BMC RoadMachine 01

If you go as far as to name your bike something like Road machine, then you’ve definitely got a lot to justify and plenty of expectations to meet. Luckily, the BMC RoadMachine 01 does all that and more. This is one of the best road bikes that provides an exceptional ride when racing. Thanks to its high-quality components, it can also handle all types of terrain with no problem.

BMC RoadMachine 01

  • Good pedal efficiency & response
  • High-quality components

  • Wheels could be better

This model comes in several variations: most notably the BMC RoadMachine 01 One, the RoadMachine 01 Two, and the RoadMachine 01 Three. This labeling is a bit confusing, but they’re essentially the same bicycle with only minor changes to ergonomics and design. It’s worth mentioning in this BMC RoadMachine 01 review that, unlike most racing bikes that use rim brakes, this model is fitted with Shimano disc-brake models that offer superior stopping power even in wet conditions. Unlike the RoadMachine 01 Ultegra Di2, with the BMC RoadMachine 01, they chose to replace the traditional Ultegra drivetrain with Shimano’s Dura-Ace model.

While it is a downgrade, truly only the most experienced riders will feel a real difference here. Shifting is still an absolute breeze, and pedal efficiency and response are simply amazing. However, if you wish to replace the brakes, you will be pleased to know that you can buy an affordable, yet high-quality set, thanks to Merlin Cycles coupons.

BMC RoadMachine 01The frame of the bike is tuned compliance carbon fiber, that is specially engineered for optimization of both vertical and lateral stability (as well as the BMC RoadMachine 01 weight total, of course). This is a big plus, especially in windy conditions when you have to struggle against forces in all directions.

To make the BMC RoadMachine 01 frameset more shock absorbent, this model is fitted with a Premium carbon fork, so whatever impact the frame itself doesn’t absorb, the fork will take care of no problem. We really like the fact that all the cables are located inside the frame; out of sight and out of mind. As far as our BMC RoadMachine 01 review is concerned, this renders the bike more aerodynamic, it makes your life easier when you’re out on the road, and it looks a lot better.

You can tell that this is a model specifically built for racing and cruising because the steering response and stability of this 2018 model are simply unrivaled. A single complaint we’ve come across in RoadMachine 01 reviews has to do with the wheels on this bike. Although they’re very light, durable, and perform wonderfully, for a bike of this price we definitely think that it could’ve been fitted with a new generation DT Swiss wheelset that would’ve taken this the BMC RoadMachine 01 to new heights.

That being said, you can find wheels of exceptional quality at some specialized retailers. Discount prices are also an option, especially if you come across a Backcountry promo code. This is obviously a bit nitpicky, but the wheels are arguably the most important part of the bike, so any improvement that could be done in this area would make this the BMC RoadMachine 01 an absolute state-of-the-art. If you want to get yourself an excellent bike and don’t mind spending some extra money, make sure you check out the BMC RoadMachine 01; Amazon is just one of the many retailers where you can get a good deal on the bike of your dreams.

BMC RoadMachine 01

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