickFunnels customer reviews





Bottom line, if your business is new or needs elevation, ClickFunnels is your to-go platform. It comes equipped with all of the features needed (usually offered in more software and not just one).

Luckily, you won’t need any other software to match with this one or hiring costly developers. Why? ClickFunnels comes along with some pretty great training and courses and a team ready to jump in and help you whenever needed.

Thousands of people are already taking advantage of their services, and some of them are gaining six-figures profits already.

This is what ClickFunnels is all about, helping you gather your audience and sell your product or services you have going on. It may sound like it will cost you much, but think about it in the long term and what you will earn by having it by your side.

We hope this ClickFunnels Review covered the points you were interested in the most and helped you decide whether to go for this sales funnel builder or not.


1. Is ClickFunnels legit or overhyped?

Many people think ClickFunnels is overhyped because many affiliate marketers promote it. This does not, however, imply that it is a scam. On the contrary, it is one of the very best sales funnels software out there. Like all software, it has its share of drawbacks, but the team behind it is committed to improving its function.

With ClickFunnels, users don’t just make high-converting landing pages; they can also create their websites and start an affiliate business to generate passive income. This platform allows you to grow your online visibility; however, your success depends on how you are using this platform and what quality of services and products you are offering.

2. Who owns the data/content/subscribers?

It’s the users who own all the content created. The platform takes user privacy seriously and cannot access their accounts. Hence, you have full ownership of your created content.

3. Is it possible to cancel my ClickFunnels subscription?

The great thing about ClickFunnels is that it does not require you to sign any long-term contracts. To cancel the subscription, simply login to your ClickFunnels account, go to ‘Account Setting,’ and click on ‘Cancel My Account.’ There’s no whatsoever need for phone calls or back and forward emails.

4. How to clone a funnel in ClickFunnels?

Get to the ClickFunnels dashboard first. From there on, find the funnel menu (it should be on the left) and select the page you want to clone.

On the bottom-right of the page, click on the ‘clone funnel step’ tab.

This will add your funnel page to a new dropdown list in the menu on the left. Click on the list and click on the ‘add new step’ button.

This will make the funnel page appear at the bottom of the menu on the left. Now you can drag the new landing page and add it to your existing pages in the funnel.