16 Best Cordless Earbuds to Take the Party on the Go

Headphones can become a nuisance from time to time, because they can be very uncomfortable to wear and the cords can be a nightmare to untangle. Luckily, we have cordless headphones nowadays and in this article you will learn which are the best cordless earbuds out there. Many people who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and jogging, can also enjoy their favorite music by relying on them. No more cord-related audio issues, and no frustration caused by tangled wires. Even though oftentimes you will still need your phone to connect them to it, via Bluetooth or NFC, cordless headphones make everything much more practical and easier. So, what are the best models on the market today?

Best Cordless Earbuds

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The incredibly unique metal Aerophonic design is one of the reasons that makes them a special headset to own. Dedicated to providing the best possible sound to their customers, the RHA MA750 have a large frequency range, noise isolation, and a 12-hour playtime. Like most modern headphones, you can connect them to your device via Bluetooth or NFC pairing. They are also sweat and splashproof, making them ideal for outdoor activities. In case you do not want to miss any important calls during your workout, these earbuds come with a built-in microphone just for that reason.

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Sony C400

In case you want a set of colorful earbuds, the C400s can make you happy in that, and all other regards, ranking them among the best wireless earbuds under 100 dollars. The clever design is what makes Sony so unique. The C400’s behind-the-neck design allows you to wear them for a prolonged period of time without experiencing any comfort issues. The large frequency range of these earbuds provides an outstanding audio experience, especially when being paired with a 20-hour battery life. There are other interesting and innovative features to be found in this model, like the incoming call vibration. Pairing is taken care of through Bluetooth connectivity with one-touch NFC.

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Bose SoundSport Free

Designed to suit every athlete’s needs, the Bose SoundSport are a true gem among cordless earbuds. Like any other heavy-duty earpiece, the SoundSport are sweat and water resistant, making them almost a necessity in the world of professional and recreational sports. Their playtime reaches up to 5 hours, with the additional 10 that be squeezed out of the charging case. StayHear + Sport tips are specially designed for highly active people, allowing them to enjoy their activities with no comfort issues whatsoever. Furthermore, if their price is an issue, you will be happy to know that these cordless earbuds can often be found at more than affordable prices thanks to Walmart’s deals and sales.

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Here they are, the Beats wireless earbuds. Given the fact we are talking about a Beats product, the sound quality is not something that is ever going to become an issue. The beautiful, minimalistic design, combined with the extraordinarily short charging time, makes the BeatsX an absolute must have. An additional feature is the Flex-Form cable which provides an unprecedented level of stability and comfort. The BeatsX come with a RemoteTalk that is compatible with Siri, meaning you can operate your music library and answer your phone practically effortlessly.

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Sony WI1000X

Great companies make great products, and Sony is a prime example of that. The WI1000X are one of the best cordless earbuds on the market, due to their amazing noise-cancellation feature. Playtime of these earbuds reaches up to 10 hours per charge. Being stripped of wire, the WI1000X rely on Bluetooth and NFC for connectivity. Sony has also come up with a vibration notification feature that kicks in when receiving a call. Even though they are wireless, you still get a cable in case you want to use them during your flights.

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Forza Metallo

This product shows how a great and unique design can take you a long way. Forza Metallo allows you to choose handcrafted 3D caps made from precious metals. Ergonomically, they are brilliantly designed and highly durable. Most likely every audiophile will be able to enjoy the sound quality of these headphones. Unlike any other headphone model, the Forza comes with a ultra-reinforced DiamondBack cable for increased durability. Apart from being elegant, they can fit perfectly into the ear of an athlete as well.

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Jabra Elite Sport

Designed to suit every single athlete on this planet, the Jabra Elite Sport are truly an elite set of earbuds. Playtime of these headphones is 4.5 hours but can be prolonged by another 13.5 hours through the means of a portable charging case. Since they are targeted mostly towards athletes, these earbuds are sweat and water resistant. There are some extra features to be found in the package that can help athletes take their fitness to another level. For example, a deluxe running belt, a 6oz water bottle, and much more. The frequency range of these headphones is between 20 and 20,000Hz , and it hardly ever gets better than that.

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Jaybird X3

Due to their simple design and great quality, the Jaybird X3 could just be the best wireless earbuds for working out. They have a healthy playtime of 8 hours, they are very comfortable and easy to use, they are sweat and waterproof, plus they have a built-in microphone. In case you strongly desire to have a headset that allows you to customize the sound, the X3 allows you just that. Made especially for training purposes, these earbuds will never feel uncomfortable, let alone fall out during your intense workout. Even though they’re not very expensive by default, we should also mention that they can often be found in eBay’s daily deals and other promotions.

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Apple AirPods

These Apple wireless earbuds are in a league of their own. They have a very simple and unique design style. What sets them apart from others is just how smart they are. Each time they are taken out of their case, they automatically turn on and can detect when they are in your ears. Playtime reaches 5 hours on a single charge, but the charging case can provide you with 24 more. Sound quality is impeccable, and charging is made easy and quick. If your device runs on iOS 10 or later, you just might want to consider buying these, for they are most likely the best wireless earbuds for iPhone.

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LG ToneStudio HBS-W120

LG never disappoints. This headset provides one of the most amazing audio experiences money can buy. What this set brings is a Real 3D Surround Sound. Apart from getting your earbuds, this model comes with an around-the-neck Bluetooth speaker that allows you to have that transcendental audio experience. Playtime reaches an astounding 35 hours, whereas the talk time reaches 40. Recharging takes less than two hours. Even though they are a bit more expensive, priced just above $200, they genuinely could change your day to day experiences, turning them into cinematic ones.

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Erato Apollo 7

The Apollo 7 are true wireless earbuds. They are beautifully designed, with plenty of colors to choose from. Their play time is up to 3 hours, and provide a talk time up to 4. They are incredibly light, have a built-in microphone, as well as IPX5 sweat and water resistance! One button takes care of your every request, due to the highly intelligent design. Since they use 4.1 Bluetooth, they are compatible with most modern devices on the market.

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Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung has provided us with possibly the best wireless earbuds for running. The Gear IconX come with their own standalone media player which allows you to leave your devices behind, but not your favorite music (you can store up to 1,000 songs). These earbuds can detect if you are walking or jogging and consequently measure your distance and even burned calories! In case you are wondering if these earbuds can provide you with more than 5 hours of playtime, the answer is yes, even up to 7.

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Bragi The Dash Pro

The Dash Pro are an astounding set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Ergonomically, they are among the best on the market. Each buyer gets three interchangeable foam tips just to make sure everyone experiences the best possible fit. Their playtime reaches up to 5 hours, but the charging case allows 5 additional recharges on the go. In case you are thinking of leaving your smartphone behind while enjoying your daily exercise routines, the Dash Pro will still serve their purpose. This set has 4GB of internal space and a standalone music player at your disposal. They have a waterproof design, as well as passive noise cancellation.

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Here is our Inchor wireless earbuds review. If we had to choose an affordable model, we would probably go for these Inchor earbuds. Not only do they look stunningly beautiful, and not only are they incredibly cheap, but they also have a mic, 4.1 Bluetooth technology, and stereo/mono modes, they are also light, comfortable, and sweat proof. Everyone on a tight budget who is looking for affordable wireless earbuds should most definitely give these Inchor wireless earbuds a serious thought. The portable charging case also serves as a battery. You can get all of this for under $50 or even less if you opt for one of the Amazon deals and coupon codes!

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Alpha Skybuds

Speaking of the best true wireless earbuds. Not only does passive noise cancellation guarantee a crystal clear sound, but other psychoacoustic features do as well. Each bud provides you with 4 hours of non-stop listening, whereas the Skydock provides an additional 24 hours. Connectivity relies on Bluetooth and NFMI technologies. If we had to judge the aesthetic appeal, these buds would be very highly ranked on our list. Oh, they have a built-in digital microphone as well.

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Senso’s ActiveBuds are among the most affordable Bluetooth earbuds with a mic on the market. Nevertheless, it is important not to judge a book by its cover. Just because they are pretty affordable, that does not necessarily mean they should be dismissed as not being good enough. These wireless earbuds will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks for up to 9 hours without jeopardizing the sound quality. They are extremely comfortable to wear due to their gel flex silicone nature, and let us not forget, they also have noise suppression technology.

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Wireless Earbuds

Buyer's Guide

  1. Battery life is of crucial importance. If the headset cannot provide you with enough playtime to enjoy your hobbies and outdoor activities, they are not worth your attention.
  2. Your needs should dictate your purchase, so don’t base your decision solely on wireless earbuds reviews. If you are an athletic type of person, then you will probably want to settle on a product that offers durability, stability, and a tight fit. Where there are sports, there is moisture, so you also might want to think about water resistance.
  3. OS compatibility is also very important. There is simply no use in buying a set of headphones which do not support iOS when you do own an iPhone. Make sure you do your research good, so you do not end up making this cardinal mistake.
  4. Sound quality and noise cancellation. Every good set of headphones should provide you with noise cancellation. This means, the better the noise cancellation feature, the better the sound quality. You do not want to be distracted by different kinds of background noises while you are enjoying your music, and that is exactly why this matters.
  5. Style. Most of us do care about aesthetics. Some makers allow you to experiment with a broader color pallet, whereas some do not. Again, your preferences are the most important thing here – whether you like independent or connected headphones, bulky or discrete, minimalistic or extravagant, etc.
  6. Extras. Not every model comes with bonus features. For example, some might be used as loudspeakers, some may allow you to tweak the sound, others will provide you with heart rate trackers, and so on.
  7. Price. Like with everything else, know your price. If you are on a tight budget, that does not mean that you have to buy a bad set of headphones. You can get the best wireless earbuds under 50 bucks and not regret it – as long as you do your research properly, the best choice will find its way to you. For instance, you can find one of the Groupon coupons and get reasonable discounts.

All in all, there are plenty of options to choose from. As long as you have a clear picture of your budget and your needs, the best possible choice will simply offer itself to you. If you are an audiophile and you care deeply about the sound quality, we suppose you are more likely to settle on a higher-end set of some of the best cordless earbuds. However, if you just want an affordable companion for your outdoor activities, simply look at our list once more, and we are sure that the right choice is waiting for you in there.

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