2020’s Best Passport Holder for Carefree Traveling

Sometimes, traveling can be a stressful activity. The fear of losing important belongings such as passports, credit cards or money - or have them stolen from us - brings some of us terrible anxiety. Therefore, we are here to tell you that simple solutions for these problems do exist. Equipping yourself with the best passport holder you could find is a great solution for nuisances of this kind. This article outlines some of the finest passport holders out there, helping you make a decision. Whether you are looking for a leather model or a cheaper item - you will find the one for you from the items listed below.

2018’s Best Passport Holders Reviewed

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TUMI Camden Passport Case

Elegantly designed, leather made, with plenty interior features. It comes with one open passport compartment, an ID window, two slip pockets, and seven card slots. Exterior-wise, it has one card pocket and intriguingly astonishing modern look. By owning this item, not only would you increase your level of cool, but you would also have a safe place for most of your invaluable belongings during your travels.

Best Passport Holder-TUMI Camden Passport Case

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Fossil Leather Zip Passport Case

Fossil equals quality. This 100% leather made passport case with zipper closure, and its elegant design would capture the eye of every businessperson in search of a decent passport wallet. Interior details of this model consist of an ID window, multiple card slots, and two passport labels. Not only would this accessory make a great present, but it would also make a great travel companion helping you keep your mind at ease during your business trips and vacations.Best Passport Holder-Fossil Leather Zip Passport Case

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M Square Travel Passport Wallet Holder

Here is a stylish passport holder, fashionably suitable for both genders. It has a water-resistant body which complements its durability. Plenty of pockets and compartments can be found in this pocket-friendly accessory. IDs, passports, credit cards and cell phones, they can all fit. Additionally, it comes with an anti-lost hand strap, made to keep you certain at all times about the whereabouts of your precious belongings.

Best Passport Holder-M Square Travel Passport Wallet Holder

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NeatPack RFID Travel Wallet

Made of water-resistant polyester and accompanied by heavy-duty zippers, this accessory guarantees an unparalleled level of durability. Apart from that, it provides you with enough storage potential, so that none of your valuables get excluded. One of the most interesting features of this model is that it can easily be spotted in the dark because of its reflective exterior stripes. Finally, it comes with RFID blocking lining, made to keep you safe from any potential identity thefts.

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Zero Grid Passport Wallet

This passport wallet can store up to ten credit cards, money, and a passport. It’s water-resistant, compact, and comes with all-weather zippered closure, RFID blocking lining as well as a micro-travel pen which can be handy at the customs. All of your documents and most cherished valuables could not be safer. Speaking of its durability, simply unmatchable.

Best Passport Holder-Zero Grid Passport Wallet

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Michael Kors Leather Passport Wallet

Since we are talking about Michael Kors, the reward for the best passport wallet 2017fell into their lap, due to an unmatchable design level. This passport wallet is made from 100% Saffiano leather and has the Gold-Tone hardware. As far as interior details go, it has six card slots, an ID window, as well as two card slots. Any fashionable person would have their jaws drop if they were to gaze upon this beauty.

Best Passport Holder-Michael Kors Leather Passport Wallet

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Alpine Rivers Neck Wallet Travel Pouch

Are you looking for the best passport holder neck wallet? This Alpine Rivers model comes with three zippered compartments and a rear pocket, which have proven to be more than enough to safely keep your treasured belongings away from thieves and pickpockets. Most importantly, this item is very light and covered with RFID blocking lining, keeping you safe from identity theft. As far as the design is concerned, this model is ultra slim with a water-resistant ripstop nylon body. Ultimately, even though this model is quite affordable as it is, get an Amazon promo code and turn it into a true bargain purchase. 

Best Passport Holder-Alpine Rivers Neck Wallet Travel Pouch


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Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet

First impressions are often wrong. The Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet looks deceitfully small. However, not only can it hold your passport and more than a couple of credit cards, but it can also accommodate a pen, money, a boarding pass, and a cellphone as well. Since it is made of heavy-duty leather and has a water-resistant zip, it is safe to say that a little bit of rain would not do it any harm.

Best Passport Holder-Bellroy Leather Elements Travel Wallet

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Busy B Family Wallet

Here comes the best family passport holder your money could buy! And you can even get one of eBay discounts to reduce the reasonable price of this passport holder. Traveling can be incredibly stressful when it involves the entire family. Imagine having to worry about more than one passport, traveling insurance papers, credit cards, and many other things. Well, that is why the Busy B Family Wallet exists. You can store up to six passports in this wallet, along with many other highly important documents. Plenty of pockets and compartments are provided along with a neat polka dot design. 

Best Passport Holder-Busy B Family Wallet

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VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Pouch with RFID Blocking Passport Holder

For all of those fans of bigger holders, this model reaches new levels of accessory design as it is one of the most spacious passport holders you can find on the market.  Adequately proportioned, it offers just enough pockets and compartments to store away your most valuable documents and personal belongings. Since it is so beautifully designed, it just might be the best men’s travel wallet, but women will not be immune to its charm either.

Best Passport Holder-VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Pouch with RFID Blocking Passport Holder

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Herschel Supply Co Raynor Passport Holder

This model is a true gem among accessories of this kind. We are talking about 100% leather and 100% Polyester lining. Objectively speaking, it is not the most spacious passport wallet on the market, but it provides just enough pockets and compartments to store our most treasured possessions. Many of us deeply care about design and fashion, and we have to say that Herschel is in a league of its own when it comes to that. This passport holder is 4” wide and 5.5” high, or to put it more simply – it is ideally proportioned. Honestly, it is a strong contender for the title of the best passport holder on the market.

Best Passport Holder-Herschel Supply Co Raynor Passport Holder

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Kipling Travel Document Holder

Simple and affordable, this 100% nylon passport holder makes a great traveling companion. It comes with an ID window, a front Velcro pocket, zip-around closure, as well as numerous card slots. If simplicity is something you are craving, you should not look any further. As far as the best women’s travel wallet goes, this just might be on the winner’s podium due to its affordability, practicality, and design.

Best Passport Holder-Kipling Travel Document Holder

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Knomad Leather Portable Organizer

Do you want to know what the best leather passport holder is? We will say that it is the Knomad Leather Portable Organizer. There are many great things about this organizer. First, it can be fully-flat opened, and that means that it is outrageously practical and easy to access. Unlike many other models on the market, this one is capable of storing your 10” tablet as well. Since elegance is of high value to this company, the Knomad Portable Organizer comes with a subtle magnetic fastening mechanism. Finally, it is packed with many small compartments offering a place for your favorite knick-knacks.

Best Passport Holder-Knomad Leather Portable Organizer

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Travel Design All in One Travel Wallet

Elegance, practicality, and comfort are just a few characteristics of this astoundingly beautiful passport wallet. Granted, its size surpasses industry’s standards, but that is not for no reason. As it is not too small, it fits the hand just perfectly, making it one of the most comfortable wallets out there. Additionally, as it is spacious, you can fit more than a couple of your credit cards in it as well as a passport, a boarding pass, and a pen. Since it is made of PU Leather, abrasions will never appear.

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Samsonite Luggage Travel Wallet

Samsonite is a well-known brand that has provided its customers with top-notch products throughout their long history. This Luggage Travel Wallet is extremely light due to its nylon construction, while also being incredibly durable. It provides just enough space to safely store your traveling documents like boarding passes, credit cards, a passport, and more. As it can be closed with a well-made, durable zipper, chances of losing your valuables drastically decrease.

Best Passport Holder-Samsonite Luggage Travel Wallet

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Zero Grid Money Belt

One of the best passport wallets on the market! By adhering to the philosophy of minimalism, Zero Grid created an all-around great passport holder, which is practically unnoticeable while worn. Made from water-resistant ultra-light Ripstop Nylon, moisture and heat will become a thing of past. Zero Grid’s Money Belt comes with two zippered compartments which are large enough to store most of your treasured belongings. However, most importantly, it has built-in RFID blocking safeguard, made to keep you safe from any potential identity thefts. This could be the best passport holder your money can buy, for it combines great fabric and durability with high-end security and fashion. This item conveniently gathers all of your travel documents at a single place. Speaking of convenience, all Walmart discounts are also suitably gathered and available for application when purchasing this product. 

Best Passport Holder-Zero Grid Money Belt

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Best Passport Wallets

Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

Why do I need a passport wallet?

Even though the answer may be obvious, let us just run through a couple of really good reasons why investing in a passport holder could turn up to be a prudent decision.

Stress Alleviation

As we have mentioned in our prologue, passport holders are a great solution for getting rid of that unnecessary noise in your mind which prevent you from fully experiencing your travels, and enjoying them to the fullest.


Not only does the best passport holder allow you to safely store your passport, but it can store other belongings as well. Most of them have enough compartments to pack away your cash, credit cards, mobile phone, keys, etc.


Accessories of this kind are always aesthetic in nature. This can be both a practical addition to your belongings as well as a fashionable one.


Such accessories are always designed with security in mind. Therefore, not only would you have most of your belongings in one place, but you would also have them safe and secure wherever you go.

Buyer’s Guide

Every person is going to approach this purchase with a distinguished set of demands, and exactly for that reason, we would like to present you with five most important things you need to put into perspective before buying what is going to end up being the best passport case for you.


Size does matter. If you are a fan of small, compatible accessories that could fit your back pocket, you probably will not look for a family-sized passport wallet, capable of holding multiple passports and mobile phones. Minimalism truly is a great philosophy.

Security features

In case you are highly concerned about safety issues, buying a passport case with state of the art RFID blocking lining which can keep you safe from identity theft will probably be highly suitable for you.


Depending on what your needs are, you could either settle on a leather item, or a nylon one. Each has its advantages, as you will find out by the end of this article. Nylon models are usually more equipped to face harsher treatments and conditions.

Single or group traveler 

If you enjoy traveling on your own, family-sized passport wallets will not interest you much. Their advantage is realized in the segment of storing potential. But if you are looking for larger passport holders, there are also many family-of-4 passport holder models to choose from.


Even though such accessories are rarely stupendously expensive, knowing what you are willing or able to spend will make your choice that much easier, for it will narrow down your options.


We always tend to accentuate the importance of knowing what your needs are. What ends up being the best passport holder for one person, might not be a good option for another. Having said that, before actually buying a particular item, make sure it is going to fit your list of demands. So, we hope you will enjoy purchasing and utilizing one of these fine accessories, for we know you will definitely feel much safer when traveling with it.

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