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Best Log Splitter

Winter season has its special kind of charm. Most of it comes from the cozy feeling you get when you light up your fireplace. Being in a warm environment while a blizzard takes its toll on nature outside creates a unique comfort. However, for this, you need to have wood, and you need that wood chopped. That is why we found out which is the best log splitter, and how you should choose the ideal model for yourself.

Best Log Splitter Reviews 2018

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Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe | Manual Log Splitter

If you are looking for a great little tool to deal with that pile of logs in your backyard, Sun Joe LJ10M is the perfect solution for you. This manually operated 2-speed pump generates 10 tons of driving force that can effortlessly cut through 18-inch long and 8-inch wide firewood logs. It is very rugged and durable due to its solid steel construction. Also, the Sun Joe LJ10M comes with a 2-year warranty.

Best Log Splitter - Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe | Manual Log Splitter

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WEN 56206 | 6-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

WEN 56206 might be the best electric log splitter on the market right now. What’s even better is that you can get it at a reduced price by using one of the Amazon coupon codes and deals. It is powered by a 2HP 15A motor, produces 12,000 pounds of splitting force, has a 4X4-inch push plate, as well as a 4.5-inch cracking wedge. It can cut through 20.5-inch long and 10-inch wide logs. The best part, you can easily transport it because of its never-flat wheels and a 5-inch rubber handle. Plus, this splitter can also be used indoors due to fume-free electric power.

Best Log Splliter-WEN 56206 | 6-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

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Northstar Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter

What is the best log splitter? This question is tough to address because your needs and demands influence the answer. However, Northstar’s splitter could easily be the one in case you are planning to start your own little business. This machine is incredibly powerful because it has a Honda GX270 engine, and it can produce up to 37 tons of splitting force! As its name says, it can do the cutting both in vertical and horizontal position with the same efficiency. It has a concentric hydraulic pump, which automatically adjusts the flow and the pressure depending on the amount of resistance it faces. Although it’s quite expensive, you can reduce its cost by using one of the eBay discounts and deals. Overall, this model is an incredible tool and a great value purchase.

Best Log Splitter-Northstar Horizontal Vertical Log Splitter

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Southland SLS20825

Regarded by most as the best log splitter for the money, the Southland SLS20825 is in a league of its own. No matter how hard the wood may be, it plows through it with ease. It is powered by a 208cc gas engine with a 25-ton splitting capacity. Up to 26-inch long logs can be cut with it, and it can do the splitting both in a horizontal and vertical position. Its 8-inch wedge is heat-treated, providing equal cutting efficiency at all times. Moreover, the Southland comes with a 17-second log split cycle time.

Best Log Splitter-Southland SLS20825

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Powerhouse XM-380 | 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

If you are looking for a reliable electric log splitter that you can use both indoors and outdoors, the Powerhouse XM-380 is an excellent solution for you. It can cut through 20.5-inch long and 12-inch wide logs, produces seven tons of RAM splitting force, and has a RAM travel distance of 15.7 inches. Since a 2,500-watt 3HP electric engine powers it, you will never run out of gas or struggle with starting it. Also, apart from being portable, it comes with a two-handed operation feature that ensures added safety.

Best Log Splitter-Powerhouse XM-380 | 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

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Boss Industrial ES7T20 | Electric Wood Splitter

Simple, but highly effective, the Boss Industrial ES7T20 has a powerful and reliable 2HP electric engine, which is capable of tackling those heavy-duty logs. It produces seven tons of RAM splitting force, has a built-in automatic ram return, and a one-handed operation system. Moreover, it is incredibly eco-friendly, because it produces no emissions whatsoever!

Best Log Splitter-Boss Industrial ES7T20 | Electric Wood Splitter

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Goplus Electric Hydraulic Portable Splitter

Everyone who is looking for a small, highly-portable wood cutting tool, this Golpus model might be the best choice for you. Since it is powered by a 1,500-watt electric motor, which creates 6 tons of splitting force, you will be able to cut through your firewood with ease and efficiency. It can deal with logs up to 14.5 inches long and has a 2.8-liter hydraulic oil capacity. Because it is durable, portable, easy-to-use, and can meet most of your day-to-day log splitting demands, we are tempted to name it the best log splitter under $1,000.

Best Log Splitter-Goplus Electric Hydraulic Portable Splitter

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Boss Industrial ED10T20 | 10-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

Preserving your energy is crucial when it comes to performing manual tasks. That is why the Boss industrial ED10T20 allows you to be in an upright position while splitting wood, keeping any potential injuries at bay. Also, it is equipped with heavy duty log racks, as well as a one-handed operation system. Because it is powered by an electric motor, it requires a 20 AMP circuit to work. The bottom line is that this is a great machine that can sort out most of your logging demands, and it is not that expensive either.

Best Log Splitter-Boss Industrial ED10T20 | 10-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

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Champion Power Equipment No 92221 Splitter

Champion log splitters are the perfect solution for everyone interested in starting their small business. It is powered by a 196cc OHV engine, produces 22 tons of splitting power, and has a 14-second cycle time. Because it is pretty sizeable, it comes with DOT approved tires and a 2-inch ball hitch, making it a towable trailer instead of a stationary tool. We would even argue that this Champion model is the best commercial log splitter on the market!

Best Log Splitter-Champion Power Equipment No 92221 Splitter

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Pow-Kraft 65556 Electric Splitter

This electric wood splitter is powered by a 1,500-watt engine, which produces 4 tons of RAM splitting force. It is capable of splitting 20-inch long and 10-inch wide logs. Durability is something that can never become an issue because the Pow-Kraft has an all-steel construction, which guarantees a long working life.

Best Log Splitter-Pow-Kraft 65556 Electric Splitter

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Yardmax YU2566

The Yardmax YU2566 is also a strong contender for the best log splitter ever built title! This is simply a beast in its own right. It is powered by a 208cc Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engine, which packs an astounding 25 tons or splitting force! The Yardmax has an up to 26-inch log opening, ensuring that almost all log sizes are dealt with seamlessly. Also, this machine carries a 7-inch wedge (both two and four-way wedges are included). Since it weighs more than 500 pounds, it is fitted with road tires and a 2-inch ball hitch, making it easy to transport.Best Log Splitter-Yardmax YU2566

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Dirty Hand Tools 100171 | 22-Ton Wood Splitter

Powered by a Kohler SH265 196cc 6.5HP gas engine capable of producing 22 tons of raw splitting force, this tool may as well be the best gas log splitter money could buy. It features a 10.9-second cycle time, as well as an auto return valve that retracts its cylinder. Additionally, it features a built-in log cradle and a log catcher, so that you do not end up straining your body too much. This wood splitter can cut through 25-inch long logs. When you consider its features, this product is quite reasonably priced. Furthermore, by adding one of the Walmart discounts into the equation, you get a terrific value purchase. Best Log Splitter-Dirty Hand Tools 100171 | 22-Ton Wood Splitter

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TR Industrial TR89130 | 5-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

Here is one of the top-rated log splitters currently in the market. It has a powerful 15 Amp 2HP electric motor, five tons of splitting power, stand, wood collecting tray, and a four-way cross edge. Because of the way it is constructed, you will be able to load logs at standing height instead of floor height. This machine is capable of splitting logs 20.5-inch long and 12-inch wide. Plus, it comes with a handle and a set of wheels for quick transportation.Best Log Splitter-TR Industrial TR89130 | 5-Ton Electric Wood Splitter

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Anaconda 878 Slide Hammer | Manual Wood Splitter

If you were wondering what the next great practical invention is, you might want to give this manual wood splitter a look. It is easier and much safer to use than a regular axe. You place the wedge tip on the log, slide the splitter handle up and down, and the job is done before you know it. The handle is rubberized, and it absorbs vibration with excellent efficiency. All in all, if you are a fan of old-school log splitting action, and are on a tight budget, look no further. The Anaconda is cheap, portable, safe, insofar that the youngest members of your family could use it. By far the best log splitter axe you can get!Best Log Splitter-Anaconda 878 Slide Hammer | Manual Wood Splitter

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Swisher LSEB125341350 34-Ton Log Splitter with Electric Start

This model is powered by a 12.5HP Briggs and Stratton electric start engine, has a 7-gallon poly hydraulic tank, and an exclusive cold weather clutch, which will make cold starts effortless. An additional feature of this wood splitter is a log cradle aid, which prevents you from having to stoop to the ground and pick up split logs. Also, this machine provides 34 tons of maximum splitting power, allows smooth changes between vertical and horizontal positions, and even cuts through 25-inch logs. Overall, is also one of the best log splitters on the market.

Best Log Splitter-Swisher LSEB125341350 34-Ton Log Splitter with Electric Start

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Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575 7-Ton 15 amp 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter

Here is one of the most durable and reliable log splitters out there. Due to its all-steel construction, this machine guarantees a very long working life. Powered by a 1,500-watt 3HP electric engine, 7 tons of RAM splitting power will be at your disposal. This electric wood splitter is capable of splitting 20-inch long and 12-inch wide logs. Plus, you have the option to change between low and high splitting force.Best Log Splitter-Pow' R' Kraft 65575 7-Ton 15 amp 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter

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How to Choose the Best Wood Splitter

Buyer’s Guide

Knowing your needs is an essential factor, which prevents you from making a wrong decision while shopping. This also applies when choosing the best wood splitter. If you are searching for a compact and portable tool for that stack of firewood you have in the shed, don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a fortune. However, you will have to figure out what size, power, speed, and other log splitter characteristics you need.

Therefore, to help you determine what kind of log splitter you really need and to spare you from reading hundreds of log splitter reviews on popular mechanics, here is a quick rundown of important features that are found in the best machines. Plus, a couple of shopping tips.

Gas vs. electric

This decision should be very straightforward. Gas splitters provide you with much more power and portability, but they are usually much louder and heavier than electric ones. On the other hand, electric splitters are quiet, clean, and can be used indoors as well. Nevertheless, they are less powerful and rely on electricity (you cannot take them deep into the woods).

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Kinetic vs. hydraulic

You might ask yourself, what is a kinetic log splitter? Well, kinetic splitters work with the help of heavy flywheels and a pinion gear. They generate a massive amount of energy in an instant, which creates room for a lot of speed, but not much force. These are usually used for splitting seasoned, dry wood. What they have, and hydraulic splitters do not, are fast cycle times. They can be as short as 2.5 seconds!

On the other hand, hydraulic splitters generate a lot of power the whole way through. That is why they are used for dealing with very heavy green logs. However, their disadvantage is that they have a lot of moving parts that require maintenance. Additionally, they need hydraulic oil and have a much slower cycle time.

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Horizontal vs. vertical

Here is the thing. To answer the question “What size log splitter do I need?” you must first know that splitting small, lightweight logs can be done with a regular horizontal wood splitter. Granted, you would have to pick up logs and put them on to the machine, but if you are a homeowner dealing with small amounts of firewood, then it should not be a huge problem. However, to split larger and heavier logs, using a vertically positioned splitter would be a better choice. This means you would not have to do any heavy lifting or potentially hurt your back. Luckily, many of the best wood splitter machines on the market can be used in both positions.

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When we talk about speed and log splitters, we are talking about their cycle times. If you are planning to use it for commercial purposes, looking into a gas powered tool will be the way to go, as they usually have more power and shorter cycle time. However, if you are going to deal with a small amount of seasoned wood, increased cycle time will probably not bother you too much. Very powerful splitters on an average have a 14-second cycle time. Of course, there are even more powerful machines out there, but they usually demand more than one person operating them.

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Power can be the most or the least important factor when it comes to purchasing a log splitter. It all boils down to what type of wood you will be splitting with it. If you need a piece of equipment to help you deal with dry seasoned logs, then you should buy a less-powerful tool like a kinetic or an electric wood splitter. But if you plan to tackle a bunch of green logs, you will have to buy a more powerful machine, one that generates a lot of RAM splitting force (30 tons or more).

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Like with everything else, price matters. So, before you start making any rash decisions, set a budget first. However, make sure you stick to it, no matter how tempting other more expensive offers may be. Even though it may be a conventional notion, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a hold of a decent piece of equipment. If you don’t believe us, read through the next section and see for yourself.

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Our verdict

Honestly, there is no way we could crown the best log splitter. The truth is every one of the models mentioned above could be the perfect one for you. Ultimately, it all boils down to your needs and demands. Still, do not forget to set that budget! Making an ideal choice includes combining all relevant aspects of the purchase, especially the price and your requirements. After all, there’s always the Groupon coupon codes option to reduce the product’s cost. Therefore, think, research, and make a smart purchase!

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