Cheers to the Best Copper Mule Mugs in 2018

Since the drink's invention in 1941, it's been a convention to serve the Moscow Mule in the best copper mule mugs you could find, lined with a metal such as nickel for the interior. Thanks to this tradition, today, there is a wide variety of excellent and impeccably built mugs to choose from. If you're a cocktail enthusiast, you've no doubt heard of the Moscow Mule. In essence, this cocktail is made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice combined to a surprisingly well-tasting drink. However, as most cocktails lovers know, the secret to a good cocktail isn't always in the ingredients – it's also in the container.

Best Copper Mule Mugs

The Best Copper Mule Mugs in 2018

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Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

This mug is made using 100% pure copper sheets, so each mug is solid copper without any other alloys. Advanced Mixology offers you a lifetime warranty, which means that if anything happens to them you’ll be able to get a full refund or a new set of mugs – your choice. Additionally, the mugs are coated with food-grain lacquer to better retain their shine because copper is very easy to smudge.

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Morken Barware Moscow Mule Mugs

Another 100% copper mug which is made out of 22-gauge metal and is of excellent quality. Unlike the previous one, there’s no lacquer and no lining on the inside of the mug. Some might consider this a plus, but keep in mind that you’ll have to take great care to shine your mugs after each use to prevent smudging and keep them looking shiny.

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Cattorie Solid Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

The Cattorie mug is hand-hammered, which gives it a very specific, vintage look if that’s what you’re after. With a capacity of 16 ounces, it’s the perfect size not only for a hefty Moscow mule drink but also a pint of cool beer with plenty of ice cubes. Cattorie offers a 30-day guarantee, during which you can return the product no questions asked or ask for a replacement.

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Mule of Moscow Copper Mug Gift Set

This set of 4 solid copper Moscow mule mugs is perfect if you frequently have people over for drinks. It not only includes four wonderfully made and large hand-hammered mugs (18 oz), but it also gives you four branded coasters as a gift. Truly a whole experience in a box. The handle is made out of wood, not copper or brass, and there’s a small hole in it if you want to be able to hang your mugs on the wall. Finally, the best thing about it is that it’s available at reasonable prices with the possibility of making additional savings by applying one of the amazing Amazon discounts

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Mint Meets Ginger Moscow Mule Copper Mug

The 16-oz Mint Meets Ginger mugs contain no nickel or stainless steel lining. It’s large enough to pour any drink into, so it’s the ideal choice if you actually want to learn to mix cocktails without making a mess. As the case is with many products, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product, so you have nothing to lose.

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Cocktail Kingdom 12-Ounce Moscow Mule Mug

The Cocktail Kingdom mug was made to be a precise reproduction of the original Moscow Mule mug from 1946. The engraving features the classic Moscow mule logo, and the construction is pure copper. Its capacity of 12 ounces is a bit lower than its counterparts, but this is still enough to enjoy a nice cold, tall drink of whatever you see fit, and definitely enough for your cocktail of choice.

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Kamojo Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Embossed Mugs

This mug comes with one-year warranty and is delivered to you in a beautiful custom gift box. Apart from that, the craftsmanship is nothing short of stunning as the mug is embossed with flowers and filigree to give it a very elegant look. The mug is completely handmade so the quality is solid and meticulously inspected by the craftsman for any inconsistencies. As a free gift after purchasing this mug, you get a set of straws and stir sticks, as well as an eBook on the history of mule mugs.

Best Copper Mule Mugs-Kamojo Moscow Mule 100% Pure Copper Embossed Mugs

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A29 Solid Pure Copper Unlined Copper Mugs

Although the name says that they’re unlined, there is actually some nickel lining on the inside of the A29 Moscow Mule mugs. This is to protect from corrosion and the oxidation of copper and has no real effect on either the taste or the outside appearance so you shouldn’t worry about it. Apart from that, the mug is 16 oz and you actually get a small, stylish copper shot cup as a gift.

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The Original 100% Pure Copper Mug by Moscow Copper Company

The Moscow Copper Company makes 100% copper mugs with no added lacquer to ensure a full vintage look and feel. The handle is heavy and very high-quality to be able to handle the 17-oz mug with no problem whatsoever. When you order this mug you’ll receive it in a limited edition collector’s box made from pine wood, making sure that the mugs are delivered in style and protected from any damage.