AliExpress Coupons – March 2018

The Ultimate Guide to AliExpress Coupon Deals – How to Get and Redeem Them

AliExpress has become one of the most prominent e-commerce websites in the world, right up with eBay and Amazon. Even though AliExpress is a relatively young company, it has managed to amass a huge customer base thanks to their fantastic deals, impressive discounts, and powerful AliExpress coupon offerings.

Of course, there is a lot more to this e-commerce giant than just coupons and discounts, but that is a topic for another occasion. Today’s topic, however, is AliExpress’ coupons and discounts. This required us shedding some light on because AliExpress’ FAQ page is not very helpful, to say the least.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about this subject, especially about the ins and outs of AliExpress coupon deals. Therefore, it will be our pleasure to create the ultimate guide to AliExpress discounts, including coupons, promotions, and so on. So, let us begin.

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Quick summary of the company

AliExpress was founded in 2008 by the Chinese multinational conglomerate Alibaba. Their goal with AliExpress was to connect Chinese sellers and stores with Western buyers. In eight years of its existence, AliExpress has been successful in becoming a major player on the Russian, Spanish, Brazilian, and USA market.

Similar to its biggest competitors (eBay and Amazon), AliExpress is not a specialized e-commerce platform. In fact, you can find almost any product on their website, from clothes and accessories to electronics and tools.

Both eBay and AliExpress are offering a platform for other companies and individuals to sell their products. However, unlike Amazon, AliExpress does not sell directly to their customers but merely acts as a host for other sellers.

Different types of coupons and how to use them

AliExpress coupons come in many different shapes and sizes. Even though their purpose is the same, each AliExpress coupon type is used differently. So, let’s go over every coupon type so that you learn how to properly use them and get the most value out of them.

AliExpress Coupons

The only place where you can find this type of coupon is the AliExpress website. You can use AliExpress coupons on any product with a regular price. Furthermore, these coupons won’t affect the sellers because AliExpress handles the discount. An excellent example of the AliExpress coupon is their New User promotion, which will get you an AliExpress coupon $4 off just for creating an account on their website.

Select Coupons

This is another type of coupon that you will receive from AliExpress itself. You can get them in various ways. For example, you can exchange AliExpress Coins for them, get them after you complete a purchase, play promotional games, get them from Flash Deals, and so on. A select coupon usually has a requirement that you will need to fulfill before you are eligible for it. In addition, you can use them only at stores and on products that accept them. Finally, you can combine Select coupons with other discounts in order to reduce the price further.

Seller Coupons

Finally, we have Seller coupons. Unlike the previous two types, customers can get these coupons only from the stores and sellers. You can find them on specific store pages or in a product description. After you grab a Seller coupon from the store page, you can apply it to your next purchase at that store. Keep in mind that the Seller coupon is only usable at the store you got it from, and you will have to meet certain requirements like shop for $99 or more before you can apply it.

Other types of discounts

Besides above three AliExpress coupon types, they are offering alternative ways of price cuts as well.

Flash Deals

When it comes to AliExpress deals and promotions, Flash Deals are probably the most beneficial for the customers. The whole promotion lasts for six hours at a time and offers significant discounts on specific products, hence the name Flash Deals. We are not talking about AliExpress coupon 10% off type of deal, but rather somewhere in the 30%-70% ballpark. Every six hours new products are put on sale, so you should act quickly if you want to grab a particular discount.

New user promotions

Another fantastic promotion on the AliExpress website is the New User AliExpress $4 coupon, which is a sort of welcome bonus for their new customers. However, at the time of writing, the $4 off coupon is the only one available; there is no AliExpress invitation code, referral code, etc. Even though you won’t save a ton of money with this promotion, it’s still a nice gesture that you don’t see on most other e-commerce stores.

App promotions

Next, there are the mobile app promotions. As the name suggests, these discounts are exclusive to the mobile app users. You can find some impressive deals on AliExpress mobile app, which are not available on their website. For example, all new users of the app will get a $100 worth of AliExpress coupon codes. Also, they are running app-exclusive discount deals. The best part is that their mobile app is free, so there is no reason not to try it.

AliExpress Coins

Finally, AliExpress has their own digital currency called AliExpress Coins. These digital coins are tied to their mobile app, and you can exchange them for coupons. You can earn AliExpress Coins by playing specific games on their mobile app and by collecting daily login bonuses. This is an excellent gamification element that helps AliExpress increase their mobile app users while rewarding them with actual coupons and prizes.

How can I get free shipping and returns?

Now that you know everything there is to AliExpress USA coupons and discounts, let’s talk about their shipping and return policy. First, the company that is responsible for the transport of your goods determines the shipping costs. For example, shipments through China Post Air Mail are free but take a while. On the other hand, shipments through DHL will cost you a bit but will arrive sooner.

Second, only sellers and stores can offer AliExpress free shipping services. So, sellers have the complete control over whether they are going to offer free shipping or bill you for it. Furthermore, we report this with great pain in our hearts, but there is no AliExpress free shipping code or anything like that. This question came up a lot during our research, so at least now you know that free shipping codes are a hoax.

As for the returns, you can return your order and get a full refund even if the item is in perfect condition. The sellers return policy will determine which party is paying for the return shipping costs. However, if you receive a damaged, wrong, or even a counterfeit item, the seller will handle return costs, and you will get a full refund.

What payment methods are available?

AliExpress is famous for their reliable, fast, and intuitive payment process. They support a number of different payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Western Union, QIWI, DOKU, Mercado Pago, Boleto, bancontact, TEF, iDeal, Giropay, Sofort Banking, Carte Bancaire, and Cash Payment (Euroset, Syvaony, Russian Post).

Some of the above methods are not available on their mobile app. Additionally, some fan-favorite e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal are missing from their payment selection page. AliExpress PayPal payments used to be a thing, but due to the high commissions from PayPal, Chinese e-commerce giant decided to remove it.

AliExpress Pocket

There is one more payment option called AliExpress Pocket, and it is available both on their mobile app and website. It’s safe to say that this is the best payment system on AliExpress. It is fast, easy to use, offers quick payments and refunds, as well as some other benefits.

To set up your AliExpress Pocket, you just need to activate it on the website or the app. The best part is that you can use it for any type of purchase, and it comes with no transaction, maintenance, or subscription fees. Finally, you will be able to apply your AliExpress guitar code or any other AliExpress promo code when paying with it.

What about refunds?

AliExpress has a fantastic Buyer Protection Program. While you can ask a refund for any reason, only a couple of situations will guarantee you a full refund.

First, if 90 days pass from your order and you still haven’t received it, you can open a dispute ticket and ask for a refund. Once AliExpress reviews your card and approves it, they will reimburse you for the total amount; shipping costs included.

Second, if you receive a damaged or wrong item, you can initiate the same refund process. However, in this case, you should submit photos of the damaged area with the ticket so that AliExpress staff has an easier job resolving your problem.

Finally, some items like electronics and jewelry fall under their Counterfeit Protection Program. For example, if you order a diamond necklace and receive a fake one, AliExpress will refund you for the whole price, and penalize the seller.

Submitting a refund request will take you no more than a couple of clicks. Next to the list of your orders, you will find a button to open a dispute; click on it, select the reason, add evidence, and submit. The store or seller will have five days to answer a dispute, and if they don’t, you will receive a full refund.

On the other hand, if they do answer and decline your request, you can ask the AliExpress customer support team for help. Moreover, if you’ve used an AliExpress coupon code with the purchase, you won’t get it back even if you get a full refund.

Let’s wrap it up

As you can see, AliExpress coupon deals are an excellent way to receive a discount on your purchases. Just remember that only coupons from their website are legitimate so that you don’t fall for one of those AliExpress coupon code generator scams. Of course, you should pay attention to their other promotions and discounts as well. Flash Deals, app promotions, and AliExpress Coins offer impressive benefits that even coupons can’t match.

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