Walmart – The King Of Retail (Infographic) 2018

Imagine starting as a family-owned shop in Arkansas and becoming a globally known retailer employing over 2.3 million people worldwide. With nearly 12 thousand stores in 28 countries and e-commerce websites in 11 of them, they’re the world’s largest retailer. We won’t be wrong to say that every small retail store dreams of becoming Walmart one day. But how did they get there?

Becoming a popular retail store can be debated or characterized as a stroke of luck. However, turning a brick-and-mortar store into a retailer spread nearly 30 countries can’t be assigned to good fortune. The secret behind Walmart’s success lies in smart business ideas and complying with customers’ needs. How else would you explain the number of great Walmart coupon codes and deals?

As a result of their offers, the number of Walmart customers is growing and, currently, it’s at 260 M per week. To realize the extent of the world’s largest retailer, we’ll mention the fact that if Walmart were a country, it would be the 28th largest economy in the world. Since it’s not a country, Walmart stays one of the pillars of the US economy with a net worth of over $275 billion. Take a look at the infographic below to learn everything about the retail giant.


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