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This article will cover a bit about Dopp kits; primarily what they are, what they're used for, and how you should go about choosing the best Dopp kit for your personal needs. If you're like most men, there's a chance that you don't even know what a Dopp kit is. And truly, it's somewhat a weird phrase for an item that's been rather commonplace for quite a few decades now, and few people are aware of how useful it really is.

16 Best Dopp Kit Recommendations

To make things easier for you I’ve put together a comprehensive list that you can quickly use to choose a potential match. They aren’t sorted in any particular order, quality or otherwise; rather it’s up to you to take the characteristics into consideration and make your own informed choice. When it comes to the best men’s toiletry bag, 2017 has presented us with quite a few choices. Now, in 2018, we have more than enough to take our pick.

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Black Ops Doppler Travel Kit

A fairly large toiletry bag with a fair number of compartments for storing various toiletries. The large one is large enough to hold up to two shampoo bottles, and the smaller ones can be used for your toothbrush, toothpaste, and stick deodorant. The lid features two separate zipper compartments that make sure that whatever’s in them doesn’t fly out when you open the kit. It’s also hangable, which is a huge plus for accessibility.


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Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit

An elegant-looking, nylon lining toiletry bag made of polyester, making it waterproof. The zipper used to close the kit is waterproof as well, so you can literally keep the bag in the shower while you’re showering, without any cause for worry. The bag itself is about ten inches wide, which is sufficient for a large number of different toiletries.

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Want Les Essentiels Kenyatta

This is a very simple but classy looking bag that is large enough to accommodate all your items of hygiene. The magnetic side closures are a really cool feature that makes sure your kit and all its contents stay hermetically sealed until you desire otherwise. There’s an interior zip pocket which is always a welcome addition, and the kit itself is actually made from organically grown cotton.

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Michael Kors Kent Camouflage Nylon Travel Case

The Michael Kors Kent is a dead-simple, elegant toiletry bag for those that want a zero hassle experience. There are no extra compartments, just a single zipper, and a small zip pocket. The material is a combination of polyamide and acrylic, and the kit itself is about ten inches wide.

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Patagonia Black Hole Cube 10L

A very handy, polyester Dopp kit covered in waterproof laminate and a durable water repellent finish. This makes sure that the kit is protected from any potential outside moisture. It also makes sure that the other contents of your suitcase are kept safe from your toiletries in case of a shampoo burst. The kit itself is very light, weighing in at 9 ounces, and the inside of the bag is equally divided into different zippered mesh pockets. The kit’s carrying capacity is rated at 10 liters, which is way more than you’ll ever need to carry on a trip.

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LL Bean Signature Leather Dopp Kit

If nothing else, this bag is a solid choice simply because of the impeccable design. Simplicity, elegance, and a truly vintage feel are the first things that come to mind when taking a glance at the LL Bean Dopp kit. The inside is lined with cotton twill which is an excellent absorbent, and the zipper is high-quality brass that is sure to last you a lifetime. At 9 inches wide, it’s large enough to accommodate all your toiletries and small enough to toss into any suitcase, making it a great choice for travel.

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Alchemy Goods Elliott Waxed Canvas

It may not happen often, but toiletry bags do need to be washed every now and then, which is why you’ll be happy to hear that the Alchemy Goods Elliott is machine washable. The nylon fabric this kit is made from makes this possible, so you don’t have to wash your Dopp kit by hand (which is, by the way, very tedious especially when there are a lot of compartments). This is definitely a compact kit, only 5 inches wide and 8 inches long, but still large enough to take virtually all your Dopp kit essentials with you.


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Flight 001 Guy Stuff Pouch

While they’re usually designed and built very elegantly, most Dopp kits generally look kind of plain and don’t really have a personality to them. This is definitely not one of those. It features a simplistic, quirky design that is bound to inspire at least some laughs and is practical enough to still function as a perfectly fine toiletry bag. It’s made from a high-quality cotton canvas, and large enough to store your toiletries, as well as your charger and passport if need be.

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Aer Dopp Kit

Like many others on this list, the Aer is lined with a water-resistant mesh that keeps both your suitcase and your toiletries safe. It also features an easy-to-access front-pocket, compartments with elastic organizers and a dedicated toothbrush stand. The capacity is rated at 2.9 liters, which is more than enough for your shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, and whatever else you need.

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Tumi Alpha 2 Split Travel Kit

Made from ballistic nylon with a leather top, the Tumi Dopp kit is compact and very stylish in an original way. It’s small enough to accommodate the ever-increasing carry-on limitations on flights, so you can take your kit to the plane with you if you happen to need it – a necessity for long airplane rides. Like most quality kits, the Tumi Alpha 2 closes off with a zipper, and the lining actually has anti-bacterial properties designed to keep your hygiene at a top-notch level. Inside the kit itself are three separate compartments for your toiletries.

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Dakine Groomer Travel Bag

This product is actually under a limited lifetime warranty, which definitely says something about its durability. The Dakine Groomer features multiple compartments which makes organizing your toiletries a breeze, while the inside of the kit is lined with nylon making it easy to clean. The material itself is water-resistant 600D polyester that protects your kit from mildew. It’s about 5 inches wide so not really large, but users have reported that the storage space was sufficient for two-week-long trips.

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Aspinal of London Men’s Leather Hanging Wash Bag

This one is on the pricey side, but as soon as you take a look at the Dopp kit you can see why. The bag is all Italian leather, very high-quality with an impressive design to boot, making this the best hanging Dopp kit on this list in terms of material quality. This kit features a single main compartment lined with silk, and aside from that, there’s a single zipped pocket. The foot of the kit is actually rubber, making it stable and unlikely to topple over even in wet conditions. Aspinal gives you the ability to personalize your bag (which definitely also has an impact on the price), and as far as colors go you get the choice between black, cognac, teal saffiano, and navy. Since we started this review with price talk, let’s end it by saying that you can get one of many eBay discount codes and purchase this item at reduced pricing.

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Prada Camo Nylon Toiletry Kit

Prada is a company that has long since made a name for itself in the world of fashion, and it turns out that they make amazing toiletry bags as well. This monogrammed Dopp kit comes in impeccable camo print, and it’s made from nylon to make it water-resistant and easy to clean. It features a front zip pocket for easy access and an extended zip top, as well as the classic Prada logo on the face of the pocket itself.

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Eagle Creek Original Pack-It Wallaby Toiletry Kit

Another product that offers a lifetime warranty, a testament to its impeccable build quality. This is a hanging Dopp kit, so it features a quick-grab handle you can use to pin the bag to a wall or carry it around easily. The bag is made from a water repellent ripstop material, which increases durability significantly. Additionally, there are two outside pockets that you can use to store your toiletries without having to open the main compartment. If you’re interested in this Dopp kit, Amazon sale offers and coupon codes are a great way to get a bargain price.

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Coach Dopp Kit in Sport Calf Leather

If you’re looking for a Dopp kit with a real vintage feel, you should definitely check this one out. This toiletry bag is made from leather that is actually burnished by hand. As Coach themselves state, this gives the leather a special vintage look that will become more mellow over time. This makes for a pretty original Dopp kit in terms of design, and very pleasing to look at. The bag itself is just over 4 inches wide so it’s definitely compact, and not really a good choice if you carry a lot of toiletries around. The inside of the kit is lined with fabric to absorb moisture and closed off with a high-quality zipper.

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Topo Designs Dopp Kit

The Topo Dopp kit is a great alternative for someone that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but still get a good toiletry bag. However, it only has a single compartment and is somewhat limited when it comes to size, but the quality of the fabric is good and it will last you a while, even if you tend to travel a lot.

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Choosing The Best Dopp Kit

What is a Dopp Kit?

The term “Dopp kit” actually comes from the name of a leather goods designer called Charles Doppelt, whose company was the first to put leather toiletry bags into production in the early 1900’s. So there you have it, a Dopp kit is simply a synonym for a men’s toiletry kit – a small sack usually made of leather and used to store and organize your various items of hygiene. This is particularly useful when traveling. Without a proper Dopp kit, practically the only alternative you have is to store your toiletries in plastic bags, or just throw them into your suitcase independently. This can end rather badly if the guy that handles your luggage at the airport is a bit too rough with the bags, and that is exactly why a Dopp kit should be part of your traveling arsenal.

Which is the best Dopp kit for you?

Not all Dopp kits are created equal. They come in all shapes and sizes, and in order to find the perfect one for your particular situation, there are a few things that you’re going to have to keep in mind.

Size. There are all kinds of toiletry bags out there. Some are just large enough to accommodate a single toothbrush, toothpaste, your shampoo, and deodorant. Some are significantly larger and can hold all kinds of things. The ideal size of your Dopp kit generally depends on what you’ll be using it for. If you travel a lot and plan to take it with you, a smaller one might be more convenient. If you wish to use it to hang your toiletries in the bathroom, opt out for a bigger one that can store all your items comfortably.

Material. Dopp kits also come in various materials, most notably leather, cloth, and vinyl. The durability of the bag will depend on the material, so make your choice wisely. Keep in mind that your toiletries are generally things that are full of water, and luggage is sometimes under a lot of pressure. What does pressure do? That’s right, it causes things to burst, and you do not want your shampoo exploding inside your luggage – trust me on that. Leather tends to be the most durable in this respect, but it’s also expensive and hard to clean in the event of an accident (you can’t really throw it in the wash like you could a cloth one).

Available compartments. This is the real game changer. The more compartments a Dopp kit has, the easier it is to organize your things. However, this really depends on your needs, and if you don’t carry around more than four or five items, getting a kit with excess compartments doesn’t make much sense.

Price.  All of these aforementioned factors will affect the price of the kit, so basically what you’ve got to do is sort out your priorities. Small kits will be less expensive than large ones, and cloth and vinyl are cheaper than leather. More expensive doesn’t always equal better, though, as there are many more things that come into play when the price is involved, like the brand name for example. If you’re interested in a bargain Dopp kit, Amazon has many of them on sale. Finally, you can check Walmart discounts since this renowned retail store has a lot of Dopp kits to choose from. 

A Dopp kit is an indispensable tool for the tireless traveler, but even if you aren’t currently planning a vacation, a good toiletry bag can make your life easier in so many ways. Choosing the right one can be a bit tricky because there are so many choices, so hopefully, this article has made things a bit easier. Remember that there is no best Dopp kit out there, it really depends on what you need in terms of size, functionality, convenience as well as quality. As long as you look out for those four factors, you’re sure to make a good choice. Good luck!

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