Bianchi Intenso

There are a lot of overpriced high-end bikes out there that can really set you back, especially if you also want to replace components. So if you’re looking for a fairly priced high-end model that will still perform like a champion, take a good hard look at the Bianchi Intenso, also known as the Bianchi Intenso 105. It has been a very successful year for Bianchi, and this model is definitely part of the reason.

Bianchi Intenso

  • High-quality components
  • Lightweight
  • Carbon fork

  • Wheels could be better

This road bike features some very high-quality components – part of the reason why this is one of the best road bikes on the market – so let’s take a moment in this Bianchi Intenso review to talk about them. First off, the frame is, of course, carbon fiber, which makes for a smooth ride and pristine shock absorption in bumpy conditions. The handlebars are fitted with a carbon fork as well, so any shock that the Intenso frameset itself doesn’t absorb will be easily handled by the fork itself. A review of the Bianchi Intenso 105 2016 model highly praised the bike’s ability to handle off-road conditions with relative ease, so bumpy roads won’t be a problem with this one.

Another thing worth mentioning in a Intenso review is the fork that is additionally reinforced with kevlar – something you don’t see on a lot of bikes these days – that provides you with additional stability and control, even when cutting sharp corners. Because of the lightweight frame, the Bianchi Intenso weighs in at a mere 18 lbs, allowing you to reach lightning fast speeds out on the road without a lot of effort.

Bianchi Intenso

This model is designed as a racing bike, so it’s designed to allow you to easily assume a race-oriented aerodynamic riding stance. This is optional, though, and if you’re more interested in commute, it’s perfectly possible to use the Bianchi Intenso to ride casually as well – really similar to their Intenso Ultegra 2017 model. The set of wheels on this model is rather impressive, with Fulcrum Racing sports wheels offering you a very smooth and stable ride. These are some of the best wheels in the industry, so it’s no surprise that a high-end model such as the Intenso 2017 model would be fitted with them.

Apart from that, there aren’t that many cons that we can think of for this Bianchi Intenso review. It’s been compared to the Speedvagen OG1, as well as the Intenso Ultegra, which are both very high-end models. Some users have complained that with such a high-quality frame, they could’ve invested in a better pair of wheels to suit their Intenso 2015 models. This is somewhat nitpicky already though, and the default wheels will handle just about any road situation perfectly as long as you’re careful. However, if you are thinking about replacing the wheels without spending a fortune, you should give Backcountry promo codes and coupons a serious thought!

All in all the bike is stable, very efficient, and provides you with plenty of control. And the best part is that with the Bianchi Intenso, you don’t have to break the bank to get a great bike that will serve you for years to come. If that sounds like something you’re interested, head over to the Bianchi Intenso Amazon page, or try to find it among eBay’s deals get yourself a good price on this beast of a bicycle!

Bianchi Intenso

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