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BigCommerce Reviews: Key Features, Pricing and Plans, FAQs and more [2021]


  • Can sell in multiple currencies
  • No Transaction fee
  • Multiple Plans


  • Limited free themes
  • No shipping discounts

Average Rating: 5

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Do you want to set up your e-commerce store online? Are you looking for a feature-rich platform to get started? There are many eCommerce platforms to choose from, and as much as they have in common, still, all are very different.

On a further note, the size of eCommerce doesn’t come as a surprise since social commerce statistics point out this market is growing by the day, so do its needs. If we separate one of the many fishes in the sea of eCommerce, we’ll go ahead with BigCommerce, which can be an ideal option for you.

What makes this review different from other BigCommerce reviews online is that this particular one is unbiased and transparent. In other words, we’ll tell you like it is.

Our BigCommerce review will provide you with comprehensive details about everything there is to this eCommerce platform.

Table of Content:

Overview and Highlights

What is BigCommerce?

Simply said, BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform. Or better yet, it is a hosted and paid-for solution that empowers entrepreneurs to set up an online store for selling their products over the web. With that in mind, presently, BigCommerce is undoubtedly one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms. Therefore, this is a platform that is a powerful and viable interface for all your eCommerce needs.

Furthermore, if you wonder how many eCommerce sites are there on BigCommerce, you should know this platform has more than 93.000 live websites, and more retailers are joining it every day.

Who is BigCommerce Best for?

In brief, the BigCommerce platform is an ideal choice for:

  • New entrepreneurs who are ambitious about their online stores. This is because BigCommerce is affordable and super scalable. So, you can scale it cost-efficiently as your business grows.
  • Established entrepreneurs who have outgrown their current platform. This is because the platform provides the broadest range of guides and tools that you can never outgrow.

Ease of Use

In terms of usability, BigCommerce is slightly more difficult to use than Shopify. However, you shouldn’t underestimate it either; since it is not for a newbie or a person that isn’t tech-savvy.

Some of the reasons why many people struggle with its usability are the following:

  • The Interface

Its design is challenging to navigate through, especially since it splits into two areas. One area is for adding and managing products. The other one is for editing the storefront and customizing things. Anyway, it will take time to learn the ropes and get the hang of it at first, but once you overcome the challenges, you’ll benefit from them in the long run. 

  • Powerful Tools

Another reason is the numerous powerful tools it comes with. We’re not surprised to hear that many people find it challenging to use and leverage them. Therefore, develop a good understanding of these tools to leverage them to your full advantage.

  • Terminology

You are well aware that a platform of this kind comes with tons of terminology too. Hence, make your life easier and study its tech terms before using them. Or else, you’ll find yourself drowning in terminology instead of working on stabilizing and growing your business.

How Secure is BigCommerce?

The BigCommerce platform is incredibly secure. It is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & PCI DSS 3.2, Level 1 certified. What does that mean?

  • This means that customers don’t have to be bothered while shopping online since BigCommerce offers a secure online shopping experience, i.e., they ensure up-to-date maintenance of their systems using the latest tech tools and programs.
  • Furthermore, level 1 compliance means that BigCommerce fulfills all PC ranks divided into 6 categories.
  • Last, but not least – account security. This brilliant eCommerce platform is following the shared responsibility model (the responsibility shared between them and their customers).

Thereby, BigCommerce is offering robust security to all retailers and services providers by abiding and complying with the regulations mentioned above.

What is the Loading Time?

This is variable. But, following Quanta’s statements, the usual response time is no more than 0.5 seconds, which puts BigCommerce on a very high-end scale when it comes to speed.

However, if you want to boost speed, then make sure that the images used are correctly sized for the device display. Even better, you can use their Akamai Image Manager feature for image optimization (free of charge for BigCommerce’s customers). Consequently, recent reports state that their users marked an increase in BigCommerce website load time by as much as seventy percent.

Does it Have an App?

Yes. You can access BigCommerce via phone (Android and iOS) or any other mobile device. Simply download their app for optimum functionality and performance—you can do this via the Google Play Store or Apple Store. This way, you make sure you are up to speed and on top of things. Moreover, you’ll never miss a single business opportunity.

Additionally, the app enables you to do keep track and sort out the following things:

  • easy reach to all your stores while on the go
  • able to access all orders and keep track of the same
  • get live results about your store’s performance
  • never miss out on a customers’ request or any type of message

Customer Support

It’s pretty simple. The customer support features depend on the price you pay. Nevertheless, if you read multiple BigCommerce reviews, you will find one thing common: all reviews have something good to say about the customer support that BigCommerce has to offer. And we couldn’t agree more on this because the platform indeed provides excellent support services.

For instance, their standard support service includes 24 hours throughout the week phone, email, and live chat support. Therefore, you can get to them when you need them the most. However, there are other support channels available based on your pricing plan (as we mentioned).

Furthermore, you can always access their web-based support in the form of video tutorials, filling out a web form, or check out their knowledge base.

Additionally, BigCommerce has separate phone lines to be reached:

  • the U.S. and Canada
  • the UK and Europe
  • New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore
  • The international line for all others

You can check their operating hours by visiting their official website.

Key Features

What are The Features of BigCommerce?

Now let’s talk about features. To begin with, BigCommerce online store offers a full suite of features with the flexibility of Open SaaS, which itself makes it a robust platform to use for selling a variety of products via the web. With no further ado, let us present to you BigCommerce’s range of features:

Core-Selling Features

The core selling features include the following:

Storefront Design

As the name suggests, you have access to tons of tools to design your storefront under this feature.

The tools include

  • a page builder visual editor (coding isn’t necessary),
  • mobile optimization,
  • and WordPress integration (take advantage of the complete back-end platform), and more.

Also, with the help of the BigCommerce Theme Customization tool, you can fully customize BigCommerce themes aligned with your brand image.

Storefront Conversion

This feature gives you access to

  • tools like coupons and discounts (moreover, scripting isn’t requested),
  • site speed; make the best of Google Cloud Platform, Akamai Image Manager, and the Google AMP),
  • merchandising,
  • and SEO (increase your rating and traffic by using custom-tailored URL-s and txt. editing).

So, to sum up. You can use discounts to create promotions without using codes. Additionally, site speed includes Akamai Image Manager, Google AMP, and Google Cloud Platform for image optimization.

SEO allows you to tap powerful search engine optimization capabilities to boost your website ranking and online visibility.

But, wait, there’s more to it! The digital wallet tool is excellent for supporting payments. You can do this via the following:

  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal One Touch, etc.

You can use it to provide a variety of payment modes for customers to pay for the products at your online store. And, if you are interested in finding out more info about different currencies, the platform goes as far as offering you the opportunity to talk to an expert in the field of currency conversion.

API Driven eCommerce/ Headless Commerce

It gives you the freedom to ensure smart and strategic BigCommerce integrations to maximize business results.

Here’s how you can achieve that:

  • you can use it to connect to your WordPress site,
  • use Acquia Digital Experience to merge commerce with a sophisticated enterprise CMS,
  • and use a channel toolkit to discover more ways to optimize your site for utmost performance.
Cross-Channel Commerce

Leverage this feature to boost sales, increase visibility, and grow profits.

With BigCommerce, you can sell and reach out to your customers by integrating with marketplaces like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay. Additionally, you can integrate your site with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep your in-store sales updated with your native brick-and-mortar POS system. Ultimately, for a complete overview of your storefronts, you can easily switch from one to another with a single log-in. 

Go International

Not many BigCommerce reviews focus on this, but we consider this a feature worthy of highlighting.

With BigCommerce, you can compete with the world. Go international and create your footprints worldwide. Use the multi-currency feature to meet the global shopper needs. This ensures smooth currency conversions allowing global buyers to shop at your store and pay in their currency.

Plus, using the cross-border fulfillment feature to integrate with ShipperHQ is needed to provide an accurate quote for cross-border shipping. Apart from that, the Global CDN ensures that the BigCommerce website loads fast anywhere around the world.


Don’t limit your business only to customers, instead, work hard to build partnerships with companies. Use the B2B feature for delivering a B2B service experience by providing

  • custom pricing,
  • bulk pricing,
  • facilitating purchase orders,
  • and flexible payment methods to businesses.

This eCommerce platform offers a wide range of services, to begin with:

  • Enterprise services,
  • Launch services (it helps you pick out the most valuable way to launch your business using their resources),
  • and Success services (let yourself be in the hands of professional strategists and techs to avoid whatever eCommerce tough-nut situation comes along).
Other BigCommerce Features Include:
  • Tax Rules and VAT – use the Avalara Avatax tool to automate your sales.
  • Shipping Costs – BigCommerce is well-known for its fantastic rates in the eCommerce industry. This is made possible simply because of the vast network of partners and associates it has.
  • Dropshipping – This feature is enabled by integrating several apps that provide you with suppliers around the world. Some of the most used drop shipping companies for BigCommerce are Printful, Spocket, Modalyst, Salehoo, AliExpress, and many others.

How Does BigCommerce Work? (Step-by-step)

Now that we have learned all about the features of BigCommerce, let us focus on how the platform works.

Steps to Start Using BigCommerce for Your Business Success

To get started, follow these steps:

  • Sign Up

First things first, sign up by visiting their official site. Hence, create a BigCommerce account. This will help you register and start developing your online storefront. Once you create an account, go ahead and choose a plan to get started.

Your plan will include BigCommerce hosting service—a reliable one that makes sure your website is up and running at all times.

  • Setup Store Profile

As soon as the sign-up process finishes, you will get access to a personal dashboard which you can use to set up your store profile, with detailed information like

  • store name,
  • contact information,
  • and country.

Fill out the gaps and press the ‘save’ button to proceed to the next step.

  • Create Product Categories

Now it’s time to create product categories following your business structure. By doing this, you help visitors navigate through your eCommerce store easily. At the same time, you allow Google to understand your site’s structure, i.e., improve your web ranking.

  • Add Products

Start adding info related to your merchandise on your website like

  • product information,
  • storefront settings,
  • SEO,
  • fulfillment,
  • and product options.
  • Setup Payment Method

Use the control panel to set up payment methods to provide your customers when purchasing products.

For example, there are numerous payment options, from digital wallet solutions to popular payment gateways (Square, Stripe account, and PayPal). While you’re at it, also work around the sales tax settings for compliance purposes.

  • Decide and Setup Shipping Rates

Whether you want to ship via your warehouse or through a fulfillment company, make sure to create a setup mentioning the shipping rates and methods.

Additionally, let them know about the shipping zones, shipping parameters, and real-time shipping quotes for enhanced service to your potential customers.

  • Choose a BigCommerce Template

The template plays a crucial part in the setup of your webshop; therefore, spend some time choosing the one that best fits your needs and layout. Customize it by uploading your business logo header images and anything else that you think is aligned with your brand image.

Keep in mind that BigCommerce offers a good amount of free templates that can reach your expectations. Though, if you head to their paid ones, you’ll find a broader and more sophisticated choice of different designs and layouts for your e-store. Furthermore, the lowest-paid template you’ll find costs no less than $150, and the price goes on as far as $300, but no more than that.

  • Create Store Information

Each store needs to have all its info set up. Information like

  • web pages like contact,
  • about us section,
  • privacy policy details,
  • and shipping, returns/ refund information is a must provide.

A complete range of information about your business operations is the way to your prospects. On the plus side, it will provide clarity and better understanding to your customers.

  • Preview Site and Launch

Your e-shop is almost ready to open. The last steps are an in-depth preview of your site and when you check this off your list, press the launch button. Once live, start selling and fulfilling orders right away.

How Many Templates does it Provide?

BigCommerce offers twelve free design templates and much more paid ones. Nevertheless, you have an excellent variety to select based on form/ layout, and you can also customize it to reflect your business image.

Does it Allow Multiple Currencies?

Yes, it does allow multiple currencies. You can accept payments in more than a hundred currencies from customers worldwide.


When it comes to pricing, BigCommerce plans are categorized into four categories:

  • Standard
  • Plus
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Let’s look at the table below and get a more clear picture of what each of the plans includes. Also, you’ll find out the price tag they come with.

Standard Plus Pro Enterprise
Pricing $29.95 a month $79.95 a month $299.95 a month Custom Pricing
Included in All Plans 0% transaction fees

Unlimited Products, file storage, and bandwidth

Unlimited Staff accounts

0% transaction fees

Unlimited Products, file storage, and bandwidth

Unlimited Staff accounts

0% transaction fees

Unlimited Products, file storage, and bandwidth

Unlimited Staff accounts

0% transaction fees

Unlimited Products, file storage, and bandwidth

Unlimited Staff accounts

Sales Channels Online storefront

Point of sale

Amazon, eBay, Walmart

Facebook and Instagram

Google Shopping

Online storefront

Point of sale

Amazon, eBay, Walmart

Facebook and Instagram

Google Shopping

Online storefront

Point of sale

Amazon, eBay, Walmart

Facebook and Instagram

Google Shopping

Online storefront

Point of sale

Amazon, eBay, Walmart

Facebook and Instagram

Google Shopping

Exclusive Features

  • Customer groups and segmentation
  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Persistent Cart
  • Stored credit cards
  • Google customer reviews
No No
  • Product filtering
No No
  • Custom product filtering
No No
  • Price Lists
No No No
  • Unlimited API Calls
No No No

As you can see from the above information, there are no extra BigCommerce transaction fees in any plans it offers. 

To better understand the entire table, please browse through the plans and evaluate them based on BigCommerce price and features to make the best choice. Additionally, a discount is available on the Pro and Plus packages only. You can save at least ten percent if you opt for a yearly subscription to either the Pro or Plus package.

And if you require any further details regarding their plans and pricing, visit their site.

However, if you are unsure whether to make a BigCommerce payment, i.e., choose a plan, you can take advantage of their trial period. Yes, enjoy BigCommerce’s features for free for the full fifteen days.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Provides business owners the advantage to sell in multiple currencies (over a hundred currencies).
  • A limited number of typefaces when using free themes.
  • There are no transaction fees.
  • The free themes they offer are more or less all alike.
  • Multiple plans for business owners with different budgets and needs.
  • There are no shipping discounts with none of its plans.
  • Feature-rich eCommerce platform.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Overall the BigCommerce platform has a 4.5/ 5 rating from users across multiple rating websites. The ratings are based on different criteria like quality of support, the range of features, ease of use, set up, and the company’s support.

Here are some ratings from prominent rating sites:

Name of Website Ratings and No. of Customer Reviews
  • TrustPilot
  • 4-star/ 5; 19 reviews
  • PCmag
  • 4-stars
  • G2
  • 4-star/ 5; more than 380 reviews
  • TrustRadius
  • 8-star/ 10; as much as 610 reviews
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • 1-star/ 5; over 30 reviews

*BigCommerce doesn’t have a BBB accreditation.

Since we have the ratings in view, let’s go through some verified customer reviews. To be fair, we separated some which are more positive, and others less positive reviews. With no further ado, let’s see what the customers have to say about this eCommerce platform:

Positive Customer Reviews






These verified BigCommerce reviews are taken from TrustPilot, G2, and TrustRadius.

Negative Customer Reviews




These verified BigCommerce reviews are taken from G2 and TrustRadius.

If you look at the positive and negative reviews, you’ll notice that what works for some, doesn’t for others.

This is no surprise since every business and individual has different priorities and preferences. However, it doesn’t mean that BigCommerce isn’t a good enough platform. On the contrary, this eCommerce platform comes with exclusive features for you to launch and start profiting.

BigCommerce Alternatives

Having an alternative or two is not a bad thing. So, even though BigCommerce is highly efficient and offers a vast range of features, it has other options. Here are the top two competitors/ alternatives of BigCommerce: Wix eCommerce and Shopify.

Let’s take a look at both of them separately and compare them against BigCommerce.

  • BigCommerce vs. Wix eCommerce

If you are tight on budget, ease of use, and effortless setup is a preferred choice, then Wix eCommerce is a suitable option. Additionally, the company offers affordable packages, and it is user-friendly as well.

But if you are willing to spend extra bucks for unlimited product attributes and features to grow your business and scale it over time, then BigCommerce is your best bet. Setting up a store on BigCommerce isn’t as simple as with other platforms; but, still, they work towards helping you. This eCommerce platform works to please you, apply your ideas, and achieve your business requirements (from payment methods to shipping and returns, and product categorization, etc.). It is slightly pricey but loaded with features for maximum performance and excellent results.

  • BigCommerce vs. Shopify

When compared to Shopify, the BigCommerce platform may look expensive. Shopify’s standard package is $29, while BigCommerce plans start from $29.95 a month. Besides this, Shopify is straightforward to navigate, whereas we can’t say the same for BigCommerce. BigCommerce is slightly more technical, but the features it offers are second to none.

On the plus side, if you’re not sure whether to go with Shopify or BigCommerce, you can always give them a try free of charge. The only difference is that BigCommerce offers a fifteen-day free trial, while Shopify offers just fourteen days.


To wrap up, BigCommerce is ideal for those who want to scale and grow their business and stand out from the competition. It is slightly pricey compared to specific competitors/ alternatives. But it is well worth the money since it has tons of features that add value to your purchase and business performance. Whatsmore, you can customize your site and start selling your merchandise to customers worldwide.

You can go ahead and read more BigCommerce reviews to ensure that you’re making the right choice. Or, if we were you, we’d head over to their official web and sign up for the free fifteen-day trial.


1. Is BigCommerce worth it?

Yes. Migrating to the BigCommerce platform and launching your online storefront is so worth it. Mainly because it is a robust platform with advanced, rich built-in features that provide an excellent level of functionality to retailers and customers alike. Moreover, it doesn’t make a difference whether you are new to the market or a large brand looking to expand further.

2. Is BigCommerce open-source?

No, BigCommerce is not open source.

3. Does it offer refunds?

No, it doesn’t offer refunds. Therefore, it is advisable to start with the 15-day free trial to see if you like the platform.

But, if you are launching a store on their platform, the answer is ‘yes,’ BigCommerce lets you have/ set up refunds. You can offer your customers the choice of full or partial refund on products.