2020’s Best Shark Vacuum For a Spotlessly Clean Household

When doing my research to find 2017’s best Shark vacuum, I found there was no ultimate winner. This was mainly due to the fact that there are multiple aspects to be put into perspective when choosing a vacuum, and Shark has certainly considered them all. That being said, the below list provides review summaries of the best Shark vacuums that are currently being offered on the market.

Shark Vacuum Reviews

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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV650

This is a large-capacity vacuum with a 12-inch cleaning path. Aside from carpets, it is also suitable for cleaning hardwood floors. One of the features that make NV650 hardwood-friendly is its rubber wheels, which will surely not damage the floor when moving the vacuum around. Besides, it comes with two attachments – one for cleaning carpets and one with a microfiber cloth base for hardwood floors. This is a bagless member of the Shark vacuum lift-away family, and its container is conveniently emptied at the bottom. Powered by a 9.5A motor, it comes with a 30ft retractable cord and 6ft hose. Finally, as this vacuum is more on the expensive side, it might be a good idea to check if it’s part of eBay’s ongoing promotions before making a purchase.


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Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright – HV302

Mobility and maneuver at their finest. As the name of the model suggests, this is a very lightweight vacuum with swivel steering. It also comes with a 30ft power cord which is the longest one found on stick vacuums on the market. This bagless vacuum has washable filters and a brush roll with two speeds. Its attachment kit holds a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery cleaner, as well as a dust-away hard floor attachment, a washable microfiber pad, and car kit.


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Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Upright – NV356E

Lightweight and portable, this model also comes with HEPA filtration and anti-allergen complete seal. It has a stretch-hose handle and a detachable canister. Some of its attachments include a motorized floor brush, a pet hair turbo brush, dusting brush, as well as bare floor cleaning attachments. When researching Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional reviews, I found that – as opposed to its predecessor, the NV356 – this model has an extension wand, and weighs 5lbs less. Furthermore, I noticed that this model has often been part of Walmart sales; so if this is the vacuum that ticks all your boxes, I’d suggest keeping an eye out for such offers. 


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Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac – SV780

This is undoubtedly the best Shark vacuum for pet hair. At a weight of only 4.2lbs, it is extremely easy to maneuver. Aside from the TruePet motorized pet brush, its attachment kit also includes a dusting brush and crevice tools, that provide convenient cleaning for all types of surfaces. Therefore, if you were looking for a powerful cordless Shark vacuum, Pet Perfect is the one to opt for. Thanks to the Twister Cyclonic Technology, its 18V battery can deliver consistently strong suction during cleaning.

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Shark ION ROBOT – RV750

This vacuum uses smart sensor navigation to seamlessly navigate on floors and carpets, while its proximity sensors assess surrounding obstacles. Its self-cleaning brushroll captures the smallest of dirt particles, and the dual spinning side brushes will leave corners and edges spotlessly clean. The Shark ION ROBOT utilizes a long-life battery, which allows for an hour-long cleaning. If you think all this is convenient, you should also know that – with only a few taps in the Shark ION ROBOT mobile app – you can even schedule for your house to be cleaned from anywhere. Finally, this Shark vacuum is certified by Amazon as it works with some of their Alexa devices, so I guess you could often it as part of Amazon’s deals and promotions.

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Shark ION Flex Cordless Ultra-Light – IF251

If the previous item on this list seems like too much of a leap into the future, the Shark ION Flex might be a more acceptable model for you. The IF251 uses the Shark vacuum duo clean technology which features a bristle brush for carpet deep-cleaning, as well as brushroll for bigger dirt particles. The power pack battery system consists of two batteries, thus allows for hassle-free cleaning – as one battery is in runtime, you can charge the other one. This vacuum easily converts into a handheld one, and – as far as tools are concerned – it also comes with a duster crevice tool, a pet hair tool, and an anti-allergen dust brush.


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As you can see, choosing the best Shark vacuum is not as straightforward as one might expect. No matter what you’re looking for – Shark has a model with all the corresponding attachments and features, which you can get at a very reasonable price. To find the perfect Shark model for your household, you’d merely need to see which of the above ones tick as many of your boxes.

Which is the best Shark vacuum for you?

Buying Guide and More About Shark Vacuum Cleaners

Why Shark?

A good vacuum cleaner is an absolute must for any household. If this is the time to look for a new one – my, you have a lot to consider. There is a plethora of house care brands currently on the market, all of which frequently introduce new products. Now, a name that often comes to mind when mentioning these home appliances is Shark.

So, why are Shark the go-to products for numerous of households worldwide? Shark is one of the brands established by Euro-Pro which is a pioneer in innovative homecare appliances. Founded in Europe, the company moved to Canada and finally settled in Massachusetts, USA; evincing millions of satisfied customers worldwide. The company is dedicated to introducing revolutionary appliances that are not only highly functional but also easy to use and pocket-friendly.

Introducing a brand’s history, however, is not enough information to help you make a decision. Introducing the most popular Shark vacuum won’t probably help you either, as every household has different needs – especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Will you be cleaning after your pets? Do you need to clean larger surfaces or are you looking for something that is easy to store? You might be wondering now – ‘Well then, which Shark vacuum is best for me?’. To answer that question, I had to compare Shark vacuums side by side. As it turned out, I cannot possibly recommend a single one – as different models might be best for different households’ needs.

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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Series

To help you better understand our Shark vacuum reviews, I would also like to introduce you to the three Shark vacuum cleaners series, their main features, and the main differences between them.

Shark vacuum – Navigator

The Navigator is Shark’s traditional vacuum series. Being larger than the others, it also has a large-capacity dust cup. Although Navigator models usually come with the most basic features, they do have powerful cleaning capacity while also being easy to use. That being said, models from this series are best for vacuuming large open areas.

Shark vacuum – Rotator

A Shark Rotator vacuum is ergonomically designed and focuses on maneuverability. Aside from having high suction power and swivel steering, these vacuums have an anti-allergen complete seal and powered lift-away technology. A Rotator vacuum is suitable for cleaning stairs, mattresses and upholstery, and so on. Being equally efficient as Shark’s Navigator, many often compare Shark Navigator vs Rotator. However, models from these two series differ in many aspects, and below you will see a few options of each.

Shark vacuum – Rocket

Lightweight and easy to maneuver are the main characteristics associated with Shark’s Rockets. These stick vacuum models provide powerful suction and the convenience of detaching the stick portion, so models transform into handheld vacuums with better portability. Ideal for quick cleaning, this model can also be used for tricky corners or smaller messes.

Now that we’ve covered the features of each vacuum, let me briefly introduce the things I considered when writing these reviews; which are also what you should put into perspective before making your purchase.

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What will you be cleaning?

Well, since we’re talking about vacuuming, the first obvious answer is the floor. However, floors are different in terms of surface size as well as carpeting. Aside from that, one should also consider the floor’s material – hardwood floors are a bit tricky to maintain. When talking about materials, there’s also the one of the carpets; Oriental rugs, for example, do require special care.

More often than not, we also vacuum-clean drapes and upholstery, and there’s also the issue of stairs. So, it only makes sense that a vacuum that works well for cleaning wide open spaces with light carpeting will not be as convenient to use in narrow spaces or to clean curtains or car interiors.

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Are there any pets in the picture?

However much we love our furry friends, we hate cleaning up after them even more. Persistent pet hair is not only hard to clean up, but also very dangerous to inhale. Considering pets like to move around, you would need a lightweight, maneuverable vacuum to clean up wherever they’ve been. On top of that, as pet hair tends to be hard to suck in, you’d need a vacuum with powerful suction, and some add-on cleaning tools.

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Are allergies a concern?

Having allergies, asthma, or other respiratory sensitivity, you clearly need a vacuum that will actually suck in all those allergens instead of just stirring them up. That being said, it is best that you opt for a vacuum with a HEPA filter as it can collect nearly 100% of pollutants as little as 0.3 microns in size. Moreover, you also have to vacuum other dust catchers like drapes and upholstery, aside from the floor. So, your vacuum should also be lightweight and easy to handle. Aside from that, it is recommended that you use bagged vacuums, as cleaning up collection containers might not be very favorable to your condition.

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Bagged or bagless?

Whether you buy a vacuum with a bag or a bagless one is merely a matter of personal preference. Although people have split opinions in this regard, both of these types of vacuums have their own pros and cons. For example, vacuums with bags will keep even the tiniest of dust particles sealed in. While that is very fitting for people allergies, it is almost impossible to retrieve small objects that you’ve sucked in by accident; that earring you couldn’t find – you’ll probably lose it for good. On the other hand, bagless vacuums will save you the trouble of buying extra bags. However, they are rather messy to clean up, and their dust containers and filters must always be kept clean.

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Vacuums have certain cleaning add-ons, and people are often unfamiliar with the purpose they serve. Depending on the above-mentioned points – or what kind of surfaces you need to clean – you will find that, on numerous occasions, these attachments are essential for having your home spotlessly clean, while not compromising the materials’ quality. For example, you’d need a round brush for bare floors, a small upholstery brush, and a crevice tool for all those narrow spaces. Other than that, an edge cleaner might be very helpful when cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting, and the dusting brush will be great to remove dust from blinds and lampshades. Therefore, the best Shark vacuum for you will also depend on the extras you need for your household.

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