Cervélo S3 Disc

The Cervélo S3 Disc is another one of the rare models that have done rather well despite being fitted with disc brakes instead of rim brakes. We’ve discussed the advantage that disc brakes have against their rim counterparts in our buyer’s guide for shopping the best road bikes; but in a nutshell, the disc brakes offer superior stopping power.

Cervélo S3 Disc

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  • High-quality shifters
  • Shimano 805 brakes
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 drivetrain

  • Somewhat expensive

The brakes on the Cervélo S3 Disc 2018 model are Shimano 805, which has been reported to be a bit noisy. However, if you can live with this, you’ll be glad to hear that these brakes offer excellent control and stop the bike almost instantly, even at very high speeds. However, if the noise is a major downside for you, you could always redeem a Backcountry promo code, for instance, and replace them with a more quiet pair.

Another cool feature we’d like to mention in this Cervélo S3 Disc review is the wireless shifting system that a lot of bikes are starting to implement nowadays. It feels a bit different than a conventional cable shifter, which is why a lot of experienced bikers don’t like it, but you can get used to it rather quickly. The groupset on the Cervélo S3 Disc is Shimano Ultegra Di2 (which is why this model is also known as the S3 Disc Di2 or the S3 Disc Ultegra Di2), a brand that has been praised to no end as the prime example of a quality, reliable drivetrain. Thanks to the presence of this unit, the shifting is smooth, accurate, and silent as night.

Cervélo S3 DiscOne of the complaints that we’ve heard in almost every Cervélo S3 Disc review is that the frame is rather stiff. However, the deep winged aero handlebar the bike is fitted with helps in this respect. Still, a bike in this price range should have this issue addressed by the frame and have some real solution for shock absorption. So this is an area where the Cervélo S3 Disc ETAP could use some improvement in our opinion, and if you opt for doing so, you will be pleased to know that a plethora of ProBikeKit coupon codes are available for bike replacement parts of the sort. The chassis of the Cervélo S3 Disc is nice and stiff because of the hardness of the hoops and the thru-axles, which contributes to superior stability and control even in bumpy off-road conditions.

Apart from the stiffness issue, the only other major complaint we’ve come across in the occasional Cervélo S3 2017 review is the selling price. This is definitely a bike that will significantly set you back, and since you can get similar if not identical quality for a lot less money with other brands, we don’t think the price is completely justified. Apart from that, if you can afford an expensive bike that you know will serve you well for a long time, the Cervélo S3 Disc is definitely a model you should pay attention to. If you like what you heard here, be sure to visit the Cervélo Amazon page, where you can find the S3 Disc for sale at a very affordable price. We hope that this review has proved helpful, and wish you the best of luck choosing the road bike of your dreams!

Cervélo S3 Disc

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